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Dollar crashes against naira, hits N360 per dollar at black market today

  • Parallel market traders sell at N360 per dollar and buy at N350 per dollar in the afternoon today in Enugu.
  • In Lagos parallel market this afternoon, parallel market traders sell at N400 per dollar and buy at N380 per dollar.
  • Naira gains heavily further today, N60 difference as against yesterday both in Enugu and in Lagos.
  • Speculators are confused as many were taken unaware.
  • Sale by parallel market traders decreases tremendously.
  • Speculators and BDC agents are hard hit at rate of Naira appreciation at the parallel these days.

The Nigerian Naira has strengthens heavily following the CBN release of additional $180m to settle wholesale request in Forex market.

Our national currency is now valued at N360 to USD1 on the parallel market, appreciating in value of N60 as against yesterday. While some market operators did sell at N400 per USD1 in the morning today.

The Nigerian bank official exchange rate also appreciates slightly to N305 per USD1.

The British pounds and Euro also slightly appreciate further, valuing at N500 and N430 respectively as against yesterday sell.


You can now check for the following exchange rate on our site;

  1. Daily Black market exchange rate.
  2. Daily Official bank exchange rate.
  3. Daily Western Union exchange rate
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  5. Daily Bitcoin exchange rate

6 thoughts on “Dollar crashes against naira, hits N360 per dollar at black market today”

  1. Hi Mr Emma, please what is makes black market rate higher than the official CBN rate? Why can’t buyers buy from the bank?

    1. Hello Aboki,
      You can try live exchange rate widget. It shows daily conversion rate (official bank exchange rate) not only for dollar to naira but also other currencies. You need to reset the code to your choice and then paste it on you website.

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