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10+ Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend or Female friend in Nigeria

Birthday is part of the beauties of life and it reminds us of the fact that we are privileged to be born into this world and also to have grown to the present stage. No one understands this more than the female folks.

Best Birthday Gift for Girlfriend
Best Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend would always want you to celebrate her birthday because it deeply shows her how much you care about her and how well you have come to understand and appreciate her.

Without a doubt, your girlfriend would always expect the best gift from you on her birthday. Gone are those days when all you need to do is to write out letters of poems and send to your girlfriend on her birthday. Girls and ladies of these day are wise! They receive thousands of messages every day on social media which means, the same text you are sending to her could be with many of her friends on Facebook. So, what presents do you need to give her ? Go beyond text messages and make her day a memorable one.

When it comes to finding a unique and suitable gift to give to a girlfriend on her birthday, some guys easily get confuse because they don’t know what she may be expecting from them. If you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t worry. You’re not alone. We are going to show you the best gifts that you can give to her.

Giving gifts spices up a relationship of any kind. Besides, you will always get a positive response from her when you spent time and resources to make her day great. This is why we want you to find out some of our special and wonderful gifts that you can present to your girlfriend or woman on her birthday.

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Take a ride with me now and find out below our list of the 10+ best birthday gifts for your girlfriend. They are all best birthday gift ideas for a girlfriend, ladies and woman.

10+ Best Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Here are our list of 10+ best birthday gifts for your girlfriend:

Customized Wears (T-Shirt)

Best Birthday Gift for Girlfriend
Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

Customize wears is one of the best birthday for your girlfriend. Instead of writing poems via phone, social media like here other friends. You can surprise her by buying a nice T-shirt and customize the write-ups and artistic design to something she cares about. You are expected to understand her best color if you want her to sincerely appreciate this gift. You know your girlfriend better than I do, if she is the type that is fond of customized wears then buy one and customize for her.  This is the best birthday gift.

Surprised Party

Surprise Birthday Gift Idea for girlfriend
Surprise Birthday Gift Idea for girlfriend

Organizing a surprise birthday party is another great birthday gift idea for your girlfriend, especially if she is a party lover. Although, you may need assistance from others who may not end up letting the cat off the basket. This party could be at any location of your choice. Make it simple and you can also invite her friends to the party (how you are going to make them keep it secret is up to you). One secret you need to know is that anything that surprises us as human gets our attention a lot.

Short Vacation

Hot Birthday Gift for Girlfriend
Hot Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

A weekend vacation away from her normal routine is a nice way of celebrating your girlfriend birthday. There are so many places that don’t look like her home that she would love to visit. Take her to that place. Although, the extent you go on this short vacation depends on your pocket level. Just go to a suitable and affordable place. Examples of places you can go to include the various resorts in Nigeria, other African countries, or even Dubai (if you have the means).

Favorite Perfume

Wonderful Birthday gift idea
Wonderful Birthday gift idea for girlfriend

Getting her a nice perfume that matches are fragrance is not out of place especial girls who loves cosmetics or cherish her beauty. Customizing the label and blending it with her favorite color adds romance to the gift. You can get her perfume of different quality and prize in the market. Go for the one that you can afford, but don’t try to be too cheap. One thing I am sure ladies appreciate a lot is a nice smelling perfume. This will really wow her.

A Portrait of Her

Her Potrait as a Birthday gift
Her Portrait as a Birthday gift

Do you know what girls o a lot on social media? They post a lot of pictures. What this should tell you is that your girlfriend would always love to see a portrait of herself. You can go to an artist to make a unique portrait of your girlfriend. You can also add some romantic text to it. Again, this may cost you money, depending on the artist.

A Romantic Dinner Date

Girlfriend Birthday Gift Idea
Girlfriend Birthday Gift Idea

Getting her out of her normal routine on her birthday to a romantic dinner date is a lovely gift to give to your girlfriend. What makes it different from other dinner date is the fact that it is on her birthday and you have chosen a special place where you have not visited before.

