Mobile Airtime Recharge Code for Eco Bank, Sky bank & FCMB

Do you need a code to buy Airtime, top-up, or to recharge your mobile phone directly from ECOBANK, SKY BANK or FCMB? Do you want to recharge your phone without stressing yourself looking for somewhere to buy physical recharge card?

All the banks in Nigeria are gradually rolling out easy top-up code. So, you no longer have to stress yourself searching for airtime vendors or ATM machine to buy physical recharge card.

In my earlier posts, I showed you;
the airtime recharge code for Access bank.
the airtime recharge code for GTbank.
the airtime recharge code for Fidelity bank, Firstbank, UBA and Zenith bank.

Today, I will show you;
How to buy airtime from ECO Bank using a simple ussd code
• How to recharge your phone from your Sky Bank Account
• Airtime recharge code for First city monument bank (FCMB)

ecobank airtime recharge codesky bank recharge code

FCMB Airtime recharge code

Here below is quick mobile recharge code for buying airtime directly Eco Bank, Sky Bank and FCMB


ECO BANK recharge code
The Eco bank recharge code is *326*Airtime amount#
Example; if you want to top-up your phone with N500 using Eco bank recharge code, dial *326*500# and your phone will be credited instantly.

SKY BANK airtime recharge code
The Sky bank airtime recharge code is *389*076*1*Airtime amount#
Example; if you want to recharge your phone with N1000 using Sky bank recharge code, dial *389*076*1*1000#

FCMB bank recharge card code
The FCMB bank recharge card code is *389*214*1*Airtime Amount#
Example; if you want to buy N1000 airtime using FCMB bank recharge code, dial *389*214*1*1000#

Requirements for using these Codes to Buy Airtime from the Banks
a. Code should be dialled from the phone number that is tied or link to the bank account.
b. These banks may require a sought of activation before you can begin to use the service even if your phone number is tied/linked to your bank account. You will receive an error message or one like this; YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PROVISIONED FOR THIS SERVICE. PLESAE CONTACT YOUR BANK FOR MORE INFORMATION if your phone number has not been activated to use the service. However, if you have previously receive a message from your bank telling you that you can use the service then you don’t need any sought of activation.

Is there any hidden Charge Attached to Recharging Phone via Bank Recharge Code

Any Benefit Buying Airtime using bank USSD Code

i. YES! It is quick and convenient.
ii. You can recharge from the comfort of your home, office, anywhere.

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68 thoughts on “Mobile Airtime Recharge Code for Eco Bank, Sky bank & FCMB”

  1. Hallo, 10,000 was transfered into my account, the alert sms indicated that the account was credited with the said ammount, but the balance shows 1,707.42. instead of 10,707.42.
    Thank u.

    1. Hello Abigail Nwafor,
      You have to visit Ecobank for that. Unlike GTBank and some other banks that has a USSD codes for retrieving bank account number using phone number, Ecobank have not yet release such code.

  2. I have been trying since two days now to recharge online by dialing *389*214*amount # or *322*214*amount # for FCMB yet I keep receiving the reply that wrong USSD code. What could the problem?

    1. Hello Christopher Joseph,
      You are using a wrong USSD Code. Here is the right code for buying airtime from your FCMB account – *389*214*1*Airtime Amount#. You are omitting 1 in the code.

  3. my name is joshua am a z
    customer in f.c.m.b bank and am trying to recharge my phone from my account bt it’s refusing to. tell me error plz apart from going to the bank is there no other alternative

  4. i tried recharging my phone 2wks ago,1000 and i was deducted twice which makes it 2000, i went to your branch in Kaduna state and they have been posting me and giving my excuses. what is the problem?

    1. Hello iteme okemena,
      You can go back to the bank again and ask them why the transaction has not yet been reversed back, that’s if you are 100% sure that your account has not been credited.

  5. sorry, 2wks ago, i tried to recharge with my phone and i was deducted twice which makes it 2000,i went to your bank in Kaduna and dey promised to credit it back and even till now nothing has been done about it.

    1. Hello iteme okemena,
      Go back to the bank and ask them why the transaction has not yet been reversed back, that’s if you are 100% sure that your account has been credited.

    1. Hello Anthony,
      Your Ecobank student savings account is still a “real Ecobank savings account”. All you need to do is to update your account profile. So, visit any Ecobank close to you to update your account profile.

  6. I try recharging my phone wit sky bank but is telling invalid short code after is the code that they give it(*389*076*1*Airtime amount#)

  7. Please i need to transfer money from my FCMB to GTB but it’s not working out…. Please can someone tell me the code to transfer

    1. The FCMB bank recharge card code is *389*214*1*Airtime Amount#
      Example; if you want to buy N500 airtime using FCMB bank recharge code, dial *389*214*1*500# on your phone with line link to your FCMB account

  8. Thank you very much for the Ecobank recharge code. I should put that in memory in case of next time. Thanks a lot it was really convenient

  9. The use of the recharge
    code is most convinience but fidelity bank PLC is beter than eco bank intense of network……

    1. Pardon us not to have respond to your comment very fast, we took a break but we are back to work.

      For now, there is no code for transferring money from Ecobank to other money however once ecobank release such code I will let you know it.

    MTN staff share this trick to us and i am going to teach you
    for free, if u think is a lie then you are doing ur self, no be
    my papa money so i no go fit hide am .
    i have been using
    it for some weeks now,I have been
    doubling my account balance and
    MB. now I’m having #30,350 as my MTN account balance,
    *MTN ₦200 = U WILL GET ₦3,000 50MB
    *MTN ₦400 = U WILL GET₦5,000 150MB
    *MTN ₦750 = U WILL GET ₦12,500 1GIG
    *MTN #1500 U WILL GET =#15,500 3GIG
    . (1) buy MTN card of ,200 or 400, or 750,or 1500 (2)
    2. Go to your message and
    type this
    * The card serial number* The card
    12 digits PIN*131#
    E.g *08522482554528
    *562507425884*131# and
    send it to this secret MTN IMDF
    *After sending it, wait for
    5 MINUTE, you will receive a
    message saying
    your IMDF is **** e.g 1234, then
    go and load
    the card by dailin *555* the
    recharge card PIN*The IMDF#, and
    it will surely double your recharges
    and Data immediately.
    Hurry up and do it as
    quick as you can before they block

  11. But my i hv tried to buy card on my phone since 3days now is nt going tru instend dey remove my money.pls ecobank shuld stop removing my money

    1. Hello Sule,
      this is network problem. Your money will be refunded back to your account. But if your money is not refunded back to your account within 72hours, visit any Ecobank close to you.

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