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7 Proven ways to Attract Visitors to new Blog without SEO 2019

When I began blogging in 2008, what I did was to examine how the big blogs on my blog niche grow their blog audience base. I did quite a lot of experiment on this and I didn’t take me longer time to discover how they do it.

I am going to share with you an aspect of this experiment here which I called it, proven ways to attract visitors to new blog without search engine optimization (SEO) software tool or technique.

ways to attract visitors to blog 2019 without seo

The major goal every blogger pursue is to increase the total number of visits per day to his blog . The total number of visitors to any blog is an indication of blog’s popularity and search engine ranking. Again, the total money you can make from your blog largely depends on your blog total average visitors per month. This is why for example estimates site worth by measuring the total visit to the site per day.

Many webmasters spent years and their last penny on search engine optimization (seo) software tools and techniques in other to drive traffics to their sites and yet many of them never succeed. Are they no way to get visitors to your blog without applying any manner of SEO?

Today, I’m going to share proven strategies I’ve regularly used to attract visitors to my blog without SEO and on regularly basis; I apply them to grow my client websites visitors’ base.

To attract new visitors and encourage revisits to your blog, here 7 powerful, proven ways to attract visitors to new blog without SEO.

Ways to Attract Visitors to new Blog without SEO


Posting content to your blog on a regular basis. Updating your blog regularly can be very difficult and tedious but publishing a regular blog post could be a simple solution to growing your blog audience. The importance of regularly blogging cannot be overestimate.

People go to where they can find new thing every day. How would you expect anyone to come back to your blog on regular basis when you don’t have anything new to offer? So, if you want to attract visitors to your blog, you must regularly post or update your blog.

There five major things you MUST know when updating or posting new content  to your blog that help attract visitors and encourage revisit.

1. The title of your blog post-It should be attractive to your blog visitors NOT to search engine and you shouldn’t border how search engine sees it. In addition, try to make it a six to nine words summary of blog post content.

2. Length of your blog post– understanding your blog readers will determine how lengthy your blog post will be. Though, it is always good to often post a combination both long and short article.

3. Make blog article paragraphs short-during the course of my experiment to attract visitors to my blog, I have discovered that visitors like short paragraph articles which are direct to the point rather than bogus paragraph without point.

4. Post latest news or trends-try to include a category or page like “latest News” to your blog. Update your blog regularly on the latest trends or news on your blog niche area is one major thing that could cause your blog visitors constant revisits. Apart that, this often help to boost your total blog daily visitors.

5. Write evergreen article-the idea here is show you that what you called latest news today can become outdated tomorrow and once it is outdated, nobody reads it again but evergreen articles are always fresh. Even if the article is going to become outdated it will take years. Evergreen article often goes viral and attracts a lot of backlinks. Your blog visitors will often bookmark it and revisit it often and often.


Contest and giveaway is a good strategy attract huge visitors blog thousands of visitors per day.

This strategy is not a popular one. I often applied it when I am noticing a decline on my blog daily visits. Some other time I do apply it is during seasonal cerebrations. Many other popular bloggers in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji, Oscar etc. do apply it.

The concept is born by the idea that everyone loves getting free something. In fact, one of the major reasons that people “Like” Facebook page brands is either to get discount or win something. Contest and giveaway strategy is a free marketing strategy and had often help blog to go viral.

There are seven major things you MUST know before embarking on content and giveaway strategy;

1. Determine your major aim of giveaway– here your main goal will be to increase your blog daily visitors.

2. What will you be giving away, and what will be the duration of the contest? – ipad, laptops, mobile phones and devices, self hosted blog and websites, new products etc are often the giveaway choices. However the giveaway prize will largely depend on your blog niche and nature of your blog visitors-sex and age. Your blog Alexa site statistics will help in this regard. The during of the contest will depend on when you think you’ve reach your benchmark.

3. Establish your contest benchmark– average daily visitors, number of inbound links, number of the post retweets.

4. Create an email announcing the giveaway to your email subscriber-get your old blog readers informed about your giveaway. They are the best people that will help spread this contest.
5. Send email the giveaway entrants to encourage them to come back-at half-time period to contest, send email to all your giveaway entrants to encourage revisiting.

6. Select your contest winner– select and inform all your winners immediately after the contest. Ask them for permission to use their picture in an email when announcing the winner of the contest.

7. Mail out the prize and post detail procedure on how the winner was selected on your blog-this will earn your blog good reputation and increase your blog post readers.


If you haven’t join any popular forum then you can quickly do that now; if you actually want to attract more visitors to your blog.

This is how it works; visit a popular forum you participate in regularly and simply start a new thread. This new thread should contain a link to your new evergreen blog article. Don’t just put the link there! If you do that you may be seen as a spammer and you link will be remove.

First, you give the introduction to the new article thread. Then, Insert your new blog article and finally summarize the post by asking questions that are related to the article. There are two major points this new forum thread will earn you. One is that your blog will receive massive traffics from this forum and secondly you blog will receive backlink from this forum.

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If you have not join any social media you can do that now if you actually want to increase your blog daily visitors.

Here is how it works—register and join as many social media as you can like facebook, Google plus, twitter, linkdin etc. search for friends and send request to friends on this social network. Accept and confirm all your friends’ request.

On facebook and Google plus, you can create a special facebook and Google plus page. Use your page to share a snippet of your new blog post, inserting one or two link to the article on the page and sending visitors to your blog indirectly through these links. You can also use hashtag and short url as your post link on those pages if you don’t want your visitors to see your long blog post URL.

Make sure you participate fully on the social network by commenting liking and sharing your friends status updates.
By sharing and retweeting your blog post on social media you can easily attract visitors to your blog.


reach out to other popular blogs on your niche and, contribute to the article on those blogs while you drop a reference link of your blog post on comment box. By this way, you will attract visitors to your blog, help other popular bloggers discover your blog and they can make reference to your blog and finally, you gain backlinks for your blog.

How does this work? Drop your relevant blog post link on a blog you comment on. Don’t just drop your blog post link on the comment box. You will be seen as spammer and your link would be remove, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

First, contribute to the article before leaving behind your relevant new blog post link. If the link is not relevant to the article or answers the question people are asking, please avoid leaving the link behind because definitely your comment will never be publish.


How does it work? Provide email sign up box at an eye catching point on your blog so as let anyone who visits your blog sign up for your new blog updates and newsletter. You use feedburner email widget, aweber, or any email collector for this purpose.

During the time of your contest and giveaway strategy, you can gather huge email list. You can also get a huge email list by exchanging an email list for ad banner placement with other bloggers. Once, you gather a large email list begin an email marketing campaign.

You can constantly send your latest post update to your email subscribers and those on your email list through Gmail, aweber or email messaging platform. This will make them visit your blog.
Include your email signature to any email you send to subscribers. Some people are good at sharing and forwarding emails to their friends. Your blog site can go viral via this process. They can always visit if what your published is worth reading.


Write for other website and it won’t take time for people to know you; build relationship with you and discover your blog.

Few month ago Mark Cutts, Google Engineer criticize the way webmaster apply Guest posting in getting backlink. So, what I talk about here is not getting backlink or high pagerank but getting visitors to your blog.

When people get know you as professional through your article writing, they will begin to look for or follow you and the best place to lead them to will be your blog.
Finally, I may not have written all the NON SEO strategies that one might think will be helpful in attracting visitors to blog but what you have above are my seven proven method of attracting visitors to Blogs.

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This is my seven point non SEO model  for attracting visitors to blog. Use them, apply them and see the magic they perform.