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Lost BVN what do I do to retieve it ?

QuestionsCategory: Online BusinessesLost BVN what do I do to retieve it ?
Victoria Nwojo asked 3 months ago

Good afternoon. I am in London. I processed my BVN on Fleet Street OIS processing centre. I have lost my BVN . I no longer have receipt to show proof of payment for the BVN. It was processed about 7 years ago so I no longer have bank details showing proof of payment. How do i trace/locate the missing BVN. The BVN was sent to me via text on my old mobile which I no longer use so I am at a loss and dont know what to do to locate the missing BVN. Can I go back to Fleet street OIS processing centre to try and see if they can help me trace the missing BVN? Do I need to make an appointment for the fleet street centre? Their telephone number is faulty: 020 7832 0001. Is there an email address for them or another telephone number?

1 Answers
Pebang Ali answered 3 months ago

I cloud not find any relevant information about Fleet Street or IOS processing center in relation to BVN retrieval or tracing. However, as previously mentioned, OIS Services is one of the agencies authorized to enroll individuals for BVN and provide related services [1]. If you need to retrieve or update your BVN, you can contact OIS Services or visit their website to locate an enrollment center near you.

If you have entered your BVN and received a message that it cannot be verified, it may mean that there is an issue with the BVN database or your BVN information. It’s recommended to contact your bank’s customer service center or visit your bank branch to resolve the issue and ensure that your BVN information is up-to-date and accurate [3]. It’s important to keep your BVN safe and secure to avoid unauthorized access to your bank accounts and financial information.