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How to Change your Google+ profile URL to custom URL

Google+ is of the interesting social networks. Google+ aims to make sharing on the net more like sharing in real life. Of the entire social networking site, it is the second-largest social networking site in the world after Facebook with over 500 million monthly active users are part. Google+ has a lot of interesting features. If you have not joined, you can sign up now.

But if you already have a Google plus profile page, you will discover that the URL of the page will be like this,


You can change this URL to more interesting custom URL that looks like this,


if have up to 18 people in your Google+ circle or as your Google plus followers, your page will eligible for the change.

Here is how you will change your Google plus profile page URL to custom URL;

  • Log in to Google plus homepage,
  • Click on the Home button on top left hand side of the page,
  •  a drop-down menu will show up, click on  the profile
  • If you have up to 18 people on Google+ circle, On your profile page  preapproved custom URL information will be displayed at the top page, changing to Google plus custom URL
  • Click on get URL,  to change your old Google+ profile URL to your Desired Custom URL .
  • WARNING: You can never change the URL again once you get custom URL so be be careful when choosing your custom URL.

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