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Glo Free Tomorrow; 100% Free Call, SMS & browsing data

Glo Free Tomorrow is a new glo call tariff plan promo which gives every Glo prepaid subscribers an unlimited free airtime daily to browse, make calls or send SMS to any network in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Whatever you spend TODAY, you get it back FREE TOMORROW to browse, make calls and send SMS to ALL networks. It is 100% bonus airtime and data plan on Glo Nigeria.

  • Who are eligible for GloFree Tomorrow plan?

All new and existing Glo prepaid customers.

  • How can I migrate to Glo Free call tomorrow?

To subscribe for Glo Free call tomorrow, simply dial *300#

  • Any opt in charge for Glo Free Tomorrow?

No, it is totally free of charge.

  • What is call rate for Glo free tomorrow?

The call rate for this plan is 22k/sec

  • When will my line be credited with the promo balance?

Your Free tomorrow promo account will be credited at 00:01, the day after usage from your Main account.

  • How do I check my Glo free tomorrow bonus balance?

To check your free tomorrow balance, simply dial #122*8#

  • How does the Glo free airtime bonus last

Bonus expires at 23:59 daily

  • Which of my account is charged first if I have credit in my Main account?

The Glo Free Tomorrow account will be charged first and Main account will be charged when the bonus account has fully be exhausted for day.

  • Will I get free airtime the next day if I already have balance in my Free tomorrow bonus account?

No, you’ll need to exhaust the credit in your Free Tomorrow bonus account and use more from your Main account in order to get bonus the next day.

  • What Do I need to do before I can enjoy the discounted
    International calling rate to the popular destinations?

Nothing! All your calls to USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India will be charged at 22k/s; once you have successfully migrated to Glo Free Tomorrow plan.

  • Can existing Glo customers opt in for Glo Free tomorrow plan?

Yes. Existing customers can opt in for this glo promo by dialling *300#

Will new Glo prepared subscribe enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?

No. New Glo subscribers as well as existing customers will have to migrate by dialing the code *300# to enjoy Glo Free Tomorrow benefits.

How do I deactivate Glo Free Tomorrow plan?

To deactivate Glo free tomorrow, simply dial *301#. By dialing this code, you cease to enjoy the daily free airtime and you are migrated to the default plan on the Glo network, Glo Infinito, where you call 10 frequently called numbers at 11k/s and call all networks at 20k/s.

  • If I subscribe for a data plan with N1, 000 or any other amount, will I get my subscription amount back the next day?

Yes. The amount spent to purchase data plan will be refunded to you the next day as Free Tomorrow Bonus.

  • Can I still subscribe for pack on Glo jolof while on Glo free tomorrow plan


For more question, visit Glo Nigeria official website; or you can use the comment box below for your questions and comments.

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