Packaged Grooming Products

Lovely Birthday Gift for Girlfriend
Lovely Birthday Gift for Girlfriend

Every day, women use things like soap, make-up, sanitary pad (occasionally), and other things. You can get a collection of these items and package them as a birthday gift. She would love it because it shows how much care about those little things that she cares about.


A Hand Bag and Shoe

Birthday Present for Girlfriend
Birthday Present for Girlfriend

It is hard to see a woman going to the office, party, or any place that is special to her without her handbag. Getting her a special handbag with a customized write up would make the difference with her other bags. Make sure it has a unique color that she loves.

Customized Bed Spread/Blanket

Special Birthday Present for girlfriend
Special Birthday Present for girlfriend

Do you want her to always remember the upcoming birthday? Get are a bedspread or blanket with a message on it. Since she will always go to bed at the night, she would remember this gift when she sees your message on it. Trust me! she enjoy sleeping with the bed spread.

Special Pieces of jewelry

Birthday Present for female friend
Birthday Present for female friend

Pieces of jewelry are common items that women care so much about. You can get a more expensive one to surprise her. You can also inscribe a message on the jewelry that will remain with it for as long as she is going to use it. You can get her favorite necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. Make sure it is within your means.

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Other Great Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Prepare a Special Dinner Dish

We are accustomed to eating food cooked by girls. Have you ever taught of doing the reverse? Especially on her birthday. You can surprise her by preparing a homemade dinner. And you can also add flavor to it when you lit the dinner table with candlelight. If this isn’t special to you, then you should note that it is very special to her.

For those who don’t know how to cook, you can hire the services of a professional caterer. They can help you halfway by preparing the dish, but the presentation will be done by you.

Upgrade Her Phone

This is one area that many girls would not want to speak about but will wish you can easily sense it. They are always on the look for the phones with the best cameras that will give them very high-quality images. Along this line, iPhone seems to come to mind.

Upgrading her phone is a bonus point because she may have a good one working for her before her birthday. You can get a better one or change her current brand to a higher one.

On the other side, don’t go and buy a phone that is lower than the one she is currently using. I don’t need to tell you how she will feel about it.

Take Her to a Photo Shoot

Women love photos, taking her to a photo-shoot session with a professional photographer is another great gift that she would appreciate. The photos can be taken in the studios or outdoors. Memories of these photos could strengthen your friendships and relationship.

Send Her a Lovely Poem

This added point is one of the oldest gifts that has remained relevant to date. Although, social media platforms have made it less effective because it has become a general thing for friends and loved ones to easily send messages.

You can go a step further by sending her a poem that shows a lot about how much you care about her. Just add some creativity and she will get your message.

Besides, sending her a lovely poem is the cheapest because it doesn’t cost you anything. Do rush to take this option. It should be added to the other list mentioned above.

Benefits of Presenting your Girlfriend Birthday Gifts

Your girlfriend is someone you should be looking up to married in near time, and so, she is very important person in your life.

Giving your girlfriend the right gift can go a long way to show her how much you really care about him. She’ll care for you and dream to marry you.

It’s better to give her a surprise gift then expected present. When expecting things, it become your responsibility fulfilled.

A surprise gift will make her to respect you, and make her to always want to be with you.

She will also develop the mindset of getting a good bigger gift from when you got married  to her.


There are so many gifts to give your girlfriend. the above are our list of best birthday gifts ideas for your girlfriend. These gifts/presents are affordable and you can easily buy them in the market on a normal day. What makes the difference is not actually the gifts but message you’re passing across to her and how well you have packaged and presented the gifts.

We advocate that you try and customized some parts of the gifts and get her preferred colors because young girls are very sensitive to colors.

We hope you find our list of best birthday gifts for girlfriend helpful. If there is anyone we have not included that you feel is necessary, kindly add to the comment box below for others to learn from you.


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