165 thoughts on “Check your GTBank Account number online via SMS using your phone”

    1. Hello Liasu,

      Go to Compose New Text Message on your mobile phone or your online email compose messaging box,

      • Type myaccount

      Then sent it to

      • 08076665555

      Example, text myaccount to 08076665555

      That’s all! Expect your Account number and full name details immediately after sending it

    1. Go to compose message on your phone
      type in MYACCOUNT
      then send to
      Example send—MYACCOUNT to 08076665555. You will recieve your Gtbank account number and your name
      NB. Your phone number 08182182378 must be link to your Gtbank account.
      If you try it now and you didn’t receive your GTbank account then send me your phone number for verification.

  1. This is very helpful
    I want to transfer money to my wife account…
    She don’t remember her account Nomber I try it and work out

    1. You’re welcome, Ifaponle.
      We are always here to help you on matters relating to banks, accounts, sending and receiving of money and a host of other things.
      Share us, shout us and let the world know what we do.

  2. This is what I GTBank SMS Banking
    Invalid Request. Usage:
    NUBAN OldAccountNumber

      1. Pls i need my account number urgently,,,i tried d recent article u posted on d same line i used in registerin my account its nt showin the account number,,,heres my numb,,08094463844

  3. please can I get my account number on this line, +17786832451.

    I need it urgently but I don’t remember it.

    1. Hello CHINYE,
      Please try it again, it is working perfectly at my end. if you use myaccount and it is not working then change to capital, MYACCOUNT. On both cases, my and account should not be separated. Type them together.

  4. I need my gtbank account number but the mobile number am using wit it then is no longer functioning can u help me pls this is my new number 07069606865 thanks

  5. I can’t remember myold phone number I used in opening my account, I’m not in lagos presently so how do I get his changed to new one? Thanks

  6. ave followed d above procedure sir they only sent account not my account no pls sir ave retry many times same things any other method.

  7. Hello! Please i also have issues as my gtbank account wasn’t operated for two years and I misplaced the sim with which I registered the account. I can’t remember the phone number but I wanna get the account number. Please how do I go about that?

    1. Hello Mickee,
      You have to first of all update your account with your new sim number. Visit any GTBank ATM machine or office close to you to do that. After you must have do this, dial the code above to get your GTbank account number.

  8. pls help me i want to change my phone number .my old number is 07019141459 & my new number is 09076747795 pls sir help me

  9. Pls I want you to automatically sent my account details, this the contact I used to open d acct 08161316370, pls send it to this number

  10. pls I want my account number I misplaced the number but is it necessary to send my account as text message with the number i used to register my bank account….
    pls I need urgent response….

  11. pls i have not been in the country for long,i want use my account but i only have the 13 digit number …pls i need the new acc no but my card is expired..what do i do other than going to the bank?

  12. Ive tried sending the code above…The reply i got was ACCOUNTS..Ive tried in both capital and small letters and with no gap in between all to no avail ..what do i do

  13. Hello, I will like to reactivate my account. I have not used it for I’ve six months and ATM is also expired. How can I do that?

  14. please am nt currently in Nigeria now, someone send some cash into my gtbank acct bt i have lost the number that i open the acct with for a very long time and now i want to confirm if truly the money entered my acct. my name igwe Kingsley. acct no 0138338557. thank u

  15. it is not working it reply me with accounts only i have tried it with small letters can i send it to my number 08157254079

  16. Good morning sir, pls i for my gtb account number, and i ve tried retrieving it has directed by u, but the details is not coming up, what next should i do.

  17. hahahahahaha scammer!!! That is not a GT Connect number. lol Naija! In fact, write GTB on Twitter for anything and expect a response in a second.

    This is how they get your number and messaged you that your ATM card is blocked. lol Naija!

    1. Hello Lux,
      Who told you that the number is GTConnect number. You think every thing is scam. Every information on this site is verified before being posted.

  18. Hello. Is there anyway to retrieve my account number through email? I’ve texted the number severally and I keep getting messages that say; “ACCOUNTS:” with no account detail.

  19. I opened account with GTB 4 days ago,deposited the first money and was told to go that my account details including num will be sent to my phone the next day, this is 4 days and yet nothing has been sent…what should i do, am kinda far from the bank and i dont have time to start going there bcos of exams

  20. please how can I get my account number. I lost my ATM card and my SIM card and I’m not in Nigeria, so what should I do please?

  21. my name is Nancy pls I need my acct no I lost my SIM and I forgot my acct no and I am not in Nigeria but I need it urgently how can you help. myb old number is 07063029482

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