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Ecobank Raises international spending daily limit on Naira debit cards

Ecobank Nigeria announces an increase in the maximum daily limit spending on its naira debit cards abroad. The maximum daily limit increase varies according to the type of card held by its customers.

Ecobank customer with naira debit card can now pay up to $4000 and $5000 per on online transaction channel and point of sale (POS) terminals respectively across the world.

The bank also added that their customers with foreign currency debit card can spend up to $5000 daily from their domiciliary accounts

Again, Premier customers with Platinum credit cards can spend up to a limit of $15000 on daily transactions. However, these limits are subject to Central Bank of Nigeria’s annual spending limit on Naira and foreign currency denominated cards.

According to Ecobank Consumer Distribution Head, Mr. Ayotunde Kuponiyi, the changes were in response to customers’ feedback.

He says; “This is positive news for our customers, particularly for those travelling abroad for business and leisure and for our customers in Diaspora. It is very important that Customers of Ecobank access their accounts with relative ease wherever they are, within or outside Nigeria.

Mr. Ayotunde reaffirms that Ecobank customers can walk into any of the bank’s over 400 branches to pick up an instant card under few minutes. According to him, these cards are enable for value added services and online transactions both within Nigeria and abroad. He also added that foreign currency dominated cards can be accessed directly for use in transacting from the domiciliary account.

Moreover, four major Nigerian banks stopped their customers from using Naira debit and credit cards to withdraw dollars, Euros, pounds and other foreign currencies whenever they travel abroad.

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