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55 Small Business Ideas In Nigeria + Secret to Make Million Nairas

Below, you will find 55 Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria PLUS secret to making money in any business in Nigeria. Our interest here is to see you succeed in your dreamed small business in Nigeria

I started my first business in 2009 after attending a business conference and workshop in Lagos. Since then, I have successful managed 5 businesses (physical and online businesses). These businesses are completely mine. My wealth of experience in running both small scale and large businesses in Nigeria is what I’m going to share here with you to help you start your own business in Nigeria

This article will expose you to small business ideas in Nigeria that you can consider starting, the truth about these small scale businesses and as well as the secret of making huge money in any business in Nigeria

You just have to read every word in this page in between line.

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Let’s continue!

Do you know that so many Nigerians don’t believe that business opportunities abound in Nigeria? To them, Nigeria is a dry and businesses hardly thrive.

Frankly speaking, most Nigerians don’t believe they could find profitable small business ideas in Nigeria.

This article will teach you what you should know about finding profitable small scale business ideas and how to be successful in it.

As I told you earlier, I started my first business in 2009 after attending a business conference and workshop in Lagos.

My business orientation changed after attending that training. There are several mistakes I would have made which that workshop has actually helped me to sail through.

In spite of that, I wouldn’t I admit that I have not make some terrible mistakes in my past 9 years of doing business in Nigeria. However, I wouldn’t want you to repeat the same mistake I made. So, I have so much to teach you about small and large scale business in Nigeria.

I want you to relax as I expose you to some hidden secrets about small business ideas and large scale business in Nigeria.

Let’s get started with this;

4 False Impressions about Small Business Ideas/Opportunities in Nigeria

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Five days ago, I google this phrase, “Small Business Ideas”.

I read some of the search results. It’s too bad!


Because those websites are just trying to list what they believe is profitable small business ideas in Nigeria you can start

They list services one could render or products to sell to make money and they call all that “hot small business ideas” or profitable small business ideas.

This idea of listing services or items you can start selling to make money is not business-wise. So, I call all that trash.

Believe me! Many business start-ups have failed as a result of false ideas of businesses.

Because of this, l will start this write-up by listing 4 False Impressions about Small Business Ideas/opportunities in Nigeria you don’t have to believe.

  • There are New Small Business ideas you can invent today in Nigeria

small business success image

To some people, whenever they think about discovering profitable small business opportunity in Nigeria, usually think, how can I get new business ideas in Nigeria?

They really want to discover a hot, new business idea.

Believe me! There are no such business ideas in Nigeria. Avoid thinking of discovering new small or large business ideas.

Successful and profitable small businesses in Nigeria or anywhere in the world do not have anything to do with discovery of something totally new.

If someone told you that if you discover a new product you will become a millionaire overnight. Sorry, you will be disappointed because it doesn’t work that way.

Why? Let me explain

  • First, for you to discover a new product; you have to sleep in Research laboratory for years.
  • Secondly, you may need #7 million to educate your customers about your new product
  • Thirdly, you may need additional 5 years to convince your customers that your (new) product is safe and good for use.

If you think I’m exaggerating things, let me give you an example,

When Clairol, a subsidiary of P&G, released its Touch of Yogurt Shampoo in 1979, customers did not take to associating dairy with a hair product.

The product was also confusing to some. There were a number of cases of people mistakenly eating it and getting sick as a result.

Clairol spent millions of dollars trying to educate her customers about her new product.

Surprisingly, Touch of Yogurt was not Clairol’s first failed foray into milk-based hair products — three years earlier it had attempted to market a shampoo called the “Look of Buttermilk.” Both sold poorly and are no longer available in the U.S.

Another example to prove my point,

Otto Frederick Rohwedder has been called the father of sliced bread. He worked for many years on developing a bread slicer, starting in 1912.

After developing the bread slicer, he struggles to make profit from his work but to no avail.

His efforts were met with resistance from bakers, who informed him that the sliced bread would quickly go stale.

