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10+ Best Birthday Gift for Wife in Nigeria

Birthday Gift is something every wife or mum will look forward in getting from her husband on her birthday. No Nigerian woman would want to celebrate her birthday without getting a gift from her Spouse.

Valentine and Birthday Gifts for Wife in Nigeria

There are days that matters so much in one’s life. One of those days is the birthday. Birthday is a special and memorable day in someone’s life and must be celebrated.

What gift can a husband give her wife to make her birthday a memorable one? Such a birthday gift has to come by surprise and must be tangible or concrete.

For instance, if you’re strolling on the street with your wife on the day of her birthday and you decide to walk into a restaurant and order a plate of chicken pepper soup for her as a birthday gift. That’s not a bad birthday gift idea but that wouldn’t surprise her.

But if you’re coming back home,  you stop by at a restaurant and buy a plate of a well-prepared chicken pepper soup for your wife and then serve her the delicious chicken pepper soup on getting home. You’ll be amazed with her reactions…..“Wow! Honey, you’re the best husband in the world. I love this. I need more of this often. How I wish every day is my birthday”.

There are a lot of birthday gift ideas for wife. But, it is what your wife enjoys most that will determine what birthday gift idea to offer her. You know your woman well better than anyone else, but we all struggle with what gift to offer them on occasions like this. That’s where these great gift ideas come in to your rescue.

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In buying a birthday gift for your wife, you don’t have to spend so much money to come up with creative gift idea she’ll love. Our guide to the unique and super cool valentine and birthday gifts for wife, mum or lady is here to help.

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Best Birthday Gift for wife & Mum in Nigeria

If you’re in search for a gift for your wife’s birthday, valentine or marriage anniversary, check out our list of birthday gifts for wife in Nigeria:

Outing as birthday and Valentine Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

One of the best gift ideas you can offer your wife on her birthday is to take her out. Most women enjoy outing, not necessary shopping but spending quality time outside the home with their hubby. Work and busy activities in the family erodes men’s leisure time. Making out time to take your wife out on her birthday can help to revitalize the love your wife have for you and leave a lasting memory. To make the day fun and interesting, visit some attractive places and do some shopping. You’ll be amaze with end result of this.

Fancy Cell Phones for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Another birthday gift that most women like is fancy phone. If your lady is the type that likes taking photograph and chatting on facebook, whatsapp and social media, buying her one of the fancy phones will definitely make happy on her birthday. If your wife’s cell phone is old for a long time, it is your chance and a perfect time to gift your woman with a fancy cell phone as a birthday gift. There are a lot of new brands of cell phone available in the market, if your browse the internet you’ll find a lot of them. Latest phones such as Samsung galaxy, Tecno Camon CM, Infinix ZERO 5, Leagoo KIICAA Power, Infinix Note 4 Pro, Nokia 8, ‎Tecno WX3 LTE, ‎Infinix and Smart X5010 are good options to select from.


Laptop for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Buying your wife a laptop on her birthday is a good present every woman will love especially those who are tech-savvy and like surfing the internet. You can buy laptop for your wife and then teach her how to use it even if she not tech-savvy. If you don’t have money for a brand new laptop, you can go for a fairly used laptop. A good Laptop is a durable gift. She’ll be happy and her love for you will always grow higher as she uses the laptop you bought for her on her birthday. You can browser for a laptop to buy online and even order one there if you like.


Gown for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Getting your wife the latest quality gown in town from a boutique  or online on her birthday can make her go crazy in love for you. For most women who are fashion enthusiast and often want to be the first among their friends to try a new style, this will the best birthday gift option for them. If your wife is that kind of woman, opting in for quality gown as her birthday gift will definitely meet her satisfaction and happiness.


