How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

make money online in Nigeria
legit ways to make money online

Making Money Online is no longer news. People make money online on daily basis without spending a dime. Some people do jobs or business to make legitimate money online on part-time while others do it full-time. There are many success stories about online business founded by Nigerians. Some people have made so much money from the internet that they quit their day jobs.

You may be having difficulties accepting the opportunities, internet offers. I was once like you. I doubted the reality and possibility of making money online years ago, until I got more exposed to the Inexhaustible money making opportunities available online.

In this article, I will be explaining;

  • how to make money online in Nigeria without capital.
  • How to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.
  • How to make money online in Nigeria by reading news.
  • How to make money online in Nigeria with mobile phone.
  • Most Legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria.

But before then, let’s look at some hidden secrets of making money online in Nigeria.

Hidden Secrets of Making Money Online in Nigeria

Some of the hidden secrets of making money online in Nigeria you need to know;

  • Build an email list – Money is in the list.
  • Get a mentor – Internet Gurus know ways to make money in Nigeria online.
  • Be Patient – To make money online is not a get-rich quick scheme.
  • Test it – Not everything works, so test to see if it works.
  • Sell yourself – you’re your product, the way you present yourself online is the way you going to make money online.
  • Target international population – international population pay.

Detailed explanation of this hidden secrets of making money online will be coming later…

Now that you’re aware of the hidden secrets of Making money online in Nigeria; let’s get down to the business of the day.

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How to make money online in Nigeria without capital or spending a dime

if you’re dedicated and hardworking; these are how to make money online in Nigeria without capital or spending a dime;

Make money Freelancing

Freelance writing is one great way to make money online without capital. There are many blogs and websites that are looking for freelance writers. By freelancing, you submit articles or posts to blog owners and you get paid per number of words submitted, depending on your agreement with the blog owner. Use a search engine to find out blogs that accept paid freelancers. Most times, these blogs would require you to submit samples of your blog posts for review and if they love your style of writing, skills, knowledge and dedication you could become a part of their team of paid writers immediately or subsequently. Some freelance platforms include: Upwork, Freelancer, simply hired, iwriter, Fiverr etc.

Make money Online Surveying

Companies carry out online surveys as a way of finding out new ways to improve their products and services. They contract these surveys to survey companies. These companies in turn pay individuals that help them to participate in the surveys. Some of the companies that pay for online surveys include;Surveycompare,, MOBROG, Triaba Nigeria etc

You register with any of the company and you receive survey questionnaires from time to time. You get paid per survey you do, depending on their rates.

Make money Selling gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is arguably the world’s largest marketplace (a website) for people to make money selling small services (known as ‘gigs’). You sell your services to interested persons for a fee of $5 and above per gig. Fiverr takes 20% of each successful gig income as service fee or commission. There are countless number of gigs you can sell which may include: graphic designs, videos, music and audio, tips and advice, writing, gift items and many more. Sign up for Fiverr now!

Make money Launching a YouTube Channel & Creating Videos

You can launch a Youtube channel without spending a dime. A YouTube Channel helps you to create your own videos and enables you to make money from the videos if you monetize it. The videos are basically meant to educate or entertain. YouTube is owned by Google and it is the third most visited website in the world and contains the largest number of videos on the internet. It is a search engine and database for videos.

When people view videos in your YouTube channel, YouTube places sponsored interludes of advertisements in the videos and you get paid a part of the money paid to YouTube from the advertisers. The amount of money you can make on YouTube depends on the amount of people viewing the videos on your YouTube channel.

Currently, to be able to monetize your YouTube channel(s) with Google adsense ads and start making money from it; you must have up to 1000 subscribers or viewers. Google places this limit.

Make money Podcasting

This is another good way people make money online for free. It involves making inspirational, entertaining, educational or religious voice recording which subscribers can download and listen to on their portable devices, like a music player.

However, to make money as a podcaster, you have to first build an online audience from your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter followers who are royal readers or listeners of your podcast. Nurture these audience and give them quality podcasts, promote your products using several other means in order to let more people know about them and over time you would have built a good online income stream through podcasting.

Make money online Selling E-book

Creating and selling e-books is one great way bloggers use in making money online. This simply involves writing about a subject that you have good knowledge on and which readers would love to get more information about. Success in making money from e-books usually depends on how much targeted traffic you have on your blog.

