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10 Best Relationship Advice for Women

Are you a woman whose relationship is shattering? Are you looking for the best pieces of advice that will help your relationship to work? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn 10 best relationship advice that will help you to build a healthy relationship with your partner.

Many women jump from one relationship to another without asking themselves this fundamental question: “why is this happening to me”? You can’t always be right. There’s no way you’ll break up your love relationships five times and you still believe you’re right. And then, the men are the ones who don’t get you.

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Best Relationship Advice for Women
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Take your seat and a glass of chilled water to learn 10 best relationship advice that will definitely help and make your relationship work.

 10 best relationship Advice for women

Choose Your Partner Wisely

No doubt, one of the best pieces of relationship advice any rational being can give to women is to choose her partner wisely. From the start; as a woman, your relationship’s goal should be to find someone who is already the type of person you want to be with.

So try as much as possible to choose a partner who understands and feel the same way you do. Even if the guy does not understand you on immediate, you’re sure he’ll at least try and work to understand you.

I, therefore, propose you abandon the cliché that states “teach others how to treat you” because I assure you if you have to teach someone to love you, to be friendly towards you, to be courteous, polite, and to love you, then no question, you’ve confined with a wrong person.

It is far preferable to find someone who shares your interests and passions for the relationship than always to try to change them.

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Give him Space If Need Arises

This sound crazy, right! Fortunately, this is a fact, because sometimes the best way to grow closer together is to spend some time apart. There is one relationship psychology term known as “over exposure syndrome”. This happens when you and your partner take each other for granted because you do see each other every day.

Perhaps you remember the word of wisdom that says, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” However, the big question is! When is the right time to give him space? Well! There is no perfect time for that.

But when, some of the following signs begin to show up:

  • Easily being upset with your partner
  • Time spent together has started to seem dull.
  • When you’re alone, and your lover isn’t around, it’s easy to feel worried.
  • Constant fighting between him and you. I suggest you give space for the relationship to be revived again.

Meanwhile, you have to be careful when giving him space. You need not make this as an official statement and do not let him read that in your attitude to him. It has to be psychologically and emotionally made. It may be as simple as traveling to another place, maybe within the same locality.

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Minimize Your Expectations

Another good piece of advice for women who are in relationship or going into relationship is to minimize their expectation. Today, millions of thousands of fictional love stories exist only on the internet, in films, and in books; this kind of love never exist in a reality.

I have a female friend who told me that her boyfriend is giving her tough time in their relationship. Although I overheard her, I’m confident that she will have problems with any love relationship she gets into. Because, she almost watches all the Korean, Japanese, and Indian love movies, memorizes every love scene she has ever watched, and expects all this fiction in her real-life love relationship.

There is no way you will be raising your hopes towards unrealistic expectations; you will definitely be disappointed, no doubt about that. As such, you must lower your expectations. The truth is that you can’t make all of your imaginative fantasies come true in real-life love. So, you must be realistic your love and relationship with your partner.

This is something you should know very well. Watch all the dramas, read all the books, and listen to every song, but don’t memorize all the scenes and expect them in your real-life relationship. I think this is okay when it comes to enjoying fantasies and pretending things will happen in reality. But, when it comes to real life; don’t anticipate much.

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Never Compare your Relationship to Someone Else’s

Unfortunately, we live in a competitive generation where everyone wants to have the best relationship in the world. But, let’s be fair to ourselves. Nobody is hundred per cent happy with their relationship.

So many women make this mistake while in a relationship. But, in the end, these women’s relationships slowly break up in most cases.

It is natural to want to know what other people’s relationships are like to learn life lessons, but not for comparison. When you compare your relationship with other much, this will definitely do more harm than good to your relationship.

Keep in mind that not all hands are made equal. Therefore, be thankful and appreciative of nature. These bring us to the next piece of advice on this list.

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Be Thankful and Appreciative to your Partner

Being thankful and appreciative to your partner is very essential to maintaining a good relationshipGift your partner maybe his birthday or on special occasion as a way of showing appreciation. Your inability to thank your partner for what he’s doing for you can make him feel unappreciated and undeserving of your love.

So, below are some reasons behind being thankful and appreciative of your partner:

  • It will show him that you appreciate and respect him for who he is.
  • This will increase his trust in you,
  • It also promotes a better bond between your two personalities because you both express how much you care for one other.

Here are also some ways you can express your gratitude and appreciation:

  • Praise him both privately and publicly
  • Encourage and support your partner’s goals and passions.
  • Be clever with your expressions of thanks.
  • Always make your partner feel important.

Understand What you Want from a Relationship 

Of the hundreds of thousands of relationship problems women face today, most have resulted from not knowing what they want from the relationship right from the onset.

But, if you want a healthy relationship that will last until marriage, take a step back and think about what you actually want. Do you want a relationship full of drama? Or one that’s peaceful and loving? I’m not recommending that you enter a relationship with a checklist, but knowing what you want and don’t want from a relationship is necessary.

Take Proper Care of yourself

One thing is sure: your ability to care for yourself is what truly attracts him to love you; no man will want to engage in any type of love relationship with a young lady or woman who appears unkempt.

When you begin a relationship, you should be able to keep up with your partner.  It is a must when you are in love as a lady; it’s your responsibility to keep yourself attractive to your partner.

One day, I came across a Hausa-language WhatsApp status that said, “You will never realize how important it is to buy new clothes until you are dating someone in your street.” Therefore, to maintain a healthy relationship, you must take care of yourself.

Be yourself; don’t fake anything

One bad thing about faking things is that it’s never sustainable. Trying to be someone you’re not is a recipe for disaster because if he figures out you’re not being honest, it may cause the relationship to collapse.

Faking and pretending will affect not only your partner but even you, faking it.  He might be doing things that are hurting you, but you’re pretended as if everything is okay.  You can only expect him to continue do the same thing.

Speak your Opinion, But Do so in a kind Manner

The majority of women say things they don’t mean. Even if the statements are half-hearten. As a woman, you should learn to voice your opinion and mean what you say. But this has to be done in nice tone, especially when your message does not require a lot of emotional drama. Men admire Honest and sincere ladies. So, keeping this in mind might be beneficial.

Control your Feelings

Naturally, women are more emotional than males. So you need to learn to control your emotions as a woman in relationship. This is because; you may not be able to handle the troubles and difficulties that your relationship may confront you with, if you’re too emotional. You may not be able to articulate yourself properly because you will be overwhelmed with complicated emotions, and you can make mistakes that you will later regret.

So, you have to learn to control your feelings in any relationship as woman. Don’t lose your guide. When you don’t control your feelings, they can ruin your life.

Here are some great ways to control your feelings in a relationship

  • Control what you say; make commitments carefully, and keep them.
  • Control how you react; be mindful of your body language.
  • Don’t get mad at someone who just made a criticism or told you what you have to change.

On finally note, aside the 10 best relationship advice for women mentioned above, women seeking more relationship advice can turn to many places, including mothers, girlfriends, sisters, and aunts depending on your preferences

As you journey through your relationship life, I wish you a perfect and loving relationship.


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