104 thoughts on “Diamond yello Account: opening, agents & Benefits”

  1. Please how do I become an agent of DYA, because there is nothing of such in my school environment, Federal college of education Pankshin local government area of plateau state.

  2. I have been a dya agent since 2016 but when the services became bad coupled with pressure from customers, I bagged out, now I can’t access my own account, what could be the issue?

  3. hello
    Pls how can i trace the out going transfer of Diamond yellow account since it is only registered from home, i think someone used it to defraud me sometimes ago, i went to the bank but they bank said there is no netwrk for DYA, Does it mean DYA Transactions are not traceable? because it has no BVN.

      1. Thank you emma.

        i have gone to the bank severally, but they always say there is no network for the account sometimes they will say it is not going. pls you cannot help me out ?

  4. Pls why is the diamond yellow account difficult to register this days and it will ask you to visit mtn walk agent for fee period and when you get there, they will twll you all sorts of story , about cbn or system upgrade , please clarify me the reasons for that? Because i need to have the dya

  5. kindly visit any mtn walk in center/agent location to extend your service fee period

    please i have been getting this message when i dial *710#
    please what should i do

  6. Please sir, i forgot my DYA pin number to open my account, my account number is Akindele Issa Olakunle 9986381683.
    Please help me sir as i want to make a deposit.

  7. I want to open super agent of dya in yobe state. I have all the credentials required. what steps can I follow?

  8. Hello my DYA is blocked i can only pay in but cannot withdraw please whot do I do am in porthacourt have tried 118 no response

  9. How is the interest rate on DYA?
    How possible is it that someone who deposited 50, 000 makes interest of 4k per month as I read above? Quoting Abdul Joy above.

  10. I open an account but my PIN has been blocked please i need help I have a lot of money in my account please help me I want to redraw but they said my PIN has been blocked
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1111041613

  11. Please how can I change my account name to words? I registered with a small Nokia phone so I wasn’t able to type my name in words so I used codes to write it.

  12. Pls sir, what can i do my acct pin has been blocked pls i need an urgent reply i have dialled 118 but isnt going

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