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How can I Transfer Money without pin number

QuestionsCategory: Banks and money transferHow can I Transfer Money without pin number
sunday_1 asked 6 years ago

Are they anyway I can transfer money through phone without pin number? I need your assistance on this.

I want to transfer money to a friend but they are requesting for PIN number which I don’t have.

Your answer will be appreciated, thank you

1 Answers
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EMMA ONWUKA Staff answered 4 years ago

it is possible to transfer money without an ATM Card PIN on some ATM Machines. With your Fingerprint (you don’t need your PIN), you can comfortably transfer money on GTBank ATM Machines.
All you need to visit any GTBank close to you, activate your fingerprint and then do the money transfer.
Please, you have to know that it can only work for GTBank account holders. You can check other bank.