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Tips to Improve your online personal security

QuestionsCategory: GeneralTips to Improve your online personal security
Oyin Damola asked 1 year ago

We live in a society where our personal information is as safe as we hoped they’d be since a lot of those top companies are always prone to threats such as hackers and security breach.

Here are some tips to help improve your online security :

  • Don’t save passwords from sites on people’s devices or PC’s

Since a lot of security breaches actually comes from people we know and it really isn’t their fault since we leave our login details right there so don’t blame him or her.
Don’t save passwords on peoples devices.

  • Avoid clicking on strange ads

Clicking on strange ads is actually the easiest way to get hacked, don’t click on links saying
“Check out this movie” or “You have just won this prize.”
Since we really don’t know who is behind the profile when we meet people online.

  • Don’t login on strange sites

This is actually really hard to be honest since hackers are really good at what they do so it’s possible they could clone a site like Facebook.
Since it’s a clone spotting the difference would be hard so don’t log into strange sites from links which request for passwords and stuff.