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10+ Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend or Male friend in Nigeria

Birthday is a special day in one’s life. It is a day worth celebrating. And as a young girl, you can present a special gift to your boyfriend on this day. Giving your boyfriend or guy the best gift on his birthday is a way of expressing love towards him in a form that says ‘I am happy that you were born on this day.’ It goes a long way to show him how much you value and care about your relationship with him.

The kind of gift you’ll present to your boyfriend on his birthday should be something he would love to have and make use of. Not something he would easily dash out. Something that would spices up your relationship with him the more. It has to be a surprise gift package that will put him on in the mood of the celebration. But, it all depends on the kind of person your boyfriend is. You know him better than anyone else.

On occasion like birthday, we all run out of best birthday gift idea to offer our boyfriends. If you find yourself in a situation like this, our list of Best Birthday Gift ideas for Boyfriend is here to help. Our list will show you some special gifts that you probably have not taught of.

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Do not present a gift that is “common” to your boyfriend on his birthday especially if you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with him. For example; I did not include the traditional birthday gift which is the birthday cake in our list. This is because birthday cake is a common birthday gift and would not put a surprise on the face of your celebrant. 

What kind of gift will you give your boyfriend on his birthday? Here is our list of 10 best birthday gift for boyfriend or your guy.

10+ Best Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

Artistic Portrait  

Artistic Portrait  as a Birthday Gift for Boyfriend
Artistic Portrait  as a Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

An artistic portrait of your boyfriend is one the best birthday gift to offer your boyfriend. If your boyfriend is the type that loves artistic work, a well-made artistic portrait of him will be the best birthday gift option to present to him. He would definitely get amazed seeing his own portrait.

There are so many artists out there that can make a good portrait from any picture of your boyfriend. Why not give it a try. He will always remember that beautiful memory when he sees the piece of portrait you have made for him.

Italian Shoes

Italian shoes as a birthday Gift
Italian shoes as a birthday Gift

There are some guys that brag and pride with Italian wears like Italian Shoes. If your boyfriend is that kind of person, buying Italian Shoes will be the best birthday gift for him.  If you’re looking for where to buy Italian shoes, you get that in some online fashion shop or local boutique. When buying shoes or any other item online, always buy from an online store that accept payment at delivery to be sure of the quality of  product you’re buying. Try to get him a quality Italian shoe that will match his appearance when he dresses to work.  Black or brown Italian shoe are favourite colour of most young guy. Although it might cost you some money, go and get it for him. He deserves the surprise gift.

London Suit

London Suit as birthday gift
London Suit as birthday gift

Another good birthday gift for your boyfriend is London Suit. If your guy likes dressing cute, buying a London Suit for him as birthday gift will be the best option. You can get a good London Suit in an online fashion and clothe store or even on a local suit store. But, that’s if you have the money. If you don’t have the money, you can select from below other cheaper birthday gift.

Hobby Related Wears

Hobby related wear as birthday gift
Hobby related wear as birthday gift

Young guys of these days have a hobby they enjoy most when they are off from work. Getting wear that is related to his hobby with his name inscribe on it will be a surprise birthday gift for him. If you have been with your boyfriend long enough, you should know his hobbies. For example, if he’s a football lover, you can find jersey of his favorite club and customize it with a special message.  When buying such cloth, don’t buy the cheap quality version of this wear, try and get the best.

A Sculpture

Birthday Gift for Guys
Birthday Gift for Guys

There is something you may need to know about guys, they are sometimes ego-driven to achieve something in life. You can get a sculpture of him in action doing that work he loves doing. This may shock you. He’ll keep this on his desk where he will be seeing it for as long as he wants to. Men are work-driven, let the artist do a good piece of sculpture that illustrates his work. Though, this could cost you a huge sum.

Nice Perfume

Nice Perfume as a birthday gift for boyfriend
Nice Perfume as a birthday gift for boyfriend

A nice perfume with a strong male fragrance will make your boyfriend feel great when he dresses to go out. In the case of buying a perfume for your boyfriend, you need to take note of his favorite fragrance. If you have been with him for a while, you should be able to know his best brand.

