How to register a business name in corporate affairs commission in Nigeria

Let me start by letting you know that before you think of starting any business in Nigeria, it is important that you register a business name. If your business must stand the test of time, then you must duly register a business name. Don’t jump into a business without having your business register in corporate affairs commission if you are going to locate this business here in Nigeria. I have seen many companies fold up because of this. Let me briefly explain more on the implication of not registering your company before I tell how to go about registering.

• How will feel when one of these banks denied giving you loan because your business name is not registered. Just know that you can’t obtain loan from bank if you business name is not registered.

• You can never get contract to supply anything to government own establishment if you’re not registered. Even if you manage to supply them; sorry to say this, your money is gone.

• Thirdly, without a business name your product will lack branding which is a key marketing strategy.

Before you think of registering any business name in corporate affairs commission in Nigeria I presumed that you must have gotten a big picture of the business. You can read this article for more information, how to begin profitable small business in Nigeria.

• Registration can be done in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu and possible in any of the 36 state in Nigeria where corporate affairs commission has their branches located.

• You can do the registration yourselves BUT let me sound this as a note of warning, please go through a qualified lawyer because of legal implications which maybe accrue to this.

• You will be expected to provide at least 2 share holders, 2 boards of trustees and valid passport. All the businesses you intend going into in future must be included during registration to avoid double registration.
This was the reason why I said that you must have gotten a big picture of your business.
As I have warned you, don’t think of doing this yourself.

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