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Military Air Strikes destroy illegal oil refining sites in Niger Delta

QuestionsCategory: GeneralMilitary Air Strikes destroy illegal oil refining sites in Niger Delta
John Ife asked 1 month ago

Fighter jets belonging to the Nigerian Air Force took action on Sunday to eliminate unlawful oil refinery and distribution sites run by criminal groups engaged in oil theft within the Niger Delta region.

The spokesperson for the NAF, Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, confirmed that the attacks were successful and that they targeted various criminal elements across different parts of the country.

He emphasized that the efficiency of air power, characterized by its speed, range, and flexibility, played a significant role in reducing the destructive activities of the oil thieves. These activities have led to severe environmental damage in the region and have negatively impacted the nation’s oil production.

Air Commodore Gabkwet also revealed that on the same day, air strikes were carried out against a well-known camp associated with the IPOB in Orsumoghu within the Ihiala LGA of Anambra State.

Intelligence reports indicated that elements of the IPOB were observed in makeshift camps, indicating their plans for a potential attack on civilians. This prompted a preemptive strike to neutralize their threat.

Furthermore, similar air strikes were conducted on the same day by the Air Component of Operation Hadin Kai. The target was a location situated approximately 1.5km to the East of Arra, a previously deserted hideout for terrorists near the Sambisa Forest.

Prior reconnaissance had shown terrorists gathering at this location, which had been cleared of terrorist activity around 6 months earlier. There were indications that these terrorists had fled from areas around Lake Chad due to extensive airstrikes by NAF aircraft.

Consequently, the location to the east of Arra was attacked to eliminate the terrorists and prevent them from establishing a presence there or using it as a base of operations.

Subsequent footage of the aftermath of the strike demonstrated its success, as multiple terrorists were incapacitated and structures were demolished.