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How to change search engine & Homepage

In the recent time, a lot of search engine have evolved outside the major big search engines. As an online user, you can actually check for the search engine that index the best relevant search results, easy-to-read interface and related results or helpful options by changing to any of them.

 With a resultant increase in the growth popularity of social media site and blogs in the web, the leading search engine have made changes to their algorithms to allow for fresh content to be index in search engine result  webpages, therefore changing and testing different search engine for best result should be given a trial

Before I proceed to show you the simplest method of making any search engine your homepage and default search engine, let me list the best readers’ favorite eleven (11) search engines.

                      Google search engine GOOGLE

   Google is undoubtedly the crown of all search engines with over 1,000,000      users per month. Google is No1. Online users’ search engine with its relevant features and applications


 Webopedia is one of the most useful websites on the internet. Webopedia is just an encyclopedic resource dedicated to searching technological terminology and computer definitions. Webopedia is useful for newbie who are not use to things like domain name, computer system and terminology etc.

                           yahoo search  YAHOO

Yahoo is almost everything in the web. It is a search engine, a news aggregator, an email box, a shopping center, traveler’s directory, horoscope, game centre and many more.

                                                    Dogpile search engineDOGPILE

Dogpile was the fast and efficient choice before Google some year ago.  Unfortunately, Dogpile could not maintain their leadership position, it faded into obscurity, and Google took over the crown. But today, Dogpile is waking up.

                                          yippy search engine YIPPY

Yippy is not a regular search engine. It does use the normal robot program like other search engine and can index deep web pages that are hard to locate by conventional search. This search can be use academic research purposes, locating government obscure information, obscure interested blogs etc.


DuckDuckgo resembles Google in some way though it has some subtleties that make this spartan search engine different. DuckDuckGo has some slick features, like ‘zero-click’ information (all your answers are found on the first results page). DuckDuckgo offers disambiguation prompts (helps to clarify what queries). They emphasize more on protection of users’ privacy. The index search results reach up to 24 SERPs.  See more duckduck and how to make duckduck your search engine and homepage.

                                                  Mahalo search engine   MAHALO

Human edited content are index by mahalo, so the results can be of high quality depending on level of human judgment. Mahalo is the one ‘human-powered’ search site in this list, employing a committee of editors to manually sift and vet thousands of pieces of content.  This means that you’ll get fewer Mahalo hit results than you will get at Bing or Google.

                                        INTERNET ARCHIVE

 Internet archive   This is archive of world wide web. It can take you back thorough the origin of world wide web to what the web look like now.

                                                        speedbit SPEEDBIT

 Speedbit    A powerful fast search engine, it integrate sites like Amazon, facebook, yahoo on its homepage. It index pages like Google and Bing. Sometimes, I ask if it is a product of Google.

                                               ask search engineASKME

 Ask is one of the first time search engine in the web. The super-clean interface competes with the other major search engines, and the search options are as good as Google or Bing or DuckDuckGo. The results groupings are things that makes stand out.

          bing search engineBING

 Bing was formally known as MSN search unit until was updated on summer 2009. Bing was a Microsoft’s attempt to override Google.  Bing these days is one of my favourite search engine becuase the uniqueness of search engine result pages, it is more like google SERPs.

Here, we go!

                                                                            How to change search engine

You can give any of these search engines I listed above a trial by following the simple steps below; I will use both internet explorer and Mozilla firefox on window 7 for my explanation

  1. On your PC desktop, click on Mozilla firefox icon      (that is your internet browser). Your formal homepage and search engine will thrown up.

Please, make sure your connected the internet.

  1. To change this search engine, go to your tool bar on your browser top, click on tools. A drop menu will show up.mozilla browser tool bar

3         On the drop-down menu, click on options. This pop-window will be display         


                Step 4.Type in any search engine l mention above you wish to use as your default search engine and homepage on the space for home page as shown in the picture above. As you can see, is on the space because I want to make yahoo my search engine and homepage.

                Step 5. Click ok, to save changes.

                Step 6. Click on the Mozilla icon now, your new search engine will be displayed or go to your menu bar and click on file then new window. You new yahoo search will be displayed. The process can be repeated for all search engines.

NOTE: The same steps are applicable to internet explorer, but on step 3 you click on internet options (because there is nothing like options  on drop down menu list) and then proceeds as on step 4, 5 and 6 above.


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