35 thoughts on “Check Your GTBank Account Balance using Phone via SMS”

  1. Hi.I tried to withdrawal with my atm today sunday 12th 7 2015 but it telling me atm blocked mean while I used it last on friday and it worked.pls what is going on is my atm faulty again.pls I need a reply.

    1. Hi Abideen, check the expiring date of your ATM card to see if it has expired. If the card has not expired, visit the customer care of your bank nearest to you

  2. Hello!… I’ve been trying to withdraw money from my atm but it’s not working n it has not expired… Please what is wrong

  3. I Wanted to check my account balance followed the steps as instructed, yet was not able to view my balance, may I know why. Thank you.

  4. Hi I tried to withdrawal with my Arm card today but it telling me we’re sorry for the inconvenience. The transaction selected cannot be processed. Please content your financial institutions. 068

  5. Hey. I have an active savings account and a dormant instant account registered on the same number which doesn’t allow me use the mobile banking for transactions… How do i block the instant account?

  6. Hi, i register my bank account going to 2years now i dont even use it ,and when i came back from travel i discover the name i saw in my international passport is different so i went to the GTB bank to make complain and they are saying rubish , i said i want to chanege the name to the one who was inside my international passport because they did mistake and they hv started saying rubish ,so please i want to know if they can cancel the first account and get anothere, pls what did i do now,,,,

  7. Pls I want to know if the gtb ATM card expire can u still check your balance through this means without any problems

  8. since i opened my account in 2010,i have never deposited its working still? because i want to start depositing

  9. Pls my name is Stephen, am now In Dubai I used to receive alert on my Nigeria mobile number before cuz I roam it, but now I could not receive alert anymore which I don’t know why , and hv tried to check my account number in all format no one work , pls what can I do?

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