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how can i make money by using #100?

QuestionsCategory: Buying and selling businesseshow can i make money by using #100?
benaiah asked 6 years ago

I have N100 with me. JUST wanna know how can i use 100 naira to make lot of money in this country?


james_1 replied 6 years ago

Nice to get rich quick

benaiah replied 6 years ago

JUST wanna know how can i use 100 naira to make lot of money

1 Answers
EMMA ONWUKA Staff answered 6 years ago

There are many ways to make money using #100. However, one thing you should know is that there are not get-rich quick schemes. It will require that you have patient, be optimist, work hard and you will definitely make it. If you can humble yourself knowing that you’re starting with nothing then success will be yourself.
Here are businesses or business ideas you can start with ₦100 to make money in Nigeria;
1. Start Selling Sachet Water – You can never tell what this small business will turn in near future. You can sell the “pure water” in markets; schools or in street. As you build up profit, keep increasing in volume. A bag of sachet is ₦90 – ₦100 but by time you finish selling one bag you will make ₦200. This is 100% gain. So, you are able to sell 30 bags a day; you should be making ₦3000/day. Start with one bag of Sachet of water since what you is ₦100.
2. Start Selling Nylon waterproof – With your ₦100, you can start selling the white small nylon waterproof. This is business is lucrative. All you need to do is to start distributing it to your customers. Don’t wait for people come asking you for them.
3. Write for Us – Write a good article. Go to computer business center type your article and ask them help you send it to your email for ₦100. Then you can forward it to us from your email that will earn about ₦1500 – ₦2000.