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Convert 9mobile Airtime to Data Plan or Cash

9mobile is the old Etisalat telecommunication network in Nigeria. Since, the inception of 9mobile company in Nigeria nothing pretty has change. However, 9mobile has roll out some new cheap data plans. We’ll look at those new cheap data plan but let first consider how to convert 9mobile airtime to data and how to convert 9mobile airtime to cash.

As a 9mobile customers who is in dare need of data bundle, you can convert your 9mobile airtime to data to surf the internet to avoid high rate of charge on browsing as you go. If you know how much data bundle you need and the amount of airtime you want to convert to data plan then you’re good to go.

How to convert 9mobile Airtime to data plan

To convert your 9mobile airtime to data, navigate to your phone’s dial button;

  1.  Dial *200# and follow the prompts.
  2. Select “Data” (option 3) and press SEND– this is the airtime to data plan conversion option.
  3. Select “Buy Data” (option 1) and press SEND
  4. Select daily & wkend, weekly, monthly or FB flex plan (options 1, 2, 3 or 4) and Press SEND – depending on data amount you wish to purchase.
  5. Select Auto-renewal or One-off (option1 or 2) and Press SEND for subsequent data plan subscription.

This confirms your data purchase.

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How to convert 9mobile Airtime to Cash

Do you mistakenly over-recharge airtime or purchased excess airtime from your bank using USSD code or banks app? Did someone send you recharge card pin but you needed cash? Do you have or know anybody with airtime and wishes to convert it to cash? This article is a guide to how convert 9mobile Airtime to Cash.

Convert 9mobile Airtime to Cash Using Aimtoget

You can convert your 9mobile airtime to Cash on Aimtoget website. To convert your excess 9mobile airtime to cash on Aimtoget;

  1.     Visit aimtoget  website
  2. Register using aimtoget app on mobile phone or web
  3.  Go to “Fund wallet” select airtime option.
  4.  Select 9mobile Network, input Amount and Phone number you are transferring from.
  5. Transfer the airtime to the displayed number.
  6.   Confirm transfer. Your wallet will be credited in less than 5 minutes.
  7.     Go to Withdraw on the mobile app or the website.
  8.     Input Amount to withdraw.
  9.     Select the bank you want to withdraw to or input bank details if you haven’t added any bank before
  10.     Finally, Complete withdrawal

Convert 9mobile Airtime to Cash Using Cheetahpay

  1. Visit Cheetahpay website & Create an account
  2.     Click on the deposit button on your dashboard
  3.     Select a deposit mode (Either “Airtime Pin” or “Airtime Transfer”)
  4.     Fill the form accordingly
  5.     Manually transfer the airtime (For Airtime Transfer Mode)
  6.     Recheck Cheetahpay balance after a few mins (2-5mins)
  7.     Finally, Request for withdrawal

Convert airtime to cash on Zoranga

On Zoranga website, you can convert your 9mobile airtime to cash for a little charge. Transferring money from your Zoranga account to any bank account takes just less than 3 mins and its free.

  1. Visit Zoranga and signup for personal account
  2. Select 9mobile network
  3. Enter recharge card pin and select the amount
  4. Submit
  5. Click on the transfer money link and enter the amount and select the bank account you want to transfer to.

Transfer airtime to 9mobile customer & get paid in Cash

You can transfer your excess 9mobile airtime to other 9mobile customer and get paid in Cash.  To do this, dial *223*PIN*Amount*Phone Number#. And this must be dialed on the phone number from which you’re transferring the airtime.

The default PIN is 0000 you don’t need to change it before the transfer and there is no transfer limit on this network or any of it tariff.

Look for someone willing to buy the airtime and transfer the airtime to get paid. This is good way to convert 9mobile airtime to cash.

9mobile customer care service number

The 9mobile customer care service line or number is 200. So, you can dial 200 (i.e. 9mobile customer pre-paid services line on your phone) to connect with 9mobile customer care representative to help you convert your airtime to data plan.

9mobile Data plans, Prices and Subscription code

9mobile Data plans

9mobile has rolled out some new data plans. I have included these data plans/bundles in the table below. So, the table below shows the new 9mobile Data plans 2020, prices and Subscription codes


1.5GB = 1000                   ————-              30 days

2GB = 1200                         ———                  30 days

3GB = 1500                        ———-               30 days

4.5GB = 2000          —*229*2*8# —–        30 days

75GB = 15000 —— *229*2*4#   —–          30 days

40GB = 10,000 — *229*4*1#   —         30 days

15GB = 5,000 — *229*2*37#   —        30 days

11GB = 4,000 — *229*2*36#   —       30 days

1GB = 500         ————-                  Weekly

1GB = 300 —- *229*3*3# —          24hrs

2GB (evning & wkend, 7pm – 7am)

Price = 1000

Subscription code = *229*3*12#

Validity = 30 days

5GB (evening & weekend, 7pm – 7am)

Price = 2000

Subscription = *229*3*13#

Validity = 30 days

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How to check your 9mobile data balance

To check your 9mobile data Balance; dial *228

For more information, visit 9mobile data plan web page

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