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Popular Lies About Blogging

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Olaitan Olalekan asked 3 years ago

Blogging has provided many possibilities, created opportunities and helped a lot of people to achieve things they would not necessarily have achieved without their blogs.
Regardless of these possibilities, there are still a lot of misconceptions myths and lies about blogging that needs to be debunked. And In this post, I am going to discuss some of these interesting myths below while also sharing with you, the actual position of things in the blogging world…

Alright let’s dig in…

Blogging is easy

One of the biggest lies about blogging is the idea that blogging is easy. I get to hear this quite often.
I don’t know how it was possible for people to come to this conclusion but honestly, this idea about blogging has made a lot of bloggers to start a journey they can’t finish.

As someone that’s had similar misconceptions while starting out, today; whenever anyone asks me, is it really easy to be a blogger, I simply tell them…;

If researching for ideas between two to four hours, creating content for five or more hours and spending hours to promote your blog is something very easy for you then blogging is easy.

Otherwise, like any other profitable engagement, blogging will demand your time, energy, effort and money. And you will work hard to create content that stands out if you want to create outstanding results.

Blogging will make you rich

Let’s clear the air. I am sure you can name a handful of people that have become rich due to their blogging activities. Indeed, there are a whole lot of successful and rich bloggers out there so actually, blogging can make you rich.

But truth be told, you will have to work hard for it. Because; money will not fall into your account, when people click on your website. No!
To become rich and famous like those bloggers you admire, you have to put in the work, your time and money.

Write, readers will come

One of the popular lies about blogging is the misconception that as a blogger, if you manage to create a blog post on your blog, readers will definitely show up to read it.


Blogging is not Facebook or Nairaland or even Medium, where you already have a pre-existing audience. In the blogging world, things are different.

Unlike your social media where people gets to see your posts because you have an already existing number of friends and followers, in the blogging world, no one sees your posts unless they subscribe to it or come to your blog.

Considering that you’re a beginner, you probably do not have an existing audience. So, no one will read your post unless you share it with them or optimize it for search engine visibility.

Choose a Niche you’re Passionate About
Its cliché, you need to do what you’re passionate about. Don’t you?

Of course that’s right. You’re supposed to be passionate about what you’re blogging about, if you want to be able to stay at it long enough to become successful.

But, that’s not the complete truth! Sometimes, your passion might not be interesting to as much people as you want to attract with your blog. And this might get to affect your enthusiasm and overall as a blogger.

In order to avoid this don’t just jump in. After a careful research, you want to choose a blogging niche that you’re not just passionate about but one that also has a decent number of people that are interested in it.

Anybody can blog

One other big lie about blogging is the idea that if you’re able to create a post on Facebook or Instagram then you’re automatically a blogger.
This is one of the funny misconceptions out there because Blogging is far more professional, tasking and time demanding than creating an ordinary social media post.

In fact, everyone cannot become a blogger but anyone can become a blogger if they learn the skills.
From search engine optimization to content marketing, guest posting etc., as an aspiring blogger, there are a whole lot of things to learn and experiences to garner before you can build that blog that stands out.

Blogging is Dead
A lot of people believe that the rise of social media and other micro blogging platform has finally put an end to blogging.

But statistics don’t agree on this. Instead of being dead, blogging has continued to evolve, giving rise to new concepts like Content Marketing, Vlogging, Podcasting etc.

Over the years, Blogging has continued to take up different forms and shapes, as people increasingly get to consume content in different forms.

This is growth. And it can only get better and diversified with time. But, a lot of people are yet to see.

Blogging will give you fame

At some point, every aspiring blogger doesn’t aspire to become a blogger just for the money.

A lot of people are aspiring to become bloggers today because of the fame and benefits blogging brings to the table. But, this is a serious misconception about blogging.

Of course, starting your blog because you want to be famous is not a bad idea but fame is not stamped on a blog. You will not bump into overnight popularity because you own a blog.

But with time, effort, and a strategic plan you can build all the fame you want from your blog.

Blogging is Part time Business

Yes blogging can be a part time business or a side hustle. But if you want to gain real and sustainable success with your blog, you have to give it the full attention it deserves.

The reason is because to become a very successful blogger, there are a lot of activities you’ll have to embark on and to a large extent; these activities will demand a lot more of your time and energy.

So, there’s no sleeping around and updating your blog on weekends. If you intend to wallop the competition and get your blog on Google’s top spot, you need to do more than blogging on weekends.

Unless you’re ok with having a part-time result, for part-time effort.


As I wrap up these misconceptions about blogging, I want you to understand that notwithstanding these realities, becoming a successful blogger can open many doors and opportunities for you just as it is doing for other successful bloggers today.

And although it will take work, effort and time, you can still start a blog and become a successful blogger, if you put your mind to it.
Yes. Regardless of whatever it takes, a lot of people have achieved this for themselves. Many are still achieving it. And you can achieve the same feat.

So, it’s over to you now. Do you want to get on the ladder to become the next successful blogger? You can learn the ropes today.