32 thoughts on “Check your First bank Account Balance with phone using SMS Code”

    1. Hello emmanuel yakubu dogara,
      If that did not work, register for firstmonie by dialing *894# and after registration, dial *894*Account number# to check your first bank account balance on your phone.

  1. Hello, I have been trying to check my account balance as directed here with the code from Dubai but is not working and I don’t receive alert or message in my email which was my reason of opening account with first bank, am worried.

  2. hello please my account number is 13 digit but they said it is supposed to be ten and I don’t know what to do. and I have also received my salary in my account so what can I do now please

    1. Your new account number should be ten digit number (i.e NUBAN). The 13 digit number is your old account number. Visit your bank so that they will write out your ten digit account number for you.

      1. so please can I use my old ATM card to withdraw money without going for my new account number. and can any fidelity bank branch help me out for the new account number. and what should I provide for them to give me the new account number

  3. can register first monies with out the sim registered to my bank account, cos I tried using the code but not working

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