Top 20 Ways of Making Cash Online in Nigeria 2018

Updated: February2018.  It is easier to make more money online in Nigeria nowadays than before because there many opportunities available on the internet for making money. There are many ways to make money online but I selected the top 20 ways I know any average person can use to make money online. One good thing about internet business and making cash online is that, you can partly combine your normal offline business or day pay job with it.

You can make money online in Nigeria fast depending on your approach and level of knowledge about online businesses and various means of making money online. You can also work and earn money online in Nigeria without investing a kobo. What most Work-at-Home Millionaire online Jobs required is simply the right information and training.

So, before you jump into any of the listed below ways of making cash online; ensure that you have a good knowledge and the right information about them. Why many persons and online businesses owners fail on their attempt to make money online is because they lack the right information.

Without much preamble, below are the top and sure ways you can make money online in Nigeria in 2018 and beyond


1. AFFILIATE MARKETING-this is one of the top means of making money online in Nigeria. To get started with Affiliate marketing, simply sign up with any of these list of affiliate program networks. Jumia Affiliate program network is one of them; you can learn to make Cash Online via Jumia Affiliate Marketing and try to apply this Ultimate money-making Affiliate marketing model to earn more money on Affiliate marketing

2. GOOGLE ADSENSE PROGRAM-Google offers opportunity for webmasters and blog owners to make money from their site by placing an advert banner or link provided by Google on any strategic position of their sites. Webmasters and blog owners earn some % of money once visitor click on the banner or link and are redirected to the advertiser’s site. It is pretty easier these days for Nigeria as the money you earn by this means are paid directly into bank account after reaching the Google Adsense payment threshold. All you need to do is to simply setup you Google Adsense earning for direct payment into bank account in Nigeria. You can sign-up now for Google adsense program if you are ready to join in making money online through Google Adsense.

3. EBOOKS CREATING, SELLING AND BUYING OF RESELLER RIGHT-creating and selling of EBooks package with rich content is one of the major ways of making money online. You can specialize in creating and selling one online. The best selling eBooks are “How to-“eBooks. All you need are just a website and an eBook software compiler which you can get for free. They are all available on the internet. There are free website or blog platform like, wordpress etc which you can start with. NATATA eBook compiler is also available for free download.

4. RUNNING AN INTERNET BASED TRAINING COURSE-running an online base training program is another means of making money online. The e-training program can be package in form of PDF file and send to subscribe persons during the course of training and you don’t need to spend a dime to get this done. You can also run the programme via aweber, YouTube video training etc. we run such run such programs, you can run any of our e-course training program. Visit our e-based course training page. I suggest you start with us if you are thinking of getting right information about online businesses.

5. SELF PUBLISHING OF BOOKS ON AMAZON-you can make money online 2015 and beyond by self publishing books on Amazon. Apart from that if you are a webmaster; self publishing of books on Amazon can earn you huge traffic to your site and ultimately increase the money you make from your site.

6. DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND SELLING-specializing in developing and selling of downloadable software are means you can make money online. All you need is to get the technical knowledge of software development. The internet can go a long way help you out in this area while you require some basic training

7. GAME DEVELOPMENT AND APP SELLING-you can learn to develop simple apps and games. After learning, begin to develop one and sell to make money online. Many online games you pay before you download are developed by someone. So, this is business that yields quick money when you learn how to do it.

 8. YOUTUBE VIDEO CREATING, DISTRIBUTING AND SELLING-another profitable online business is YouTube video creating, distributing and selling. It is not necessary that you must create your own video, you can buy reseller right to sell other people’s video.

9. WEB HOSTING AND RESELLING BUSINESS-web hosting and reselling is another profitable business you can venture into if you want to make money online. You can join any of these top webhosting companies that offer webhosting reseller opportunity for Nigeria.

10. GRAPHIC DESIGNING– designing logos, animations, and other graphic work are also means of making money online. You can start this business as we enter 2018. If you are good in graphic designing you start this business online. Don’t be surprise what the turnover be. Flash and Photoshop skills are in hot demand at many websites.