Skirt and Blouse for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Apart from Gown, another birthday gift idea for fashion enthusiast wife and world class ladies is Skirt and blouse. Skirt and blouse are more seen as corporate wear for women too. So, women who like corporate wears put on Skirt and blouse all the time. If your wife is someone like that, buying her a pair of quality skirt and blouse as a birthday gift will impact on her emotion and make her generate a new sense of love for you.

Traditional Cloth for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

While some Nigerian women may like foreign cloths others value traditional attire more than foreign cloths. Traditional wear is a perfect gift you can give to your wife once you’re sure of her size. Nigeria as a country is made up of different ethnic and cultural group and the different traditional attire reflect the diverse cultures. In pre-colonial era, Nigerians wore their traditional attire all of the time. But In modern times, many Nigerians only put on their traditional clothing for special occasions like festive cerebration, or to work, and also for attending religious gatherings.

Women Shoes for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Another perfect gift for your wife on her birthday is a smart, beautiful pair of shoes. So, buy a smart, beautiful pair of shoes for your wife on such occasions. If your wife is the type of person that likes to experiment with her looks, you can opt for some bold colors like red or Olive green shoes. Most women love good shoes, so go to the market and buy some good shoes for your wife. You shall have plenty of options to choose from. There are many brands that produce shoes of various qualities. You should buy something within your budget and she will value it all the time.



Women Perfume for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

A Special Perfume is another gift that makes it in our list of birthday gift for wife.  Some women like smelling nice and attractive all the time. The smell of some perfume has the capacity to attract men to their women. Buying such perfume for your wife will help increasing the bond between you and your wife. That will create more happiness for your wife.


Bouquet of Flower for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Flower as a present signifies love.  In developed country, a bouquet of flower is a perfect birthday gift for wife because they understand the significance of flower a present. Nevertheless, most Nigeria women who understand its significance also value flower as a birthday gift. So, you have to be sure your wife understands the significance of flower before giving a bouquet of flower as a birthday gift



New Car for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

All the fingers are not equal.  If you’re buoyant enough, buying a new car for your wife as a birthday gift is something she will never forget. Every woman would love to drive a car of her own. Rugged car with efficient fuel economy will be the best car option for her. A new car of the best gifts you give your wife as it will definitely save your wife a lot of family stress.

Other Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife



Set of Bra for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

If you discover that your wife bra are getting worn-out, it is chance to show her that you care about well-being by buying a sets of Bra for her . This type of birthday gift can grow her intimacy for you. You can get quality bra in many boutiques locally or online.

Dozen of pants for birthday gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Apart from sets of bra, you can also buy dozens of pant for your wife as a birthday gift. This will make more sense if you find out that your wife’s panties are old. So before you buy dozens of pant for your wife as a birthday gift, you investigate the current status of wife’s pants.


Special food for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

Preparing a special delicious food which your wife is fond of can serve as a birthday gift. It all depends on your wife and what she like eating or best food.

Learn How to prepare African Salad(Abacha) without potash for your wife as a birthday gift. African Salad is a special delicacy for women in Nigeria.


Human Hair for Birthday Gift
Wife’s and Mum’s Birthday Gift

The last but not the least of gift items you can buy for your wife on her birthday is new human hair popularly known as Weavon. Every woman will cherish new human hair as gift. If you’re having a tight budget, you can go for this kind of gift item for your wife. As there are a lot of brands of weavons, it is important sought from your wife the type of weavon she uses before buying.

Benefits of Giving your Wife Birthday Gifts

Your wife is a very important person in your life.

The giving her the right gift will go a long way to show her you really care about her. This will spur her to care more about you as her husband.

It’s better to give your wife a surprise gift package especially when you’re expecting something from her.

A gift will make her to respect you, love you more and care without abound.

She will also develop the mindset of giving you a bigger gift on your birthday

There are so many gifts you can give your wife on her birthday but it’s highly advised to give her tangible gifts which you will also see her use. I believe these gift ideas will help you to get your woman so close to you the more.

If these birthday gift ideas help you, don’t forget share it with your friends and love ones on social media.

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