List of latest Nigeria Online Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Stores

Nigeria Online stores are gradually dominating the offline stores and the supermarket. Nigeria online Pharmacy and pharmaceutical stores have now available.

One thing is to know that there are online pharmaceutical stores in Nigeria; the other thing is to locate the best and genuine of the online pharmaceutical stores in the internet

My interest here is to help you find the best Nigeria online pharmacy and pharmaceutical shopping site where you can do online shopping.

So, here are the list of online pharmacy and pharmaceutical stores in Nigeria

1. Malbo Online Pharmacy & Beauty Shop
Malbo Online Pharmacy store is one Nigeria online Pharmacy store stocked with Medicine, Health and Fitness, Medicals, Toiletries, Beauty Cares, Mother and Baby, and including Household. They give free delivery anywhere in Nigeria on order over ₦20000. The malbo online pharmacy store website is

2. The Drug Store Limited Online Pharmacy Store
They provide pharmaceutical and clinical services in Nigeria. You can also get your prescription and over-the-counter medicine online. They deal on;
Complementary Therapies,
Diet & Weight Loss,
Eye Care, Family Planning,
First Aid
Fitness Equipment
Health Equipment
Mobility & Daily Living Aids
Sports Nutrition
Travel Health
Vitamins and Supplements
The drug store limited online pharmacy website is Their phone number: +234-9-291-1236; +234-704-438-9611

3. Megacare online pharmacy

list of the all the best and cheapest Nigeria Online Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Shopping sites
Megacare offers Nigeria’s first online pharmacy service delivery. They bring shopping of its products to your doorstep through online portal. Books and DVD’s, Diet Weight Loss, Condoms and Sexual Wellness, mother and baby, Nutritional Supplements, Pain Relief Analgesic, Vitamins, Oral Care Allergy and Hay Fever , Cold & Cough Indigestion, Dressings and Antiseptics, Medical devices , Food , Fragrance etc. They offer free delivery within Lagos.
MegaCare is located at ;
Obafemi Awolowo Road
Ikoyi, Lagos
Head Quarter / Branch: Headquarter
Megacare online store website is

4. Nigeria Pharmacy Online
Nigeriapharmacy is Not a conventional Nigeria online pharmacy store rather agent to UK based online pharmacy store, pharmacyshoponline.
Pharmacyshoponline is a UK registered pharmacy subject to the regulations of the General Pharmacy Council UK. It is a pharmacy set up to provide access to a trusted source of supply of Medicines and Chemist sundries. Visit us for Medicines, Perfumes, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Medical Books, Jewelries,Baby Products, Embarrassing Conditions, Health Information, Sexual Health, Faith Books, Toiletries,Vitamins, Pet Products, Travel Accessories and lots more.
Nigeria Pharmacy – phone number: +234(1)7920163 or +234(0)7035013287. 51 Dolphin Plaza, Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. Their website is

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There are many more that will spring up soon, I will keep updating you.

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  1. Good morning Dr. I have a pressing issue. My brother’s thighs and penis is really itchy, what do you think should be applied on the area? Please do reply as soon as u get this, it would really go a long way. Thanks.

    1. Is it the only symptom he is having? He can apply Fluconazole cream twice daily after bath at the affected part. If the itchy continues, let him see a good dermatologist for proper examination.

  2. Pls, am currently in Akure, Ondo state. Have severe acne. Been trying to get products containing 10% benzoyl peroxide or Azelaic acid but to no avail. Where can I get it pls? Have been hearing about the psychological effect of acne. Didn’t believe it till now

    1. Hello,

      You can use Retin A cream. Although its use depends on how severe your acne is. You can also benefit from some facial creams containing Vitamin E and Royal Jelly.

  3. Hello, I have been looking for Seven Seas trying for a baby prenatal a in Lagos! Can’t seem to find it anywhere. I have also checked your list. Do you know where I can get it pls?

      1. Hello please where would I be able to get those …. as I have a prescription of Ritalin that’s about to finish but I can’t seem to find it anywhere

    1. If you still need modafinil you can visit They source from across Nigeria for any drugs or beauty product you might need.

    1. our farm name is
      whole sale medicine distributor in nagpur city and export from india we supply all kind of pharmaceuticals products to international port.
      We are deal in difret kind of sigments like UROLOGY, ANTY DIABETICS,ANTI HYPER TENSIVE,
      we are intreted to deal with you
      We have quotation and details about products and rates are:-
      We Have ”Humatrope” Tablets’ Available In stokes at our Best Prices Rate.

      1) Humatrope 18 I.U (6Mg) — Liyofilized Powder—Somatropine—Company-Lilly Pharma—129$.

      2) Humatrope 36 I.U (12Mg) — Liyofilized Powder—Somatropine—Company-Lilly Pharma—257$.

