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What Business can I do to support my salary as senior officer

QuestionsCategory: Business Ideas/OpportunitiesWhat Business can I do to support my salary as senior officer
Ify asked 3 years ago

I am a senior office  in Nigeria. I want to start up a business or  something. Please, What business can I do to support my salary?

1 Answers
Emmanuel Nkantas answered 3 years ago

Plan B on how to support your salary without leaving your present work.
In the wake of challenges faced by Nigerians in terms of economic crisis and unemployment, many people have started thinking of a plan B that is to add another source of income to attend to financial security, without losing their current work or business.In this article I will share with those interested to build a reasonable part time income if they put a reasonable part time effort.One way they can do this in a legit way is by joining an MLM company.What is MLM?MLM simply means multi level marketing. MLM business is the business that uses a modern distribution system to sell their products. In this type of business independent distributors can buy directly from the MLM company and sell the products to costumers and with a compensation plan this distributor can build their Network and generate their own source of income. Basically, this form of marketing is also called network marketing.Benefits of joining network marketing.Here are a few reasons why you should join network marketing.
1. Time flexibility: in this type of business you are the one that chooses the hours you need to work.
2. Low entry capital: you can join an MLM company with small entry capital and high return.
3. Global business: This type of business is worldwide, so you have the opportunity to choose the type of people to work with.
4. Legacy: you can pass this business to your spouse, or to your next generation.
5. Leveraging: you must apply leverage to escape the dilemma of trading time for money. This is but a few reasons why you should join network marketing.Now how can you choose a good network marketing company?