It was not until 20 years after when a new brand called ‘’Wonder’’ started a new sliced bread machine, than the product made profit. Yes, huge profit.

The man who first invented the product was not the one who eventually makes huge money from sliced bread machine, so you don’t have to be busy looking for new product to invent, as a business idea in Nigeria.

If you are looking for business to start in Nigeria, you have to stop looking for a completely new product to invent.

As an entrepreneur, you job is to sell inventions and not to invent. Leave inventions for inventors!

Discovering business Ideas is not about inventing something totally new.

Here is the second False Impressions about Small Business Ideas/opportunities in Nigeria you don’t have to believe.

  • Profitable Small Business idea is about, “what you sell”

small business success image

Profitable business opportunities don’t have anything to do with what you sell, but how you sell. I am speaking from experience.

What you sell doesn’t matter but how you sell what you’re selling

Thomas J. Barrett gave a perfect illustration of this; he says, “Any fool can make soap. It takes a clever man to sell it“

Any average skilled person can make soap, and millions of people are making soap today. But only smart dudes can sell soap and sell it profitably.

There is no big deal in biscuits making process but how to turn biscuits making into a profitable business is what matters?

I’m sure you’re learning now.

If I want to do it the way other people are doing it out there, I’ll simply start this write-up by listing out 55 Profitable Small Businesses you can start in Nigeria.

I would simply write something like this;

List of Small Business ideas in Nigeria

My list may look like this:

#1 Profitable small business ideas in Nigeria

  • Starch production
  • Liquid soap production
  • Perfume making
  • Barbing saloon business
  • Hairstylist
  • Snacks Making
  • Football betting centres
  • Lesson and tutorial centres
  • Fast food business
  • Phone accessories business
  • Etc

#2 Hot Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

  • Fast food joint
  • Poultry farming
  • Computer programming learning centre
  • Beads making
  • Bed and Breakfast Inn
  • Beer parlour business
  • Food stuff selling
  • Baby care centre business
  • Laptop and desktop repairs
  • etc.

Come on! Are you not tired of this kind of list? Trust me; I can list 100 of these small businesses you can start. But, this is not best way to go about it. I understand that any stupid person can make biscuits, but it takes a smart dude to sell biscuits.

Successful businesses have little or nothing to do with what you are selling rather it has everything to do with how you are selling it.

Before you start any business in Nigeria, you have to understand these basic truths about doing businesses I’m sharing with you here.

Business is NOT about WHAT you are selling. It’s all about HOW you sell what you’re selling.

Maggi Star is not the only maggi in Nigeria, nor can you prove that it’s the best, but it sells far more than others and it has stood the test of time.

It is not about what you’re selling but it’s all about how you’re selling.

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Please, let’s continue!

  • There are Small Business Ideas that are Profitable

small business success image

May be you are searching for profitable small business ideas in Nigeria you can start; so do many other people right now.

Well, let me tell you what you might not know.

Successful small businesses are not profitable by nature; they are MADE successful by their owners.

Let me give you an example.

Irokotv is the largest distributor of Nigerian music and movies online. The business is a huge success today. It worth’s over $457,920.00 according sitepricevalue. Should we then conclude that starting music and movies online is a profitable viable business idea in Nigeria?

Not at all!

Many persons have tried it and failed woefully.

Any foolish man can start a music and movies online site. Only a smart dude can make it profitable.

So, who you are; matters a lot!

Here is the fourth False Impressions about Small Business Ideas/opportunities in Nigeria you don’t have to believe.

  • You need to focus on your product and not the people

Many start-ups often brag about their new product and no sooner than later, they go into extinction.

When you have a product to sell, don’t just talk about what your product does or why it’s superior; show people a compelling illustration of how it’s going to make their life better. That’s what gets people excited.

Put the Focus on the People, Not the Product!


If Steve Jobs, chief executive officer (CEO) and a co-founder of Apple Inc is on a stage; he doesn’t talk about the various features of Apple products-the speed of the iPhone’s processor or the screen resolution, for example. He knows most people don’t care about that, and the ones who do can easily find that information on Apple’s website or product literature. Instead, he goes out of his way to emphasize how the product affects you.

