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How to check if your National ID card is ready for collection

New National ID card
New National ID card by NIMC

It’s likely that your national Identity card is out, but you don’t know. Find out ⇒ how to check/know if your national ID card is out and ready for collection with this guide.

The National ID card is an identification card issued by National Identity Management commission (NIMC) of Nigeria. The card is usually issued to citizens of Nigeria above the age of 16. However, the National e-ID Card is issued to Nigerians registered into the national identity system and legal residents who have attained the age of 16 years and above.

After the enrolment for National ID card, several people experience serious delay before collection of their national ID card. You wait and wait but will not receive either text message or email notification indicating that your ID card is ready for collection.

Worst, if you lost the mobile phone number you’ve registered with National Identity Management Commission during the time of your application you won’t be able to receive any SMS notification at all.

In case, you’ve not received either SMS or email notification of the status of national ID card after you’ve successful enrolled; we’ll show you a way forward.

In no time, you’ll find out how to know if your Nigerian national ID card is ready for collection without the stress of visiting your collection point.

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In the past, you would have to visit your pick up point, which is usually your enrollment centre where you registered. However, internet has turn things around in recent years.

Online, on the official Website of NIMC, you can actually resolve a lot of national ID card related matters; one of which is to check if your national ID Card is out.

Without wasting much time, let’s find out how check if your National ID card is out and ready for collection.

Check if your National Identity card is ready

Checking if your National Identity card is ready for collection is easy;

Step 1. First, visit NIMC portal online for checking national ID card status:

Step 2. Click on “proceed” button when the site demands for a response

check National ID card online

Step 3. Enter your First name, Last name and your NIN as shown. You can easily locate your National Identification Number (NIN) on your temporary national ID  slip.

Enter your detail to check your National ID online on NIMC

Step 4. Finally, push the ‘check now‘ button and hold on for seconds while the site loads

Thereafter, you’ll get a message displayed on the website indicating if your national ID card is ready for collection or not.

 How long it take for National ID card to be ready?

Once, you enroll for the National ID Card in Nigeria; you’ll be given a NIN slip. To receive a permanent National ID card usually takes several months. Sometimes, years. The Temporary NIN slip contains your National Identification Number (NIN), no need to worry. Your NIN can used for all transactions in Nigeria requiring identity verification.

What to do if your national ID Card is ready?

Congratulations! If your ID card is ready

The next step you’ll take will be to visit your enrolment centre for collection.

If perhaps you no longer live close that enrolment centre, then visit any national ID card enrolment centre close to you and request for a transfer.

To request for a transfer, you need your National Identification Number. So, go with your temporary NIMC NIN slip. Again, you should be able to show the text message indicating that your card is ready for pick up.

There are no charges for transfer at present. All you need to do is to fill correctly the card transfer form given to you to fill by the NIMC staff on seat. When filling the form ask questions if you don’t understand anything on the form.

What to do if your Nigerian national ID card is not ready?

If, however you received a notification that you your card isn’t ready. First, cross-check again. Check your entry second time to be sure you made no mistake in any of your name(s) or National Identification Number.

If after that you still received a notification that you your national ID card isn’t ready, then it really isn’t available. Wait Patiently and try again some other time.

Warning: Do not try to enroll for a second time, as it may be considered a criminal offence by NIMC.

As a Nigerian living outside the country, you can check if your national Identity card is ready in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa or any country in the world following the above guide.

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