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List of 12 Items Vehicle Owners/Drivers are now expected to have while driving on highway

Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has release 12 important items that every Vehicle owners/Driver are expected to have in his/her car while driving on the highway. Failure of having any of these items attract fine. These items are below;

List of items needed when driving vehicle on highway

  1. Warning triangle (c-caution)

warning triangle




Fire extinguisher

fire extinguisher






car jack



Spare tyre

spare tyre




First Aid kit

First aid kit




Wheel spanner

wheel spanner







hydraulic oil



Transmission fluid

transmission fluid




Torch light




Spare fan belt.

spare fan belt



Razor Blade

Razor blade



Disseminate the message to all those who use vehicle for Personal, Official or Commercial purposes.

Guideline for Zenith bank international School fees payment

As a zenith bank customer, you can now process your international school fees payment or that of your child at any Zenith bank branch close to you following the below guideline.

Zenith bank international school fees payment method

  1. School fees payment shall be made directly to the school’s account. In other words, the institution abroad must provide detail of the school account in which the school fees is to be pay into.
  2. Such remittances are subject to the CBN guideline.
  3. Applications shall be for not more than US$15,000.00 or its equivalent per term/semester.
  4. Applicant must be operating active Zenith bank account and have a bank verification number (BVN).
  5. Applicants must present the following document :

a.  Duly completed Form “A”.

b. Admission letter from the school.

c. Invoice from the school.

For Further enquiries visit Zenith bank website or call Zenith bank @ +23412787000, +23412927000, 070ZENITHBANK

You can also ask question(s) or comment using the form below.

If your bank is not Zenith bank, exercise patient ; I will talk about other Banks’ international school fees payment Guidelines in my next post. So, keep checking….