What make “small business ideas in Nigeria hot, profitable, lucrative, successful, thriving, viable, trending etc” are three things:

  • Time (When)
  • Where
  • Who

If you don’t know how to evaluate these three things as an entrepreneur, making money in any business in Nigeria will not be easy for you. Dear friends, in these 3 words – time, where and who lies the secret to making money in Business in Nigeria.  You will often see bloggers talk about how to make money online each year because they knew that today and yesterdays can not be the same.

  • Time and Timing

Call centre business was much profitable small business.  I could remember in around 2001/2002, I usually go to call centre simply because I wanted phone my little cousin. I will spend my money to transport myself to this call centre only to make phone calls.

So many people like me had to go to phone booth and call centre because of such things as I stated above. Now, will you go to call centre or start looking for phone booth because you want to make call?

Go and start a call centre business now and you will see if you will make money.

I know you’re now getting what I am saying.

Time is value business asset and it plays a key role in the success of a business. For any small business idea to make you rich in Nigeria, you have to understand its time and timing.

There are two aspect of time in a business; the time of entry into the business and time allocated in running the business.

The time the business is launched and the time allocated to running of the business matters. I hear many new business owners say they didn’t think the business would take as much time as it has in their lives. Time is crucial to businesses that are seasonal

This business that someone says that makes millions, what stage of growth is it?

Every business opportunities and sectors start at a time, grow, decline and then (sorry) die.

Take your time to understand the stage of the growth of your intending business opportunity and play your game accordingly, if it is at its virgin, rush in with all your strengths and grab the opportunity.

When it is at its growing stage, get in immediately before the ‘bread and butter’ in the business will be finished.

If at its declining stage, you may have to specialize, diversify or relocate somewhere else where you can win the battle.

Let me give a practical example;

You found out that people who are into tailoring business in your city are not sowing good or modern design wears. Since, you have learned how to sow modern designs cloth from different professionals and you`re current about modern wears, here is an opportunity to take the stage.

You just have to rush in and win everyone.

Secondly, they are already sowing modern design wears and sowing it well, but you have additional business skills like marketing and you are having information about where you can get cheap and good textile materials.

To hesitate, jump in with both legs. Fight and win.

The third instance is where you look around your city and see 10 giant companies already into modern wears design and tailoring and they competing hard. What will you do?

You have two options. First, specialize. Market yourself as an expert in sowing of modern traditional wears and sow only modern traditional wears alone. If you do this, though there are already 10 giant companies already into modern wears design, you will see people rush to you as an expert in modern traditional wears design to sow for them.

The second option, if you don`t want to do this; you change your business location to where you can compete and win. This takes to where in business

  • Where 

Do you know that your success in any business in Nigeria has something to do with where you started your business venture, where you are moving your business etc?


Let me explain.

A business that cannot succeed in Kano (North Nigeria) can make millions in Lagos (Western Nigeria).

Why? The market for that products or service might no longer be in hot demand in Kano as it is in Lagos.

What I’m trying to teach here is a business that is saturated in one location of the country may still be profitable when it gets to another location of the country.  I’m sure you understand this.

When you study most of the successful businesses, you will discover they are found almost in the 36 state in Nigeria and even outside the shores of Nigeria. Why? Because, they understand the importance of WHERE in business and leverages on it.

Now to who side of the business?

  • Who Are You?

Now that you’re searching for small business idea and are planning to start your own business, what do you know about business?

What marketing skills do you have? What do you know about the power of negotiation, human relationship and competition in business?

If you know nothing or little about all these, you cannot make the best small business Idea in Nigeria successful.

No business idea will make you rich in Nigeria, except you have and apply these basic business rules.

We have a great challenge in this country and it pains me a lot.

Our youths lack knowledge of doing business.

Our elders are not helping either. They even add to our problems when they advise the young ones to be serious with their academics and come out with good grades.

Does school teach you anything worthwhile? Do you get better or smarter with the formal, dogmatic and old theories you learned at school?


