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Is Slourish a startup crowdfunding or investment platform?

QuestionsIs Slourish a startup crowdfunding or investment platform?
Thelma asked 5 years ago

I know there is a ‘how it works’ page and a faqs page but I still don’t know if it’s a investment platform or its for crowdfunding startups. Could it be both? I read there that you can invest in a business for a share in the profit but a colleague who is a member once said she invests some money there for a monthly return.

1 Answers
LaDecenti answered 5 years ago

Slourish is a startup crowd-investing platform. That is, members come together to fund businesses for a return and other incentives/rewards. The platform which is community-based, houses thousands of entrepreneurs, investors including those who just want to participate in any of the various programs available on the platform.
Some people mistake the HPS program for an investment but it basically allows you to earn 4%  monthly interest on your funds. Personally, I think Slourish offers one of the best the affiliate programs in Nigeria since they pay per click, per sign-up & up to N10k per conversion. There is also the review program, Insight contribution program etc.
Well, according to the CEO; Latii Brayllot, the company’s ( Slourish Ltd ) primary objective is to help build quality Nigerian corporations by providing the necessary resources to businesses while they raise funds conveniently.
Businesses need funds to start or grow and people support these businesses with funds for a percentage.
Latii Brayllot and his team has indeed done a great in making everything easy and straightforward on the platform. Customer support is only a click away. You can always find more details on the platform Customer support is only a click away