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Guideline for Zenith bank international School fees payment

As a zenith bank customer, you can now process your international school fees payment or that of your child at any Zenith bank branch close to you following the below guideline.

Zenith bank international school fees payment method

  1. School fees payment shall be made directly to the school’s account. In other words, the institution abroad must provide detail of the school account in which the school fees is to be pay into.
  2. Such remittances are subject to the CBN guideline.
  3. Applications shall be for not more than US$15,000.00 or its equivalent per term/semester.
  4. Applicant must be operating active Zenith bank account and have a bank verification number (BVN).
  5. Applicants must present the following document :

a.  Duly completed Form “A”.

b. Admission letter from the school.

c. Invoice from the school.

For Further enquiries visit Zenith bank website or call Zenith bank @ +23412787000, +23412927000, 070ZENITHBANK

You can also ask question(s) or comment using the form below.

If your bank is not Zenith bank, exercise patient ; I will talk about other Banks’ international school fees payment Guidelines in my next post. So, keep checking….

19 thoughts on “Guideline for Zenith bank international School fees payment”

  1. i want to use form a to pay for my tution fee but while login in to access the online e form i got message stating bvn found but no email pls can you tell me what next to do as am not in nigeria but i want to use my zenith account in nigeria to initiate the payment

  2. Hello, my name is Mr. Festus I want to pay CA$17160 tuition fees using form it possible considering the $15000 set as maximum payment per semester.

  3. Hello Emma.
    I paid my deposit to a UK University using Form A at Gtbank and my account is yet to be debited. It’s almost 2 months now. Please what should I do?

  4. I have filled form A for my school fees on the 20th of April,nothing from them uptil this very moment,its so frustrating.

  5. I’m Prince, I filled Form A for paying tuition fees, Its over a week now, haven’t gotton any debit alert, the only message I got from my bank is “your new account balance is 50****** fund it with 5000 and get an ATM card”
    My Zenith banking app also have new details about a new account opening, what should I do, should I fund the new account, I’m confused????

  6. Please how much will Zenith Bank charge for payment of tuition fees of £3500 for a school in uk and how long will it take for the Bank to receive the school fees payment over there in uk. My Bank is Zenith Bank

  7. Am about to pay my school fees for postgraduate study after filling the Form A they said i need to present my NYSC discharge certificate. Please, is this a must? Cos am weeks away from passing out and i need to pay this money now.

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