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Guest post and earn atleast $3 – $5 per article as a writer
I’m delighted to welcome you to as a guest author, writer or blogger. As you might have known, our major objective of setting up Nigeria Resource Hub is to expose our readers to all secret patterning to small businesses, online businesses, online money making and as well as help them create successful offline business, this is especially for all Nigerians. We equal include all necessary tools like internet and computer applications, ways of sending and receiving of money locally and internationally, means of payment and receiving of payment in and out of Nigeria, internet marketing, blogging tips-designs and web development, and some other required resources to make this feasible. In fact, we are Centre for Business Idea Resource.

With this in mind, we publish posts related to online business tips, offline business tips,  internet and computer, Online payment systems, latest money transfer means,  blogging and other resources required to create successful online and offline business.

As a guest writer, contributor or blogger; we urge you to follow the same trend by publishing posts that will provide our readers the opportunities to create successful online and offline business, make real money online, create wealth and in turn help them live a fulfill life. This is the kind of guest posting we are expecting.

We will gladly accept and review any such article that meet with the above requirements of guest post when submitted to us.

At this juncture, I presumed you understood the nature and the type of guest posting we are looking for. I believed also that you’ve understood that you will get paid for every guest post of yours we published after thorough review. You can earn at least $3 – $5 per article you write for naijaonlinebiz.

Please, do not wait; start now to send us your guest post. Many guest writers have been and will continue showing interest in guest posting on . It is appropriate you submit you guest post earlier for earlier review and publishing.
If after review and we find your post useful, you will receive mail from us informing you that your guest post have been accepted, you will get prepare for its publishing on our site.
You are expected to supply us with the below relevant information using our contact form when sending us your guest post.

Name (in Full)
Primary email address & alternative email address (optional)
Your Website/Blog URL
Your Website/Blog brief description
Brief information about you.
Guest post content

If you send us your information for guest post, we will acknowledge it by sending you email and further send you emails for more detail.
We thank you for your interest in submitting guest post for our review and publishing on Nigeria iBusiness Guide. We are glad and happy to have you as one of guest contributors who have contributed immensely to growth and success Nigeria iBusiness Guide.
We plead with you at this point, if it happen that you come across anybody by chance or arrangement that need to learn how to create successful online business and make real money online do not hesitate to refer such person to or naijaonlinebiz for short. You can also invite your friends to join you in writing guest post for Nigeria iBusiness Guide as they will equally receive their own share of good work.
Once again, we say thank you. We are please that you are part of Nigeria iBusiness Guide.

We are happy to partner with you.

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  1. I want to write a blog post related to SEO as I do blogging on related to SEO topics, please give me email to contact you

  2. Hello,

    Hope you are having a great day 🙂

    I am Aruba, Outreach Expert.

    I found when searching for potential sponsored posts opportunities for my client and found it well-curated and relevant. I appreciate it!
    Considering your blog, our team has brainstormed a few ideas that will entertain your readers while remaining relevant to our client.
    Are you interested in collaborating?

    If yes, Please detail your guidelines as well as prices.

    Let me know if you’re interested. I would love to chat more.
    Talk Soon,

  3. I would love to be one of your content developer. I have weighty writing might and witty wrap up delivery to meet readers taste. My articles are on payhip and dotwriters.
    I will can share them at your demand.
    My pen name is Sofia Nelson.

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