You can add a plus to it by customizing the label on the perfume. This will take him by surprise.

Surprised Party

Surprise party as birthday gift
Surprise party as birthday gift

Is your boyfriend an extrovert? If yes, then organized a party without giving him an idea that there is going to be a party on his birthday. Guess what! Guys throw much into having birthday parties. This is one birthday gift that will wow him and get him to appreciate you for your care and love.

You know you can’t organize a birthday party alone.  Therefore, you have get those who will not leak out the plan of organizing that surprise birthday for your boyfriend.

Special Dinner Night

Special Night Dinner birthday celebration
Special Night Dinner birthday celebration

A special dinner night with your boyfriend will serve as the ice of that special day. What would make this dinner different from other dinner nights will be the kind of touch you give to it.

For the list of what you can make for dinner night: you should get yourself a nice dress, prepare your best food and buy one of the best drinks that he prefers. The venue of the dinner will depend on your preference. And you can light a candle stick to add romance to it. One thing I am sure you will get is a great appreciation because he is not used to that type of environment.

Wallet and Key Holder

Wallet and Key Holder as birthday gift
Wallet and Key Holder

Most guys always use the wallet to keep their valuables when they are out there; I believe your boyfriend is not an exception. You can get a high quality branded wallet for him. At least, he will always use it when he is going out. And when both of you go out shopping, he brings out money from that same wallet or bring out his ATM card from the wallet in case of POS usage.

In addition to the wallet, you can add a key holder for his car and house keys. If it is possible, customize the Key holder with a message.

One good thing about this specific birthday gift is that he may see the gift daily.

His Favorite Drinks

Birthday gift for Boyfriend
Birthday gift for Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend go out and drink with his friends? Then you can make the provision of those brands of drink for him and his friend to have a nice time out. If possible it should be at his house. This will appreciate.

But you need to find a way to tell him to bring his friends over to the house (those that you know) without letting him know what you have packaged for them. This will shock him and make him feel like a king.

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Other Great Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

Under Wears

Chances are, your boyfriend maybe needs to upgrade his undergarment. Since, he rarely goes shopping in the market. You can get him a complete set of undergarments. If you have enough to spend, go ahead and customize it, you will be shocked at how much he will appreciate you for it.


If your boyfriend is the type that enjoys sound music, getting him an electronic sound music player on his birthday will do wonders. There are many so places where you can buy an electronic sound music player. You can order from computer village, Lagos or from roadside electronic store.

When buying the music player, try to buy from a well-known electronic dealer in case the electronic develop fault.

Join Him in His Favorite Hobby

Sometimes, your boyfriend may wish that you just join him in his favorite hobby. If he likes playing football, then go and watch him play. If he plays video games, you can spend time together playing that video game of his.

On the other side, you can organize a small game between him and those he loves playing with. Provide a gift prize for the winner. It will surprise you how competitive that event is going to be because guys love to compete. It is in their very nature.

Get him A Set of Shaving Tools

Most men have a time that they have to shave their beard, this call for the use of shaving tools like shaving stick, shaving cream, and other tools meant for beard grooming. You can get him a set of these tools. He will appreciate you a lot.

Send him a Poem

You can creatively write a poem about him. Help him to understand much you respect and love him. Make sure you don’t forget to add the kind of work that he does because guys are interested in achieving success in whatever they do. They find pride in their work.

By sending this kind of poem, your text will be different from other texts that he may receive from other well-wishers. Many ladies miss out on this point and end up not getting the attention of their boyfriends.

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Final thought

We hope you’ve shown you an exclusive birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Sharing the joy of each other birthdays is something remarkable which deepens your relationship. In case you do have a question or gifts that you think we have missed out on, kindly add it to the comment box below. This is to help other readers to gain more insight into finding suitable gifts to give their boyfriends.

Make sure you don’t go beyond your means because it will be inappropriate to go into debt. If you want to buy the best gift for your boyfriend, choose from the listed gifts above that are within your financial means.


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