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What are 5 most common job interview mistakes

QuestionsCategory: Job InterviewWhat are 5 most common job interview mistakes
EMMA ONWUKA Staff asked 6 years ago

I’m preparing for a job interview tomorrow at firstbank. I want to know some of the common job interview mistakes that I have to a avoid.

I know my question may seen unreasonable but I need answers to this. I really want to pass the interview. All your suggestions are welcome

1 Answers
EMMA ONWUKA Staff answered 6 years ago

Here are 5 common job interview mistakes you can make;

  1. Many job seekers do not know that interview is an opportunity for them to sell themselves as best candidate for the position they have applied for.
  2. Some Job candidates do not study popular interview question and how to answer  before going for an interview.
  3. Some Job seekers are more interested in the salary they will be paid that is why they often got trapped by an interview questions, “How much salary do you want us to pay you”
  4. Some job seekers usually dress ackwardly for an interview
  5. Many candidates for an interview arrive late at the interview venue.

Once you avoid this common interview mistakes; you are bound to pass any job interview you attend.