How to solve online payment OTP verification code problem

What is OTP?

This one time password generator





OTP stands for One-Time Password. It is generated by the Safetoken Service and so, OTP is also referred to as safetoken. Safetoken/OTP and transaction limits are being put in place for your protection as part of the mandatory regulatory compliance by the CBN
To make online shopping even more secure, online payment processors generate this second level security for your safety. This second level security is a 6-8 digit One Time Password (OTP). This help to protect your credit card payment on the internet.

Online payment gateway without OTP

There is No secured online payment gateway that does not ask for one time password. Any online payment without OTP is NOT fully secured and it is not advisable to shop via such online payment platform.

OTP help you carry out online transactions above the default limits set by your bank.
OTP will always help you enjoy the remember card feature for Verve Cards which requires only your CVV2 and PIN to complete transactions.

You will likely get an OTP on your registered mobile number automatically when you use the card for making online purchases at websites that support verified by VISA or MasterCard® SecureCode™ authentication

To avoid running into the problem of not getting your OTP verification code text message quick when you initiate online shopping, please ensure that you use your primary mobile phone number for both credit card and Web Payment  registration to avail fast authentication.

There are over twenty web payment platforms in Nigeria, if you try using your verve card, mastercard, visa, or other bank credit card to shop on any of these webpay enabled platforms and it didn’t work; it means you have to register for safetoken OTP

How can you register for safetoken services in Nigeria

There are 3 ways to register for safetoken/OTP service namely;
• Activation by your Bank
• Activate on the Quickteller App
• Self-Activation at the ATM

How to self-activate the Interswitch Safetoken on the ATM

The Interswitch Safetoken Service system generates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated via the Interswitch Web Payment Platform.

PLEASE NOTE THIS: The customer’s card would have been previously linked to his phone number for him/her to utilize this service. At the point of initiating a transaction, the customer may receive an OTP via hardware/software devices, grid cards or SMS and then he is required to input this OTP on the web payment platform in order to complete the payment.

The OTP is authorized by the Strong Authentication Server residing either at the switch or at the issuing bank and the transaction is completed.

To register for this service, follow the prompt
Go to the nearest ATM, and insert your ATM card
Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
Select your bank account type example Savings or Current
Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
Enter ‘322222”as the Biller Code
Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’
You will get a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due: N1
DO NOT edit the amount to be paid
Click on “Pay amount due”
You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful.

What you can do when you do not get an SMS with an OTP after requesting for one?

Send a mail to for assistance in making sure you get your OTP or dial a short code *322*0# to proceed to getting an OTP.

If you get error  when you try to activating your card for Interswitch OTP service, send an email to

Finally, OTP is needed for secured online shopping and any online payment platform without OTP is not fully secured.

If you follow the instructions above, you will never have problem with your OTP verification code.

For more information, visit the interswitch Safetoken faq at:


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99 thoughts on “How to solve online payment OTP verification code problem”

  1. My bank have activated my card but whenever i try making payment it still tells me to register. What to i do?

  2. Please I can’t make transaction again, I do receive OTP, but whenever I entered it, they said is incorrect

    1. Hello Frank Timinimi,
      When you purchase a new Sim card and do a welcome back, go back to your bank and tell them you want to update your account and validate your phone number. Once, you’ve done this, the problem will be solve.

  3. any time i tried making payment online it keep telling me ” if i have issue i should call gtbhelp line and it will be redirected in 10 seconds”pls what could be the cause?

  4. Pls am no more using my registered number because am no more in nigeria,so how can i get my OTP? Can i use my token because i tried using it and its not accepting it. Pls what can i do.

  5. I want to change my otp number without going to bank or I should stop the otp without going to bank please how do I do this

    1. Hello Charles,
      OTP is One Time Password. The system automatically generate it each time you want to make payment online; so it is not something you can change or stop. This is for security reasons.

        1. Hellow Oluwafemi,
          OTP are automatically generated when you are making payment online or via electronic means. If you are making transfer that does not involve a third party then you may not need OTP.

  6. I got the safetoken device from my bank but each time I want to do a transaction, it won’t even bring the place for me to input the otp code. It gives me this message “For additional security, this transaction requires a One-Time-Password (OTP) because your transaction amount has exceeded the limit”

    1. Hello Pelumi Ayeni,
      How long has the problem persist? Try to reduce the amount you are transferring and see if it will continue to pop-out the same message. If the message persist note that the problem should be a technical problem which will be resolve by your bank.

  7. I want to use my online banking app while trying to register..its said that the otp code has been send a number that i no longer use again and ve gone to bank to change the number but its still sending the otp code to that same number again which i dont use.. what do i do??

  8. Hi, wanted to ask if its a must to register the line that is saved in m your bank account info for OTP? . Or i can register another line to get OTP?

  9. hi there!
    i have online transaction, they ask my account number and the 3 digit number, then the OTP is send to me via text message, but i did not enter my OTP, is there possible that my transaction be valid? Hope you can reply me…

  10. I tried using The Quickteller App to get a safe token and it’s telling me there are no available cards for safetoken. Please what do i do??