11. GUEST WRITING AND POSTING-some webmaster pay those who write for them. Guest writing and posting involves writing for sites that pay you for your work. It is a means of making money online. You are so lucky! Here in naijaonlinebiz, we accept guest post. If you write for us; we will pay you. So, why waiting visit our guest posting page to read about our terms and conditions on guest posting. Begin to earn money online by writing for us.

12. WEB DESIGNER & WEBSITE DEVELOPING-there are many organizations and companies seeking for website designer and developer. By learning how to design and develop a website can help you make money online. All you need is to learn the skill, advertise yourself and make the money.

13. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING-similar to software development is writing of computer program. While computer programming may require professional skill, software development may not require professional skill but they are all means to make money online.

14. BUILDING WEBSITE FOR CONSULTING SERVICES AND OTHER RELATED SERVICES-building website for consulting service and other related services are also means to make money online. Consulting services include specializing in things like proposal and business plan writing, resume writing, grant writing, health and medical consultation, internet marketing services, search engine optimization services and many more.

15. SELLING OF PRODUCTS AND ITEMS ON FREE NIGERIAN CLASSIFIED ADS SITES-there thousand and one free Nigerian classified ads sites online today where you can advertise and sell your product for free of charge. Most of these advert site will simply require you to register and it is usually done for free. OXL Nigeria is typical example. So, take this advantage to make money online on OXL Nigeria.

16. PRODUCT COPYRIGHTING AND RESELLER RIGHT-buying the copyright of a product or reseller right and reselling the product as your own are also means to make money online. Most of products sold online today are copyright product. I did mention of buying the reseller right of a video above.

17. FREELANCE WRITING– freelance writing is one of old oldest means of making money online. Yahoo voice is a good place start from. Yahoo pays you according to how viral your article goes. You can write on just about anything but you must be first receive their approved.


20. EMAIL AND MOBILE MARKETING-specializing on email and mobile marketing is another means of making money online. There are some already existing email and mobile marketing companies online but that should not discourage you, all you need to do is find out what these people are doing already and what you need to add or remove to make yours better.

In conclusion, while you may not completely use all these to make money online, you can choose those that you think you have a good knowledge of; but I can assure you that you can make thousands of dollars from each of them every month if you follow the right approach.

I have summarized some of the best work at home online jobs you start today in Nigeria. Some of things you see above are still them.

Don’t wait again, get started. The right time is now!

How to Make More Money in 2015 & Beyond Easily

Financial success starts in the mind. You have to first decide what you want. Next, you to believe that it is possible and you deserve it. Then you must focus on it by thinking about it and visualizing it as if it were already yours. You finally have to be willing to pay the price to get it-with disciplined effort and hard-work.

I assumed that you are already earning little money and you want to make more money. Even if you are not making any money right now, don’t worry. This post will still help you to start earning money. In this post, I will show you want to do to start making money and more money easily and fast.

How to make more money easily
Below are steps to take to start making money and make more money easily in 2015 and beyond:

1. Decide how much more money you want to make-The first step to making more money is to decide how much more money you want to make. What extra money or income do you want to be earning in a month? Having an idea of how much additional money you want to add to the little money you are earning already will help prepare you ahead of the time what you need to do. Do you want to make extra $1000 in month? You have to  decide now.

2. Become an intrapreneur-Now that you know how much extra money you want to be making in a month, become an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur is someone who works in a company, organization, corporation etc and takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a lucrative finished product through foreseen risk-taking and innovation. Like an entrepreneur, an intrapreneur is driven, motivated, and creative. He or she examines an idea, identify its merits, and work on developing the idea into profitable product in the real world. Intrapreneurs learn from their experiences as they develop new projects and they take lessons from both successes and failures. Making more money as an intrapreneur involves adding value to where you are right now. Maybe there is a piece of machinery, vendor relationship; an over looked marketing idea, or other unusual asset your employer isn’t using to full advantage. You can create a plan to turn this asset into cash and approach your employer with a proposal to work on this asset-maximizing project off-hour for extra pay.

