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UBA Airtime recharge code-How to buy airtime from UBA bank using code

Virtually, all banks in Nigeria now has its own Airtime recharge code for recharging from your bank account. As a UBA bank customer you can now buy airtime from account as anytime, anywhere.

UBA Airtime recharge code
UBA bank Airtime recharge code

If you want to buy or recharge your phone with any amount of airtime at any point in time from your UBA bank account, simply dial this code: *389*033*1* Amount#. This is airtime recharge code.

For example if you want to recharge N500 airtime, you dial as follows *389*033*1*500#

Requirement for using UBA bank Airtime Recharge Code to buy airtime

To use the UBA bank airtime recharge code to buy airtime from your UBA bank account, the phone number you are using to buy the airtime must be register or link to your bank account.

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