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How to Provide Help & Get Help with Bitcoin in MMM Nigeria

Tutorial on how to Provide Help (PH) and Get Help with Bitcoin

In one of my earlier articles, I show you how to use Bitcoin in Nigeria including how to make money through Bitcoin. If you are an MMM Nigeria Participant; today, I will show how to “Provide Help” and “Get Help” in Bitcoin. There is no doubt that dollar keeps appreciating as far as naira is concerned and it has also been proven that bitcoin also appreciates in the same direction.
In last 3 weeks ago, I Bitcoin (1BTC) = $608. Imagine today, 1BTC is over $723


So, consider saving your money in bitcoin because, for sure it is safe and appreciates. One way of saving money in bitcoin is by building bitcoin base through PHing and GHing with Bitcoin in MMM. Of course, this is not meant for those that need money here and now rather it is meant for those who wish to invest. How then do one PH and GH with Bitcoin in MMM Nigeria. There are 2 major steps with use of Bitcoin in MMM Nigeria.

Step1. Create a Bitcoin wallet

Step2. Add your Bitcoin account to your MMM account

How to create Bitcoin Wallet

To create Bitcoin Wallet

  • Goto: info.
  • Then click *wallet*.
  • Then click *create a free Bitcoin wallet*.
  • Then fill out the form.
  • Then click *continue*.
  • Then login to your email account to verify your wallet!

Then you’re done creating your Bitcoin wallet
How do you know your wallet address?

✅Now, log in to your Bitcoin account which you already created on
✅On your page, click *receive*
✅A page will pop up with a string of characters
✅The string of characters is like this: *17B6eKCu7gwn2doCu2LN2f6HbTQUaDjB63*
✅That’s your wallet address which is your Bitcoin wallet identifier or your bitcoin account number. Save it!
✅ Also copy your wallet ID; that’s for your log in. (it’s found in log in verification by email)

Save the information where it will not be misplaced.
How do I receive Bitcoins in my wallet address?

✅You have to buy the Bitcoins
✅The purchase could be made on this legal platform:
✅You could also buy from someone who wants to sell his/her Bitcoins
How to add Bitcoin account to MMM account

To add your bitcoin account on MMM

  1. Log in to your PO
    2. Click account
    3. Add
    4. Enter details as displayed

PLEASE note: If you want add bitcoin account to your existing MMM account, please first write to support and wait for their approval.

MMM have kick off in GHANA, so you can register

35 thoughts on “How to Provide Help & Get Help with Bitcoin in MMM Nigeria”

  1. pls i nid ur hlp,i mistakenly converted my money in my mmm acct from naira to bitcoin without adding my bitcoin wallet to my existing acct,and hv been tryin to add my bitcoin wallet to my acct it has nt been goin tru,but hv written to support though i just want to knw if i will be allow to add my bitcoin wallet to my existing acct and also want to knw the implication of it if am nt able to add my bitcoin wallet bcos i want to convert it back to niara,tnks i nid ur hlp as soon as possible

    1. You can convert the bitcoin back to naira if you want. You can also add your bitcoin wallet to your existing MMM account but you have to wait for support to give you a go ahead order.

  2. Hello, Good day Mr Onwuka, I want to know how fast the GH meaning is it I want to GH in Bitcoin. Is it as fast as naira?

    1. Hello Desmond Onumba,
      30% bitcoin mavro – your mavro grows at the monthly rate of 30%.
      50% bitcoin mavro – Available only at your first PH if you PH in bitcoin.

  3. I come across the page thru Google search on MMM Btc GH.

    Pls can I use one btc address/acct for three or more diff MMM acct?


  4. Ogundiran olawale Peter

    Please I have provided help already with naira in mmm, I want to know if I can get help while using bitcoin and who am I going to match with.

    1. Yes, of course! You will be matched with someone who will pay you in bitcoin if you get help in bitcoin. On the other hand, if get help in naira, you will be matched with someone that will pay you in naira.

  5. Pls i dont understand dis mmm bitcoin, i tink 1 ought to PH in dollar, but we ve only BTC and naira. Pls i nid som1 to put me tru via my Watsap 07032827128. I will b greatfull

  6. Can i be participating in mmm Nigeria with bitcoin and yet get marched with another participant in another country where mmm operate.

    1. God bless you for that ending note “PLEASE note: If you want add bitcoin account to your existing MMM account, please first write to support and wait for their approval.” cos failure to do dat equals moratorium.
      I have been doing a research on this and your post confirmed what i have already done.TNX

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