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How to Download Free Operamini on your Mobile Phone

If you recently purchase a new phone you might wasting your data bundle or airtime if you are not browsing with operamini browser

how to download free operamini

Operamini is a free mobile internet browser that is fast, fun and easy to use. The operamini browser compresses large document file of website and at time increase speed of webpage opening. The browser has lots of applications integrated to the one touch speed dial.

You can download operamini browser whether MTN network, etisalat network or any other network operamini on your phone by relatively simple steps. All you needed is to have data plan or sufficient airtime on mobile phone for the download. I will show you here how to download free operamini browser on phone.

To download operamini on your mobile phone;


Go to your phone menu and click on it


Locate the web icon on the page that appear and click on it.


On the next page that appear, click on option, select go to new webpage. Type in on the empty space bar that appear and click on go to, Google search bar page will be display. Type in, this is the mobile website for opera. After typing in, click on search.  A list of pages will be displayed. Click on the first page ( among the list of pages displayed. Once you click on it, the opera mobile site will open and it will automatically detect and verify your mobile device for supportive operamini browsers. The list of operamini supported by your phone will be shown to you. Select the latest version of operamini that your phone support and click on download to begin the operamin download.

After downloading, an immediate automatic installation of the operamin will take place, allow it to install. After installation, close the page and go to your application. The operamini icon will be there, you can start your browsing right from there using the operamini browser you have downloaded. if use Estisalat network to download the operamini, your phone will install etisalat operamini.

You can visit right from here to begin your free operamini download whether MTN, Etisalat or any other network. The SIM card you have on your phone will determine the operamini network you will download.



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