School makes you shallow and narrow-minded. You have to build yourself up. Business is a game of tactics! It is only meant for professional who understand the game.

Who you are and what you know is what matters in business, not any decorated or painted paper call certificate.

But why am I on the opinion that you cannot get an automatic success, even with the best business ideas in Nigeria; without adequate business knowledge?

This is because,

 Running a business is a battle if you cannot win your opponent, you cannot succeed

……………………………………………………………………………                                                                                           Wait!

I will suggest before you continue reading, you register for our online business training because I really want you to be a successful entrepreneur. It is going to be mindblowing experience for you.           .


The truth is that business ideas/opportunities are everywhere.

Yes, profitable small, medium and large scale business ideas are everywhere.

If I start listing them for you (just as I did at the beginning of this article), you will simply tell me, ha! “Emma, I know all these small businesses. My problem is that many people are already into these businesses. How can I make it if I start one of them now, please?”

You can now you see that the main question is not about knowing the business to start, it`s about knowing how to do it to make it successful and lucrative.

That is what I have been discussing with you since.

To conclude, business world is a battle field where thousands of businesses are fighting for the same consumers or buyers.

If anybody tells you that selling food stuff will make you rich, help me and  tell such person that he/she is a liar.

On a final note;

There’s no magical small, medium or large scale business idea in Nigeria that can make you millions.

What determines how you do your business success is your business team and knowledge, when and where you position your business.

The following are popular small business ideas in Nigeria to consider — some of which may require small or little capital startup.

(We have written extensively on many of them before, so you can check it out)

Small Business Ideas In Nigeria you can consider to start are;

  1. Computer business centre (see Full detail on how to start a computer business centre)
  2. small scale Nanny agency or babysitting service
  3. Video coverage and Photography business
  4. Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
  5. Project consulting firm
  6. Snail rearing business
  7. Real estate business
  8. Perfume and detergent production
  9. Sales of Jewelry
  10. Tutoring, giving group or private lessons,
  11. Computer Repairs business
  12. Mobile money agent
  13. Event planning services
  14. Distributorship business
  15. Painting services
  16. sewing, tailoring, design and clothing alterations
  17. Shoe and slippon footwear making
  18. Food businesses: (restaurant, food truck, ice cream shop)
  19. Bakery, cupcake business, cookies, birthday and wedding cake baking and decorating
  20. Bar business
  21. Haulage
  22. Keke napep tricyle business
  23. Taxi transport business
  24. Computer repair services
  25. Intra-state Courier services/delivery services
  26. Nursery school/Daycare center
  27. Cleaners business
  28. Mini Import business
  29. Sub-distributor business
  30. beads making business
  31. cat fish farming
  32. Laundry business/dry cleaning service
  33. Web design and/or graphic design business
  34. Printing services (print shop)
  35. Game center business
  36. Poultry farming
  37. Sacet waterand bottle water business
  38. MC business
  39. DJ business
  40. Scrap metal business
  41. Dog training, grooming, boarding
  42.  livestock rearing
  43. Party rental business
  44. Interior design
  45. Web hosting business
  46. Mobile food Vending.
  47. Computer Training Centre
  48. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs
  49. Frozen food sales
  50. Piggery
  51. Online business
  52. Ice cream production
  53. Hair stylist company
  54. Animal feed production and sales
  55. Just add anything small business

What that means is, you can start any small business in Nigeria and become successful. However, no small business idea can guaranteed your business success, if you don’t know how to start, run and make business successful.

If you are not still satisfied with the small business ideas I have listed above then I will suggest you look around your vicinity, you will definitely find a gap to fill. Fill that gap, that’s a profitable small business idea for you.

Our goal is to teach you how to start and run a business successful.

If you take your time to learn from things we have for you here, you will soon discover that you can sell shit or just anything you like and make money.

Register for our online business training because I really want you to be a successful entrepreneur. It is going to be mindblowing experience for you.

