How to underline & double underline text with colour lines in HTML page-codes for newbie

On many occasions, the easiest of tasks on a Web page can lead to very long, futile searches through blog posts, WebPages and even the leading Web sites. I had this very experience looking for a way to use a double underline coloured lines on some of my keywords on HTML editor- and I never come across a simple solution that worked! Fortunately I was able to develop workaround which I am sure others have stumbled upon. They have worked perfectly for me. The following are instructions on how to underline and double underline text, words, phrase, sentences and even number with coloured lines on your HTML page. They can be applied using a basic text program like Windows Notepad or any HTML editor.

How to Double Underline and underline with or without colour: Simple and in the Code

Many approaches to applying the double underline involve editing the stylesheet then applying the style to text, word or numbers. The following tags can be placed in the HTML directly around the text or numbers you desire to double underline

<u Style=”border-bottom:1px solid black;”>your text here!! your text here!!

<u Style=”border-bottom:1px outset black;”>your text here!! your text here!!

<u Style=”border-bottom:1px dotted black;”>your text here!! your text here!! 

<u Style=”border-bottom:1px groove black;”>your text here!!   your text here!!

You can enlarge the second underline for more emphasize, by changing the px values

<u Style=”border-bottom:3px solid black;”>your text here!! your text here!!

And so on

To apply different colours to the underline , simple change the colour black to any colour you wish.

<u Style=”border-bottom: 1px solid red;”>your text here!! your text here!! 

<u Style=”border-bottom:1px solid blue;”>your text here!!  your text here!!    

And so on.

The first tag applies the generic HTML underline. The second assigns a style that result in another underline at a slightly different height than the first.
I use them on many occasions. When you are in a bind or have limited options, they just might have be of help to you.

If these post help you, don’t fail to say it.

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