3. Find a need and fill it-it doesn’t matter whether you are working already or not. Become an entrepreneur, a pioneer of a need that is met. Many of the most rich and successful people throughout history have identified a need in the marketplace and provide a solution for it. If your dream is to earn money-either with your own business or in addition to your job–identified a need that isn’t being met and determines how to meet it. Whether it is starting a website for particular group of organization, providing a unique education (tutorials) for people who need rare or unusual skill or developing a new product or services to address emerging trends you see in society, there are always needs you can find to create a business or a service around.

Think of something; think of an idea, think, think. Think of a gap that you need to fill where you work now. Think outside the box. You will be rewarded by the time you take direct responsibility of turning idea into a profitable finished product. It does matter whether you are working with one company or the other as I have earlier said. Even if you are on the business of buying and selling, there is something your customers seriously need but you don’t sell it. Find out what it is, create the product and begin to sell it to your customers to make more money.
eBay, the world’s largest online auction services, was born in 1995 when founder Pierre Omidyar engineered a way to help his fiancée trade PEZ candy dispensers.
Internet dating services were created when smart entrepreneurs matched the desires and the busy schedules of single people with computer technology that was sitting in front of them 8 to 12 hours a day.
What need could you identify? Need is literally everywhere you look. It doesn’t matter whether you are a college student seeking a part-time income, a housewife wanting to earn an extra $500 a month to make ends meet, or an entrepreneur looking for the next big business opportunity-there is always a need that could be your opportunity to make some serious money.

4. Start a business on the internet and make more money online
As an internet marketer and income generation specialist, I have work with countless internet entrepreneurs, helping them earn more money from their online businesses. I have also written about some work-at-home online jobs and business ideas, which anybody can be doing right from the comfort of his or her home and make more money online from home. Today, an internet business is one of the easiest to start and operate-even while you keep your current job. With internet, you can find a need and fill for a very narrow market, yet still reach thousands and even millions of people with that interest all over the world.
You can start to sell;
Audio file,
Training materials,
Special report,
How-to courses and other information products that is downloadable-meaning that you never have to ship a single box or spend an envelope. Of course, other products are easy to sell, too. It is simply a matter of finding out who needs what, how best to reach them, and how to convince them to buy.
The good news is that the internet is now a mature marketplace. Hundreds of other website, newsletters, and clubs already have visitors, subscribers, members and fans who could be perfect prospective customers for you, once you offer a percentage to the other website owners or affiliate. One of the best resources I have found for setting up affiliate program is ultimate money-making affiliate marketing model by Johnchow. You can apply this affiliate marketing model John Chow h to make millions of money online.
Once you learn how to market on the internet, you can also market other people’s products online.
A medical student in Virginia, decide to create an internet business to cover the cost of supporting his family while he was attending medical school. With the help of online store, he look around for a product he could market and found a rapid urine drug test that parents and others could use to administer drug test with immediate results. He is making over $100,000 a year from this and two other drug-and alcohol-testing products. On first month, it seems as if it is not going to work but on the subsequent months things changed. Today, he earns enough for his wife to stay home with his children while he attends school.

5. Join a Network Marketing Company

There are over one thousand companies who sell their products and services through network marketing-certainly one or more you can get passionate about. From health and nutrition products to cosmetics, home and kitchen appliances, educational materials, phones and devices- even low-cost legal and financial services-there is something for everyone. A little research on the internet will yield a host of opportunities.
The problem with Network marketing companies is that they do not last; make sure you research about the company and its products before you get involved. Find a company that has been around for a while and has a great reputation. Try the product and make sure you love them. If you are passionate about the products and passionate about the people, you can make a lot of money through the leverage that building a down-line provides you

6. Start up small offline business
No need brainstorming over small business that you can start. I have about list of 30 successful small business you can start offline today to earn more money, it doesn’t matter the job you do today, all you need is to select any one you think that will be convenient for you to do while still attending your normal paid job.

In conclusion, if you are to make more money in 2015, you need to build multiple source of income. Multiple sources of income will land you into financial freedom and one way to do this is start up small offline business to add to whatever that is your  normal paid job now.