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2014 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 4 Search Engine Marketing

Best Saerch Engine Optimization  Search Engine Optimization strategies has become the bone of contention for many SEO Engineers in this 2014, while there are many argument towards achieving optimal searching engine marketing, many SEO experts agrees with these below propositions.

  1. Content market reaching maturity valuable and relevant content that keeps a specific audience engaged with Hummingbird update, market will be forced to take content seriously.
  2. Semantic search is the on-thing now, by which search engine can grasp the meaning of search query in its contextual situations.
  3. Length and freshness of content will matter more
  4. To earn quality backlinks, one will require quality content which must be generated on a regular basis
  5. Earlier this year, Google release a new feature in depth article that help users find result relevant.
  6. Online audience optimization not SEO.
  7. Greater need of authority of website author and social media profile.
  8. More power to social media
  9. Data and not provided keywords will decided the success of your online  marketing
  10. Growth of mobile and compliance of website or blog to this.




  • “Okay, I’m calling it; if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because overtime it is become more and more spammy practice and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with real bad company”

When Matt cutts earlier this year announces that guest blogging is no longer accepted as a means of getting backlinks, many spammers began writing him to convince him on need for guest blogging.

Should we guest blog because we are looking backlinks?

No! Therefore, for those who sees guest blogging as a means of gaining backlink should stop it because it is no longer accepted? Earning quality backlinks through quality content is the best way of earning links.

  • Online Audience Optimization (OAO) is basically optimizing content with user intent in mind rather than merely the ranking on the search engine. It involves developing quality content, some of the other user friendly SEO practices using them to target your audience through search, social networking, blog and article.

Can OAO replace SEO?

No! Online Audience Optimization is entirely part of SEO, so how then do you think that OAO can replace SEO. SEO is still SEO. It is highly important you have your audience in mind when writing because I wonder whom you are writing to if not your audience

  • Length and freshness of content matters, yes! Among the entire proposition, this is #1. For better search engine ranking consider this as No.1, no more, no less.


  • Google Authorship markup is also important. As for me, I don’t think it will earn you position 1 on Google search engine result page but at least attraction and clickthrough.


  • Keyword is still my #2 when you consider search engine organic search. Anybody saying that keywords are no longer valid for better ranking in search engine is a liar or should prove it. Keywords are very important but don’t stuff your article with keywords and also remember you are writing to people not search engine.


In summary, Searching Engine Marketers should consider the above Search Engine Optimization strategies, apply them when necessary to achieve a better result this 2014.

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