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  1. pls since 24th February 2018 I have been trying to withdraw with my ecobank ATM..but its saying transaction declined ..what can I do

    A PENDING DEBIT of NGN 5,000.00 on YOUR ACCOUNT from QuickTeller. Use as your One Time Password. Expires 26-Jan-18 08:13 this is the last transaction I did

  3. I am not in Nigeria, but I insert my
    mtn on my phone, now I am trying to use it to check my balance with the digit provided I couldn’t and I am seeing something like IMM not correct something like that, so what do I do?

  4. I run a zenith bank account, which I opened 2009…meanwhile, I had an account running before I opened the zenith account. Which was oceanic bank and later now ekobank
    Now, I tried linking my bvn which I did at zenith bank to my ekobank account. On getting there, I was told my surname carries a compound name Stephen-popoola and that the bvn it did on the account in zenith bank is simply Popoola. All they told me is that I can’t link both cos it’s a different identity or else I provide a newspaper publications. Must I go to that length? Am still alive.

  5. I’m getting annoyed real mad at eco bank service someone credit me and yet it’s not reflecting inside my account since yesterday what’s can I do

  6. Pls i left my eco-bank mastercard with someone before i left nigeria base on a business purpose since 2015. Now, i want block the mastercard and start recieving alert on my e-mail. Is there a way to do it here ? am in western europe.

  7. It worked perfectly thanks and God bless …buht can i recharge on my glo line which is not the registered line..?

  8. Pls I need more information on how to check my Alc balance, the code*326*0# is not working out.pls I need urgent reply…..

  9. Pls I will be glad if u can cumulative the deposit amount to any amount cos I received msg last July 21st 2016,while u told me I cannot longer deposit more than 300,000k….pls and pls I need it to be fast…thanks

  10. I used *326*0# to check my account balance on Eco bank,the digits given via SMS isn’t correct and,the bank is far.I friend said she transfer some Cash to me. I didn’t get alert and now,I can’t check the balance. What do I do?

  11. Why is it that ecobank will not send me alart whenever money is been sent to me? ,unless I visit the nearest ATM and ecobank is far from here. Please do something about that.

  12. Good day Emma,
    Plz my money was debited without paying me (10,000) I tried to withdraw from UBA bank

  13. i am not in nigeria i transfer money to my account, i can see the alert of the money, but i can not see the money in available balance. i can only see the amount of the old amount in my new message alert , what should i do?

    1. Pls hv been try my possible best to get ECO bank customers care but wasn’t true I want to know how much that can be in my acct,more over and I need to be receiving alert am out of the country,how will I do…ogunleye atinuke….thanks

  14. Pls how can I register my account number on the ecobank mobile money. I’ve been trying to but can’t find the option to register my account.

  15. hello sir, ma, I need ur help am in south Africa and I want to send money into my account in Nigeria Eco bank but I have done my bvn before I travel. The problem am suggesting is that how can I check if the money sent will be check from South Africa here. pls I need ur advise. I don’t want to come home and find nothing in my account that is why I needed your advise. cheers .

    1. Hello Hassan M. Owolabi,
      If the money is correctly sent to your account in Nigeria, you don’t have to border; the money will be there on your account. If you operate online banking, you check your account while you are in south Africa.

  16. am tired untill when that you will take action to some minor issues.i open my accnt then money was sent to my account i have been complaining since April now its May what should i do???

  17. eco bank is the most useless and annoying bank I’ve come across. i don’t know why their so insensitive. one will wanna use money, try to withdraw, they won’t pay but debit one, and they will never reverse until one fill some silly forms and asked to wait for 7 or 5 days.

  18. Please i have been trying to check my balance with the code *326*0# but is not working is their any other code i can use?

  19. Hello, haven’t used my GTB for over 4 years now and the number I used in opening the account has been giving to a strange person due to the fact that I ve not been in the country. What do I do to get my account working and I have got some money there before I traveled. What do you think I should do? Please ya advice is needed urgently. Thanks

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      All you need to do is to visit GTBank, tell them you want to activate and update your account. If you have not done your BVN registration, you can as well tell them that you want to do that also.

  20. hello Emma, a friend of mine in USA wants to send money to me through CBN for them to send it to my personal account but I’m not okay with that. so is there no way he can send it through my personal account in Nigeria. I bank with access bank. pls reply cos it urgent!!

      1. Please i don’t use to receive alert for my Ecobank and i have visited my bank twice now they keep telling me dat i will see it but yet i won’t see it please wat will i do now?

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