Businesses to do with N100, 000 naira or less than 100K

Do you need business ideas you can start with one hundred thousand naira (N100, 000), N80000 naira, N60000, N50000, N40000, N20000, or even ten thousand naira (N10000)? Are you looking for small business that you can invest less money and make big profit in Nigeria? There are such businesses and investment Opportunities in Nigeria and Africa in General that requires such less capital.

Updated; February 2018: We have made some changes to this article. After another year of extensive research on small business ideas in Nigeria, we have further added additional most successful small business ideas in Nigeria; you can consider starting. They are all lucrative businesses in Nigeria if properly managed.

Across the world, people are looking for small business they can do to meet up with their daily growing spending. With the world’s fast rising rate of unemployment, it has become paramount that every unemployed youth starts a business no matter how small the business might be at the starting point.

According to McKinsey’s report in this year’s World Economic Forum held in Davos in which youth unemployment took centre stage; the report carries it that youth unemployment is growing in uncomfortable proportion. In India, which has one of the largest populations of young people in the world, 75 million youth are unemployed and more than 1 million people are added to the workforce each day. In Saudi Arabia, 70 per cent of the population is under the age of 30 and they are not finding jobs.
In Nigeria, youth unemployment is as high as 50%. The number keeps increasing in geometric sequence. 75 per cent of university professors believe they are adequately preparing their students for the workforce. Conversely, only 40 per cent of employers take the same view.

In most cases, it is not that those unemployed are not willing to start a business but their problem lies on finding the best business ideas to do with little capital they have at hand or were able to raise.  So, if you are one of those that have little money like one hundred   thousand naira (N100000), eight thousand naira (N80000), sixty thousand naira (N60000), fifty thousand naira (N50000), forty thousand naira (N40000), twenty thousand naira (N20000), even ten thousand naira (N10000) and the zeal to do business is in you; I have below a list of businesses you can start with such amount of money (N10, 000 –N100, 000 naira). Even if you don’t want to kick start immediately, you can prepare yourself to begin any of these businesses in 2018 or in the year to come. However, be aware that delay is dangerous; the earlier the better.

What do you require to succeed in any of the business?
• Your best brain
• Right mindset
• Passion
• Dedication
• Skills where necessary

Why will these less capital businesses thrive well in Africa especially Nigeria?
Yes! Businesses started in a populous continent like Africa is bound to thrive very well. Africa is one of populated continent in the world with a 38 percent urban population, India (30 percent) and nearly as China (45 percent). 52 African cities have a population of more than one million people.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest country by population. Lagos state alone record 17.5 million in population according to Lagos state government but latest report estimates the population at 21,642,797, making Lagos largest city in Africa and the seventh fastest growing city in the world. Kano as estimated by the Kano state government records 3,626,068 in population. Ibadan has a total population of 3,500,000 as of 2015; Abuja 3,000,000; Port-Harcourt 1,947,000 and so on. So with this high population in Nigerian cities and rural areas, businesses are bound to do very well if other things being equal.

Updated 2018: the figures  above are 2016 statistics

Let’s explore these business ideas and see if it’s something you would want to give a try…

Wait a bit! I want you to consider reading this;

You’ve read them, right! Let us proceed.

I conducted an extensive research on different businesses and have come up with these couple of businesses you can start up with a range of capital of Ten Thousand Naira to one hundred thousand naira (N10, 000 – N100, 000). You can start these Businesses with One Hundred thousand naira (N100, 000) or less than one thousand naira depending on how big you wish to begin.

25 different types of Profitable Businesses to Start up with one Hundred thousand (N100000) to less than hundred thousand naira

Here are the businesses that I’m telling you that you can do with one hundred thousand naira or less than hundred thousand naira;

1. Beer parlour/Beer bar business-Beer Parlour business is requires less capital start up. One hundred thousand naira will be enough to start a beer parlour business. Beer bars/parlours have become the top recreation destination for single and married couple, business people and the tourists. To draw huge customers and make more profit in your Beer Bars business, a full restaurant is smoke option and chilled beers which are served with snacks, fried snail, beef popularly called suya, chicken barbecue and fish pepper soup are added. With huge popularity of football fans in Nigeria and many other parts of Africa, if you add big-size TV to display football game, more customers of different classes of people will be attracted to the beer bars. Sometimes, especially weekends you can hire live bands to provide entertainment
A good location in a densely populated and accessible part of town with a competitive price and excellent customer service is essential to the success of this business.

