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10 Best Relationship Advice for Men

We all know that men and women respond to things differently. As a result, what works for women may not work for men especially when it comes to relationship? We’re all unique, and it’s these differences that make our relationships so interesting, although sometimes bewildering.

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Men are known for being clueless about relationships and this is because many of them never get advice when it comes to relationship.

Are you a man looking for the best relationship advice that’ll make your relationship succeed? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we have below 10 best relationship advice that’ll make your relationship work. Our piece of relationship advice will catapult your relationship to a healthier relationship when positively applied.

Every relationship has growth opportunities. And even if your relationship is derailing due to poor communication, lack of reciprocality of love and affections by your partner etc you’re not alone.  We are here to help you revive, build perfect and long lasting relationship.

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10 best Relationship Advice for men

Be Open & Communicate effectively with your Partner

According to relationship experts, being open and communicating effectively with your partner as a man one of the best relationship advice for men. Men are known for keeping their needs/emotions/fears/hopes hidden. But things have changed, and the overwhelming of women want and want a guy who can express his emotions.

“Men may be concerned that they may seem weak,” But According to relationship expert. “Their spouse is more likely to perceive strength in their capacity to be open and honest.” It will bring both persons closer together and make them feel more supported.

A good communication in relationship should have three integral qualities:

Honesty – Always tell the truth to your partner when you talk. Nothing is worse than telling a lie to your relationship partner.

Attention – No doubt, good communication in relationships involves absolute attention

Respect – Respect your partner’s ideas, dreams, and experiences, as well as her anxieties, regrets, and nightmares, while you’re communicating. In a healthy relationship, respect is everything.

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Be the Best Boyfriend

 Becoming the best boyfriend is not an easy task, especially with the dynamic nature of women; although, there are several qualities that women find appealing in males when it comes to relationships.

However, some of the following constitute the qualities of a good boyfriend.

  • Listen to her more than you talk, and remember that just because she’s talking doesn’t imply she wants advice; she just needs someone to sit and listen.
  • Don’t be hesitant to tender an apology. Women want men who are prepared to confess when they’ve made a mistake, even if it wasn’t their fault.
  • Be Intelligent in terms of emotions
  • Always honors her accomplishments and compliment her often
  • Be willing to spend Quality time with her

Enjoy More Time Together with your Partner

Forming Mr. Busy will do more harm than good to your relationship; so be extra careful because it’s obviously hard to maintain a relationship while you’re always busy.

Spend more time together with your partner; Holding her hand and going on a walk won’t be a bad idea, cooking together, exercising together, or talking about your day etc.

Contrary to common assumptions among young people today, you don’t have to spend money to make her laugh, but doing so can strengthen your connection and set the stage for a long-term relationship that will definitely lead to marriage.

To be in a successful relationship implies putting in the effort necessary to make it work daily. Even though there are no shortcuts to having a long-lasting relationship, it is essential to keep your relationship exciting and better by introducing new concepts, experiences, and memories into the picture. Take some time out of your busy schedule to do something completely new with your relationship partner, regardless of how long you’ve been together one year or ten. It doesn’t matter if you make a nice meal at home or attempt indoor skydiving, as long as you can create memories together while getting to know each other more, thereby strengthening the relationship.

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Always Makes Her Feel Special

It’s vital to make your woman feel like she is special and wanted. Don’t be afraid to let her know how much you care, and do it often. If you don’t do so, she may become confused about your feelings for her or begin feeling insecure.

But if you make her feel valuable regularly, she will have no reason to question whether or not you are interested in spending the rest of your life with her or even growing old together. Make it a habit to remind her frequently why your love for her is authentic and let her know that your life would be meaningless without her. You will keep things fresh between you two by demonstrating love regularly; and also convince her that she is still attracted to you.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

If you really want to enrich your relationship, no doubt, you must do all you can to ensure you take good care of yourself. There are no two ways about it; you have to look presentable all the time.

Many relationships fail to make it to the promised land of marriage because the men are unattractive along the way to their female partners. As a result, you must focus on yourself and continue to cherish and look presentable; this reminds me of my uncle, who had a monthly budget for dressing from his salary, regardless of the problems on the ground, and who always told us that “appearance matters a lot.”

Keep Your Promises

Every man should have a set of moral principles to live by and always keep their promises to their loved ones. Being a man of your word means everything. Don’t make empty promises to your partner because you’ll begin to feel more like a liar than a person she can count on.

Promises that you can keep might include the following

  • Plans for spending time together
  • Promises about behavior
  • Promises about material things, among others

However, be as devoted as possible and avoid over-promising to prevent feeling guilty afterward. If you didn’t keep a promise, tell your partner why and don’t do it again! If you can fulfill your word most of the time, she will learn that you are worth listening to when you say anything.

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Understand and Respect Your Partner

Respecting your partner should be one of your top concerns if you want a great relationship. Listening to your partner’s feelings, respecting her limits, supporting her passions, and speaking well about her to others all contribute to respect in a relationship.

Respecting her includes the following:

  • Value her opinion.
  • Be reliable to her
  • Put her first
  • Offer her support
  • Be kind to her

Cultivate the Habit of Surprising Her with Gift

An important piece of relationship advice for men is that you should always try to get a special gift. One important thing about getting her a gift is that you do it without expecting anything in return, such as sex or money from her and this will make you look like you are just being nice.

Make sure you can surprise her with gifts when she least expects them, so that she will knows that you are always thinking about her all of the time, even when she isn’t around. It is one of those things that can really show how much you care for someone, and also make them feel special knowing that they are on your mind all of the time.

If Possible Don’t Make Decisions On Her Behalf

It’s easy to think you know what your girlfriend needs. You care about her and want the best for her, right?

The problem with this is that if she doesn’t feel right about it, it’s definitely because of your over sabi attitude.

Decisions that are made without everyone being on board are doomed from the start. Instead, ask your partner lots of questions and pay close attention to both her answers and the way she says them. If you’re still not sure, later decide. No doubt, she knows herself better than you do.

Never Cheat on her

 Cheating on your girlfriend is the worst thing you can do since it is not only emotionally and intellectually hurtful to you and her, but it can also be physically dangerous as well. Multiple studies indicate that if a man cheats once, he will cheat again, which demonstrates disrespect for your partner’s feelings and overall trust concerns. It will hurt her far more than you realize, and even if she forgives you for cheating once, she will always wonder if you would do it again. And this may result in permanent harm to your relationship. So avoid cheating!

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With frequent communication, you can finally focus on building trust and respect.

Bonus: Other relationship advice for men:

  • Accept responsibility.
  • Knowing your limit and sticking to it
  • Be unbiased in relationships.
  • Don’t fight over things you cannot control among others.


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