      3) Humatrope 36 I.U (12Mg) — Liyofilized Powder—Somatropine—Company-Lilly Pharma—257$.

      4) Humatrope 5.33MG– Liyofilized Powder—Somatropine—Company-Lilly Pharma—125$.

      5) Humatrope 1.33MG– Liyofilized Powder—Somatropine—Company-Lilly Pharma—31$.

      6) Brite Lite Cream 20 gm (Kojic Acid Diplmitate & Glycolic Acid) —Company-Wallace—2.75$ per pics.

      7) Depiwhite 15 Ml (Intensive Depigmenting Cream)—Company-Wockhardt—4.17$ per pics.

      ? Tazret 0.1% Gel (Tazaratene Cream 0.1% w/w)—Company-Glenmark—3.6$ per Pics.

      9) Aziderm Cream 20% (Azelaic Acid Cream 20% w/w)—Company-Micro Lab—3.27$ per pics.

      10) Aziderm 20% Gel (Azelaic Acid Gel 20% w/w)—Company-Micro Lab—2.15$ Per pics.

      11) Clearwin (1%CLINDAMYCIN & 4%NICOTINAMIDEGel—Company-Zee Drugs—1.20$ per pics.

      12) Modvigil 200 mg Tablet–Modafinil tablet–10 Tablet Strip–Company–Signature–1.5$ 10 Tablet strip.

      13) Modalert 200 mg Tablet–Modafinil tablet–10 Tablet Strip—Company–Sun Pharma–3.2$ 10 tablet strip.

      14) Modalert 100 mg Tablet–Modafinil tablet–10 Tablet Strip—Company–Sun Pharma–2.8$ 10 tablet strip.

      15) Myhep Tablet (Sofasbuvir 400 mg)–Strength-400mg–Pack of 28 tablets–Company–Mylan Pharma–206$.

      16) Hepcvir Tablets (Sofosbuvir)–Strength– 400 mg–Pack of 15 Tablets–Company–Cipla ltd—162$.

      17) Hepcinat Tablets (Sofosbuvir)–Strength– 400 mg–Pack of 28 Tablets– Natco Pharma India–245$

      18) Tenvir 300mg tablet (Tenofovir) —Company Cipla—-(1 Bottle Containing 30 Tablets)—–19$. Per bottle.

      19) Sorafenat 200mg tablet ( Sorafinib tosylate)–Company:-Natco Pharma–(1 Bottle Containing 120 Tablets)–126$.

      20) Geftinat 250mg Tablet (Gefitnib Tablets) —-84.48$ per box contain 30 Tablets.

      21) Pirfenex 200mg Tablets (Pirfenidone Tab 200mg) —-2.84$ per 10 Tablets.

      22) Careprost Eye Drop 3ml (Bimatoprost -0.03%eyedrop) —5$ per drop.

      And Shipping charges Extra.

      We have more products available we only need your interest.

      We Have 5000-7000 Paramedical product available in our stoke.

      Below some product list attached please find it.

      Our Process Details:-

      Onces Order conform and all process as been completed after that shipment will be ship from Nagpur through Mumbai Port And than we completed our custom clearances agent clear away and safely received to clients doors after that within 7-9 Working Days it will received through our clients.

      And Medicines Packing in a such a way products doesn’t get harm safely received to clients.

      After Conform order than we will provide you tracking details within 24 hours.

      Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.
      The biggest difference between drop shipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party – usually a wholesaler or manufacturer – to fulfill orders.
      You will do only Send us daily clients inquiry as per your conform rates and provide us daily order and with there address.
      we have three option for shipping for our clients.
      1) Bulk order (1000 Products with there maximum quantity.) unto 40-75 kg
      3) Minimum order ( under 8 kg weights we provide you shipping us country base.)
      2) Small order.(under 200 pill or 400 pills or single order which we provide you shipping charges below 9$)
      In Small order if your clients want 2 strip or 200 pills of any is like small small quantity of orders.
      some clients wants 1 products or vials etc… we are able to do business with you. if you like proposal in the Details we are provide you.
      we have services below.
      1) EMS post services ( 8-10 working days services by air).
      2) RMS post services (10-15 working days).
      3) DHL Services (private services)
      our payment mode.
      1) Wire transfer.
      2) Western union money transfer.
      3) Money gram.
      we have 1600 kinds products and ED products,Anti-Diabetics ,Anti-Cancer, Anti-Hypertensive, Anti-Allergic Anti-Asthmatics,Ophthalmology, dermatology(Beauty products), Male and Women healthcare ETC..
      We are a genuine supplier and would like to get an opportunity to have transparent business relations for long term.

      Waiting for your valuable business request.

      Thank you and waiting for your positive response.

      Have a Wonderfull & beutifull day

      Parvez ahmad

      Near Medicines Market Gandhibagh
      Nagpur (India) 440002
      Phone no – +(91)9762394099

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