2. Mini Importation business-Importation business is a very lucrative business and easy to start with as little as N10, 000 plus. Usually, you make profit on every sale and then keep increasing the business. However, to succeed in this business; you have to learn the dons and don’ts of the business. The internet has made everything easier to access. You can sit down at the comfort of your room and order for any product you want to sale.

3. Restaurant business-Most single young ladies and men of these days prefer eating at well decent restaurant where delicious food is being served. Restaurant business is a flourishing business especially in most cities like Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Aba, etc where people are highly busy that never find time to cook by themselves. The business is not capital intensive. With N70000 you can do this business. The two most important things necessary to succeed in this business are ability cook nicely and neatness.

PROFITABLE PRODUCTION BUSINESS-one of the high paying business you can start in your locality is production business. One good thing about production business is that you can fix and control the market price for the goods or product you produce rather than totally being control by market forces of demand and supply. Usually, most production businesses are capital intensive because costly machines employed in production. Starting production business can cost one as high as N300000, N500000, N1000000, and N200000, N750000, and N2000000+ depending on product you intend producing. However, you can still start some production business with capital as low as N100, 000.

Here are production businesses that you start with One hundred thousand naira or so;

4. Perfume and liquid soap production-This business requires basic chemistry knowledge. With a capital of less than N80000 naira, you can start perfume and liquid soap production. For your liquid soap production, your first target market should be restaurant, hotel, fast food joints, beer parlours and catering centres. For the perfume production, you first target market should be high class professionals like bankers, lecturers, marketers, teachers and other service professional

5. Fresh fruit juice production-The Fresh fruit juice production business is one of the profitable small businesses in Nigeria that is often neglected. The business sells fast most in highly populated cites like Lagos, Anambra, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Aba, Kano etc. Fruit juices are serve cold in filling station, hotels etc. So, outside the cost of buying freezer and power plant (Generator), you can start fresh fruit juice production with amount as low as N10000; N20000; N30000; N50000.

PROFITABLE PRODUCTION AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS– These Agricultural businesses can be started as a sole-proprietor business and then grown into a full blown Limited Liability Company. Here are agricultural business that you can start with capital as low as N100000;

6. Garri processing business – Rice milling is a fast moving business that thrive very in rural and sub-urban locality. This business often predominates in places like Abakaliki, Benue, Ajibode, Benin. Mechanizing this business in these areas is worth rewarding, however, mechanizing it may requires a startup capital of at-least 250000 -300000)

7. Palm oil milling and processing business – Commercial palm oil milling and processing may required up-to a startup capital of 400000.

8. Rice milling – Rice milling is a rural and sub-urban lucrative agricultural business. New technology and cost of machine for milling rice has drastically affected the start-up capital of this business. With the latest technology in rice milling, starting rice milling business can cost as high as N250000 to N750000.

9. Small scale fish fingerling-Fish Fingerling is easy to start especially where there is availability of water supply. With the sum of N90, 000 to N80, 000 one can set up a small scale fish fingerling. In this business, you can be making over 100% returns but it requires care and monitory. Good water ph and climate conditions are necessary for the success of this business.

10. Snail farmingSnail farming is not difficult to start and you don’t need up to N100, 000 Naira to start this business. With 50K to 80K, you can start snail farming in your locality. Snail is very expensive in the restaurants and hotels where they serve. So, after you finish rearing set of snail, you can always take them to restaurants and hotels for sale. Snail is a hot market and a market for high class people.

11. Boiler poultry farming-This is one of the easiest businesses to start with little money. With N20, 000+ you can do this business. The business does not does not require skill. The major thing you needed in this business is availability of space and water supply. Day old chicken (boiler) may cost N150/each, so you can with 50 chickens which cost a total of N7500. In less than 9 weeks, you can start selling these birds at the rate of N1800 to N2000 naira per each. However, bear in mind that this business is seasonal although it can done at all time.

