Enter your detail to check your National ID online on NIMC

Enter your detail to check your National ID online on NIMC

Enter your detail to check your National ID online on NIMC

95 thoughts on “Enter your detail to check your National ID online on NIMC”

  1. Nwachukwu Obinna Uzochi

    Dear Sir,
    Please my name is Obinna Uzochi Nwachukwu and my tracking ID is S7Y0OG31P0009FD.
    Please I need my NIN number.

      1. Please i did my registration in Jos. I was given the paper slip. But unfortunately, it was stolen. Now am in Abuja. How do i get another one ? Do i have to go to Jos for a replacement ?


        please have not been able to get my national identity card ,the people that we did together had gotten theirs pls what is wrong with mine .l am Adeleke omolola foluso.


        PLEASE I want to know if my National ID card is ready, because since 2013 I was did it, I don’t no what happened since then. I ve been trying to check but the links given are not working.


        1. I Need My National Identity ,tracking ,I D, S7Y0NYF780001F8 ,NIN 27813319332 ,Issue Date 07/05/2013. ISSA ,ABDULWAHAB ,AKANNI froam ilorin kwara state


          I did my ID CARD since 2016, but i lost my temporary slip, my name is Onyebueke Richard,i live in lagos and i did it at Alausa,please can your help me to check for my ID number.

        3. I registered since 2014, I checked the site its telling me that its not ready. I went to the office at fed. sect. Abuja where I registered and they still said I should check online. please what’s going on?

            1. Please, how can I get my NIN with following details:
              SURNAME: BUSSA
              FIRST NAME: SUNNY
              MIDDLENAME: ALI
              TRACKING NUMBER: S7Y0NYFKH00007Y

              Thank you

            2. I enrolled NIN since 25-08-2017 and till now i didn’t get my second copy, that means i didn’t get my nin number, each time i went to check in the enrollmemt center when they checked they will say is not release yet and i am in need of that NIN number, so i am asking should i enrol again

            3. Yisau Adewale Olusanya

              I registered precisely on 9/4/14 but up till now my ID is not yet ready. I checked it today but it was the same story. What is happening. After 4 years of registration. my names are :
              First name Yisau, last name Olusanya. Last 6.digits 403298.
              [email protected]. 08037133184.

            4. pls sir, i have a problem with my own card,why registrying there make mistake with the names pls what will i do

            5. I want to know if my NIN is ready for collection.my details are:
              First name. Okon
              Last name.Okon
              NIN. 95187752438

                1. hi,
                  The site to check update of my card isn’t opening. I registered 02/09/2014.
                  Nim no: 83395086598.
                  Please, kindly assist with status.

                2. Over 4 years now when i registered for my national ID Card no card no text message, while my wife and others registered within six months they have collected their cards, what is happening ? Or it is another film tricks again ?

                3. Pls I want to know if my national ID card is ready cos I ve been trying to check but the links given are not working.

                  1. EKPENAKHENA BRIGHT OHIS

                    pls help me for my national id i hav zero idea on hwow to check it thanks my name is Ekpenakhena Bright Ohis.

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