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Starting a bus transport in Lagos or Abuja

QuestionsCategory: Service BusinessStarting a bus transport in Lagos or Abuja
Rotimi Onatade asked 4 years ago

I want to start a bus transport in Lagos or Abuja.
I need realistic, critical and latest information regarding the following:
1) Fuel economy, ruggedity, availability of its spare parts, maintenance,space capacity and engine capacity minivan or Bus for the business
2) the reasonable and affordable price between #2M to #2.5M for the minivan
3) the strategy to outcompete others in business
4) the location, route and size of the market

EMMA ONWUKA Staff replied 3 years ago

It’s OK depending on your location. If your location is Abuja and you’re using it for inter-city transport or Lagos, that will be Ok.

alawiye olayinka replied 3 years ago

Please am planning buying Nissan quest 2000 or 2001as private car and at the same time use it as side hustle is it OK bcus my budget is not enough for Toyota Sienna…pls help out

1 Answers
Obhiemi Marvellous answered 2 years ago