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abokiFX: Daily Naira exchange rate website Shutdown, a site application platform for daily updates on Nigerian naira conversion to major currencies exchange rates is shutdown.

abokifx website for daily parallel market exchange rate site shutdown

A visit to the website now displays; “we’re sorry but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the log for more information”.

abokifx website

Abokifx has shown to provide information on daily Lagos state’s parallel market exchange rate for naira to dollar, naira to euro and naira to pounds or vice versa.

Abokifx also display daily ATM exchange rate, western union, moneyGram and official bank rate exchange rate. Let’s hope the problem will be resolve.

You can now get a daily updates on black market exchange rate of;

  • Naira to dollar or vice versa
  • Naira to Euro or vice versa
  • Naira to pounds or vice versa on site.

We also display daily exchange rate Bitcoin to dollar, official exchange rate etc.

Help us by sending  by sending us your parallel market exchange rate today or  for updates.

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