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How can I prepare African Salad (Abacha) without Potash

QuestionsCategory: FoodHow can I prepare African Salad (Abacha) without Potash
lucy Staff asked 6 years ago

How can I prepare African Salad without Potash?
We are preparing for a funeral ceremony on 7th April. I want to prepare  some delicious African Salad (Abacha) that day as an appetizer. Can someone take me through step by step procedure on how to prepare African Salad with Potash.
Please, do not laugh at me. I just want to learn from you. Ordinarily, I can prepare Abacha for family o but this involves public.

1 Answers
EMMA ONWUKA Staff answered 6 years ago

How to Prepare African Salad (Abacha) without Potash
This post contains information on how to prepare Abacha, popularly known as African salad. We will not be adding Potash to the African salad since potash makes some people to have frequently stooling.
If you are a mum, mom, housewife, caterer, young man and woman who enjoy preparing delicious dishes; this article is for you.
Nigerians especially the Igbos are known for their conservative culture. An aspect of this culture is reveal on the type of food and appetizer they eat and serve on occasions or feast. The African salad (Abacha) is one of such food/appetizer.
Abacha is a by-product of cassava. A lot of processes are involved in obtaining Abacha. After harvesting the cassava tuber, the Abacha is produced through the process of thorough washing, boiling or cooking with water for about twenty five to thirty minutes, the outer cover of the cassava are removed and then cut to tiny pieces. Cassava are sliced and soaked in water for about 18 hours or more. Finally, the sliced cassava (Abacha) is wash with clean water and dry under sun light. After drying the Abacha is store in an airtight seal or container, ready for sale.
The dry Abacha can be purchased in the Market. When you purchased the dry abacha, proceed with procedure below to prepare a delicious African Salad without Potash.

Preparation of African Salad (Abacha) without Potash

Ingredients for African salads

ingredients for Abacha preparation
ingredients for Abacha preparation

Below are all the ingredients needed for the preparation of African salad ;

  • Abacha (dried cassava) – 500g (4 to 5 hand full)
  • Ugba (Ukpaka or oil bean) – 1 milk cup
  • Maggi cube – 2 cubes
  • Palm oil – 15cl (1 milk cup)
  • Salt and fried pepper to taste
  • Garden egg leaves – 200g
  • Crayfish – 100g
  • Garden eggs for garnishing (big or small)
  • Fresh fish preferably mackerel (fried) – 400g
  • Onions – 200g (2 medium bulb)
  • Kpomo or Canda (cow skin) – 200g
  • Opkeyi (Locust beans)
  • Stock fish (optional)
  • Ehu 3 seeds (optional)

Procedure for Abacha (African Salad) without Potash
Follow this procedure to prepare the African Salad;

  1. Wash the fish and kpomo into a clean pot, season lightly with salt, maggi cube and onions. Then cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Remove fish from the liquid and deep fry
  3. Soak the dried Abacha in boiled water and sieve immediately to avoid being too soft in hot water. Then keep aside
  4. Slice your onions, garden egg leaves and blend your crayfish, then set aside.
  5. Add about 10cl of red oil on pot, or where you will like to prepare it.
  6. Then, add the blended crayfish and pepper, stir, and add the ground ehu (if using).
  7. Add Ugba to the mixture and stir. Ugba is very good in African salad both the nutrients and its aroma.
  8. Add salt, maggi cube, sliced kpomo and Opkeyi, then
  9. Then add abacha stir very well to incorporate all the ingredients.
  10. To make your Abacha (African salad) look more attractive, add shredded garden egg leaves and onions to the mixture and stir very well
  11. Then, garnish with sliced garden egg seed (if using big seed), fresh tomato (optional), and fried fish
  12. Serve your African salad warm or cold as an appetizer or main dish

NOTE: If you want your Abacha to be warm, then heat it after preparation to make it warm. It is nice to serve your abacha with soft drinks or palm wine
Things to know;

prepared African Salad
ready to serve African Salad
  1. You can prepare your African salad in pot, mortar or bowl and heat very little to make it a warm if you want.
  2. You can prepare your kpomo separate and use it to garnish or slice it very little and mix it during your preparation.
  3. You can also use your garden egg leaves and onions to garnish the abache dish

To conclude, the quantity of ingredient you will use during your preparation is dependent on the population you will serve. Follow the above procedure and you will prepare a delicious Abacha (African Salad) without Potash