  11. I can’t ttransfer more than 20000 the umoble X asking me to change authentication method to otp and I don’t know how to do it

  12. I’m experiencing the same too. Yes I do receive the otp but it would bring out any space to enter it no matter the amount I’m trying to transfer.

  13. can i register a new OTP number different from the one registered in my bank, becaause i have lost that number can i still register with the ATM without going to the bank?

  14. Does the otp replace one’s password, or do we need to combine the generated code with our password? I’m having challenges completing my transaction. Please help.

  15. Where do I input the otp because I tried to use the otp number sent to me it says just put your four digits pin no space created for this otp delaying my transactions frustrated

  16. Have received the top but I don’t know where or how to continue the transaction. there is no column for the top. how do i complete my transaction.

  17. I tried activating UBA U-mobile on my android phone… but when I get to a stage I was required to enter token sent to my number… I waited for like eternity and I still haven’t gotten the token till now… please how else can I activate the u-mobile app on my phone.

  18. Pls sir, I created a Facebook advert and if I want to make payment with my MasterCard, they said my card has been declined. Pls what would I do to solv this problem?

  19. any time i tried making payment online through interswitch payment, it keep telling me ” if i have issue i should call gtbhelp line and it will be redirected in 10 seconds”pls what could be the cause and the possible solution

    1. Hello Adeshina Kehinde,
      The problem is from your bank (GTBank), visit your bank and explain your challenges using quickteller to make online payment. They should be the one to resolve that.

  20. pls for the first time I want to use first mobile to send money and after everything I put my password and send ,they will send me this message ,’you have initiated a transfer of so so amount to its account in first bank .use OTP 5 digits eg.: 69536,,,,,to complete the transfer so I don’t know where to put OTP ,so that the money will be sent…tanx

  21. I experience the same thing too first time I want to use first mobile to send money and after everything I put my password and send ,they will send me this message ,’you have initiated a transfer of so so amount to its account in first bank .use OTP 5 digits eg.: 69536,,,,,to complete the transfer so I don’t know where to put OTP because there is no column created for it. The only thing i see is where to input my 4digit password and if I try to reenter the password it will tell me to input the otp to complete transaction. Meanyle the otp is a 5digit no while password is a 4digit no. If I also try to put the otp no it will tell me password is a 4digit no. Pls help…tanx

      1. I am having this same problem. For instance I tried recharging ,after I input my pin.i get a message that they have sent a five digit code e.g10579, but there is no space to input the code.

  22. please help me…I tried to perform a transfer transaction through my mobile app..
    after every thing I put my 4digit pin but they will require OTP number which will be sent immediately but there is no column to insert the OTP number and my transaction won’t perform. what is the problem and how can I solve it pls answer….

  23. please, Iwant to make a transfer to another Bank after my 4… digit debit code, OTP msg poped up with another 8… digits. At what point do I apply this OTP?

    1. Hello singa,
      You don’t register for OTP, it is automatically generated during transaction and sent to the phone number registered with your account. So, let you mum go and update her account (change to the new phone number)

  24. please help me i credit my nairabet account with the sum of #500 and i have no been credited in my nairabet account please help me verify it and retify it immediately becos i trust ur website. Please help me.

  25. Hi there I’m experincing a problem while trying to do online purchases with my UBA africard on google telling me that “There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.” And my card seems to well be activated and working. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  26. i inputed wrongly the last digit of my phone number when the ATM requeated for my reference number to create OTP for me .Pls what do i do. ?cos d pin will be sent to dat number. is my account safe?

  27. I tried to make an online payment with my access bank Visa card but the OTP generator displays a message to me that I don’t have OTP delivery option, how can I solve this?

  28. please i tried funding a bet account with my verve card after everything the error message i got was unable to process cvv2.

  29. Please I tried making an online transaction,when I tried using the opt sent to me,the system was telling me the transaction as been declained by my bank.please whats the problem

  30. can i register a new OTP number different from the one registered in my bank, because i have lost that number can i still register with the ATM without going to the bank? I went to bank and they have changed my alert number but the problem still persist.
    please what steps must I take to change to my new line since the old one is totally barred.

  31. please I need your help….any time i tried making
    several payment
    online with Gtbank, it keep telling me ” if i have
    issue i should call gtbhelp line and it
    will be redirected in 10 seconds”pls
    what could be the cause???
    Instead of the page to bring OTP stuffs….it
    keeps counting down from 10secs then
    redirecting thereafter and bring…… “Sorry, the
    service is temporarily unavailable. Please try
    again later…”

    1. Hello Bello Ganiu,
      Is it international online payment or local online payment? If it is international payment then you should know that there is limit for transactions

  32. Please I have been trying to make mobile transfer but when it gets to a point they ask me to use an OTP code and I end up not getting what to do with the code, it doesn’t just work please help me

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