12. Dog breeding-In certain northern part of Nigeria like JOS and southern part of the Nigeria, dog breeding business is thriving very well. Some people breed the dogs for meat (popularly called 404) and others for pet purposes. The business is a lucrative one. With seventy thousand naira (N70, 000), you can buy a female English dog and breed. When the dog delivers, it can give birth to seven…eight puppies which you can sell at the rate of seventy thousand naira each. The major cost you will incur in this business is in feeding of the dog. You have to be dog friendly for you to be able to do this business.

13. Small scale piggery farming-Piggery farming is one the oldest lucrative business. Some people in the northern part of Nigeria, especially those with cold weather consume pork meat so much. You can start piggery farming with N60000+ and sometimes you need to employ an assistant.

14. Mobile phone accessories business-Mobile phones accessories business is lucrative business. We have millions of GSM users. Mobile phones like Nokia product, Samsung product, Sony Ericsson product, Blackberry, Techno, and other smart phones; their repair parts and accessories are readily available in the market. A total capital of $ 120 (N20000) will be enough to start the business in a small scale however if you are to start the business in more large scale, the cost of starting may increase.

15. Computer parts and repair business-skills on computer hardware repair and software troubleshooting are required in this business. You can easily acquire this skill or knowledge by attaching yourself to an experience computer hardware and software repair expert before you starting your own computer repair business. Usually, starting this business will not cost you up to N80000 and you can make big time when you become so popular.

16. Mini Business centre-mini Business centre is a highly lucrative business especially when cited in within tertiary institutions like universities, polytechnics and colleges or around these institutions. A set of desktop computer at the cost of N25000, one three in one photocopying machine (Scanning, printing and photocopying machine) at cost of N60000, tables and chairs are enough to start this business. Snacks with soft drinks and few provisions are added to make it business, a mini business centre. So, a total amount of one hundred thousand naira is enough to start this business.

17. Beads shop and making business
18. Video centre, music and film copyright/ renting business

Fast selling business – Most fast selling business are best started small and then grow later. This allow for testing varieties of products before settling with high profit yielding ones. Ladies wears and babies wears has proven to be lucrative and fast moving product to sell in Nigeria. Okirika Ladies and Babies wears are also in this category of business.

19. Sales of ladies handbags, Jewelleries, wrist watches and perfumes
20. Sales of babies wear

Profitable internet business– the one of the less expensive business to start today anywhere is internet business. You can most internet business with capital less than N100, 000. However, starting any internet business requires that you have the basic knowledge of the internet. Again, it also requires that you grounded in the aspect of the internet business you intended starting. Here are some internet businesses you can do with N50, 000+;

21. Internet course training
22. Affiliate marketing
23. Internet marketing business
24. Blogging business
25. Website development and Consultation

Updated; February 2018: The following are some of the additional lucrative small business ideas in Nigeria. Most of these business ideas can successful be started small then grow into large limited liability company in Nigeria

(You can check on any of them that we have written about before to learn more)

Small Business Ideas You Can Consider in Nigeria are;

  1. Fast food Joints
  2. Sachet and Bottle water business
  3. Frozen food sales
  4. Sport viewing and betting center
  5. Hair stylist company
  6. Sub-distributorship business
  7. Animal feed production and sales
  8. Escrow company
  9. Day care services company
  10. Trustworthy network marketing
  11. Rental services (start with seats & tables)
  12. Poultry farming (200 Layers)
  13. Haulage services
  14. Taxi transport business (High price starting)
  15. Keke napep tricycle (High price starting)
  16. Catfish farming
  17. Online businesses (choose one or two to start)

I have written article on top 10 part time online businesses; these are all internet based Businesses. Many of the businesses there require less capital start up as low as N10000. You can chose from that list of internet businesses to start today.

I wish you all the best of luck as you set to start up any of the above businesses that requires one hundred thousand naira N100, 000 or less than 100K.