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Airtel Trybe: migration code, opt-out code, benefits & data plan

Airtel Trybe is a new tariff plan that offers all Airtel prepaid subscribers especially the Nigerian Youths and the young a unique call and data package loaded with lots of freebies and benefits. All you need to know about Airtel Trybe is here.


Airtel Trybe Migration or Activation Code
To migrate to Airtel Trybe, simply dial *312# to opt-in or send “YES” to 312; this is migration code or subscription code.


To cancel your airtel trybe tariff or opt-out, simply migrate to other Airtel call tariff plan like; Airtel One SIM (*337#), AIRTEL CLUB 10 PADIS PLAN (*166#),  Airtel Big Family Xtra, etc. That is how to deactivate the Airtel trybe plan.


Upon migration, 1st 120 seconds call of the day – 40k/sec
AIRTEL-to-AIRTEL voice call – 20k/sec
AIRTEL-to-Other Network – 30k/sec
AIRTEL Trybe-to-Trybe calls – 11k/sec

To opt in for the low rate campus calls, send ‘CAMPUS’ to 312 or dial *312*1#
Campus calls- 11k/sec


Pay for 2 SMS, you get 5 SMS Free. Free text can only be used to send text to Airtel Nigeria lines.
AIRTEL-to-Other Network NATIONAL– N4


The 1st recharge of N100 will give 5MB
2nd N100 recharge within that week will give 10MB to make up the expected 15MB in one week.
The maximum every week is 15MB.
Up to 60MB free monthly data


Enjoy free calls.
Get free access to WhatsApp,
And BBM.

If you have further questions on Airtel Trybe, you can ask using the comment box below or you can visit Airtel Official Website;

139 thoughts on “Airtel Trybe: migration code, opt-out code, benefits & data plan”

  1. Maduabuchukwu Emmanuel

    I am pass through alot when ever I recharge for example 100 and I leave it and I on my data before how many minutes dey will cut the money I am just tired

  2. This trybe doesn’t give me free access to messenger on Facebook whenever I load a card of 100, rather it requires for the 100 to be sub for it to work, what do I do

  3. pls am facing alot of challenges with this smartTRBE of a thing. I am completely unsatisfied with the service pls and pls how do I opt out.

  4. hello please I have an active one month data plan on my airtel SIM, but I want to activate the night plan so as to use it before the main monthly sub. but it keeps on telling me that am already on the plan and each time I browse it’s always deducted from my main monthly data.

    what can I do please

  5. But the network is always out whenever I’m in the campus zone. I have over 2000mb on my campus data, but it is useless. Why is this happening?

  6. please I have tried this plan and I don’t really enjoy it and I want to migrate immediately to airtel one aim but I don’t know how to go about it and when I called the customer service they just keep on saying rubbish

  7. I Just got the new airtel sim and my friend adviced me to migrate to the smart trybe but i am not enjoying there services, i want to opt out of the airtel Smart trybe. How do i do that? Please i really need to get my other tariff plan back with all the bonuses that comes with it?

  8. Whenever I try to purchase the 25 Naira night, it keeps telling me “Dear Customer, you are already active on this data plan”. What to do?

  9. airtel na 419.fraudster.You are just spoiling your name.wetin be trybe.when other network did not allow it to affect normal plan.yet airtel will steal ur credit.4.3

  10. Pls how to i opt-out of airtel trybe and migrate to the plan that came with my airtel sim.
    Because this trybe isnt too cool for me!

  11. Hello Sir!
    PLease ooo why will airtel charging on this subscribe something like Music_R_D haba! I never subscribe to that Music stuffs! Please how can i out of this subscribe of Music_R_D

  12. Pls sir
    I will like to know how the mid night calls work and the free trybe to trybe calls
    Before I migrated they sent me a text saying I will have to use N48 to enjoy those benefits and that the free mid night calls starts by 11pm but since then I have been recharging and making calls still no free trybe to trybe calls (must one have certain amount to be able to make the free trybe calls?)
    And I have not been able to make the mid night calls nor received any Mb… Pls help me out THANKS

    1. You need to spend at least N100 airtime during the day or have at least N100 airtime on your phone to do be able to make mid night calls.
      To enjoy free trybe to trybe call, you have to make a certain call limit during the day.
      The MB is given per week.

      1. Why is it that every night I try to buy the 500 mb data for N25, they keep telling me that I am already active on the data plan of which I am not. They just won’t allow me renew it.

  13. In a nutshell, TRYBE is not a good plan. Besides, this guy, u are on Etisalat. If trybe was so good, y not buy an airtel sim? Am sure u have a dual sim andriod

  14. No questions!
    I just wanted to commend you for being a host who answers the questions of your visitors.
    I migrated to trybe today with no intent of using it for calls, but to get to the night plans which are, to the best of my knowledge, the best value for data available. I hope it works out well.

  15. what must I do to be able to make the free night call on my Airtel trybe and also must d person am calling be using Airtel trybe as well

    1. Hello Rossy,
      To make free night call on Airtel trybe, you must have atleast N100 airtime on your phone or use up to N100 during the day.The person you are calling must not be on Trybe but must be an Airtel subscriber.

    1. The first step is by knowing if the number you are calling is an Airtel number or not by checking the first 4-digit of the phone number. If it is an Airtel number then ask the person if he/she is on trybe plan

  16. I got an sms saying I have gained free trybe to trybe call, which I actually used for about 30min b4 I willingly dropped the call. Plz what makes one to qualify for the free trybe to trybe calls?

  17. I was making a call when my airtime got exhausted, then I received a text saying I have free trybe to trybe calls. I actually made another call for about 30min. my question is how did I get qualified for the free trybe calls?

    1. Lilz, you are qualified for the free trybe calls because while you were making calls, you reached the threshold that made you qualify for free trybe calls

  18. Jst by hearing the comments,I won’t migrate to this trybe plan. No one said anything good abt it. Its more confusing than extravagant.

  19. airtel trybe fraud Nd 419 pass anini y must I load 200 Nd before I say Jack its all gone…desolve this plan please

  20. I have bin using trybe 4 4mnths nw and i kan nt boast of it.. D call charges z extravagent,d benefit dat z bin given z useless to me kos i dnt even knw hw to use it apart 4rm d mb i do get in evry recharge.. I even called customer care for enlightment stil d information give wasnt in simplified state… Pls o.. Na beg i d beg una..hw i go tak use dat free call and facebuk wey dem d giv me..dem say d free calls na 2 pipu wey d trybe..ok hw i want tak knw dos wey d trybe

    1. Hello Adoyi,
      The free trybe free calls are applicable when you call those who are also in Airtel trybe call tariff plan. The mb given to you are for the free browsing and surfing of social network and internet. If you think you are not benefiting from the trybe call plan why not migrate to other Airtel call tariff plan.


    1. Hello Charles,
      Airtel Trybe offers you the opportunity to browse the internet, chat on social media and SMS every day. So, when you opt in for the Airtel Trybe plan, you will be sub-charge for these freebies.
      Caution: ensure you don’t leave any application open after browsing.

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