Ensure that your e-books have the right content quality. The information provided should be of value to people. There are several software you can use to create e-books. However, the most common and easiest way of creating an e-book is just to type the information in word format and export the document as a PDF. Most bloggers sell their e-books directly on their blogs or websites. However, you must not have a blog or website to create and sell your e-books. You can sell your e-books directly on Amazon Kindle without having your own blog or website. You can sell also directly to your fans on facebook and twitter once the content of your e-book is appealing them.

Make money Marketing Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online. This simply involves posting a link on any of your online profiles, like your social media page, blog, email or even WhatsApp. Once these links are clicked, visitors are led to distributors or manufacturers of a product where they can make purchases.

You earn a commission from the distributors or manufacturers on each purchase of product made by people directed to the products through your link.

There are many companies that run affiliate programs that accept Nigerian affiliate marketers. Some of the you can join online today as a Nigerian include;

  • Amazon Affiliate marketing,
  • Jumia Affiliate marketing program,
  • Konga Affiliate program,
  • DealDay Affiliate marketing program,
  • Wakanow Affiliate marketing,
  • Skrill Affiliate program etc. are just few examples.

Read more on …list of best affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria or you can just search for affiliate programs related to your online profile or niche and you will find a hand-full of them.

Make money online Reviewing Products

There are several businesses that pay people to review their products online. The products could be movies, books, technological devices, software’s and several other products. These producers pay money or offer other forms of compensation to reviewers. Just search online for paid review websites and you will find several of them you can select and work with.

Get paid as a social media manager

Help small businesses manage their social media accounts. Busy entrepreneurs also often need people who are savvy about social media engagement and can help them with scheduling content, editing photos and writing engaging captions.

Make Money Modelling for online magazine companies

This is another seamless way to make extra money on campus. If you’ve got what it takes to be a model, sign on with an agency, and begin getting you cash monthly or per shoot counting on the agreement you entered with the firm.

How to make money online in Nigeria by reading news

You can make money online in Nigeria reading news at comfort of your home. This is one of the latest ways to make money online in Nigeria. Though, there are alot of controversies attached to this.  The controversies spun from the doubt that legit money cannot be made just by reading news online. Yet, people still prove they make money online in Nigeria by reading news.

So, if your interest is to make money online in Nigeria by reading news; I will suggest register on, NNU, Zinoly and Newsnaira

Make money online by reading news at

Those who have created the website, program is always on the lookout for new ways to help people make money online. They’re always looking for new ways to increase the income of participants and help them have fun in the process. To make money online in Nigeria by readings news at, click and register, login daily to read and comment on posts.

Make money online by reading news at NNU

You Make money online in Nigeria legitimately into your Nigeria bank account with NNU Income program. Simply register and login daily, read and comment on news, you get paid.

Make money online by reading news at Zinoly

You can make money online every day in Nigeria legitimately by becoming a Member on Zinoly. You Make money on Zinoly by Checking website daily, reading news and commenting on posts.

DISCLAIMER: we’re neither partnering with, associated to nor promoting any of the above news sites. Please, review those sites before registering/joining any of them.

How to make money online in Nigeria with mobile phone

You may be wondering how you can make money online with your mobile phone but I can tell you with introduction of smart phones and Internet enabled mobile phones, a wide range of opportunity to make money online are now available. With your smart phone you can make few bucks a day to many cash every month or daily.

Make money online installing Nielson App on your phone

Nielson Apps will pay you to install their app on your mobile phone. You can install the app on as many as 3 different devices, with each device earning $5/month. That means you can earn as much as $180/year by installing the mobile app on phones. There are opportunities to earn even more rewards by registering more devices and staying with us longer. It is noninvasive and won’t affect your device performance.

Make money online shortening and sending out links via phone

WWW.SHORTE.ST registered with many online advertising networks, you get paid when you shorten a link, send through your phone and make someone click on that link

Legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria

Some legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria you consider starting;

Make money Trading domain names

This involves the buying and selling of domain names. Domain is simply the name you use to identify a website or a blog.  You have to buy this name (if available) before you can use it for your website or blog. You have to search for the availability of a desired domain name, and pay for it, if available, before you can use it. Single word and some choice double words domain names are scarce and if you have previously bought a domain name that is needed by someone, you could choose to resell it for a higher price.  The worth of the domain name depends on how desperately the buyer needs it.

There are several websites where you can trade domain names. An example is Read more on….Starting Profitable Domain Name & Webhosting Reseller Business in Nigeria

Make money online on Paid blog ads

This involves leveraging your online traffic and placing paid ads on your online profile, like Instagram, your website or blog. This is the medium through which revenue is generated by the Nigeria’s topmost forum, Nairaland and Nigeria’s most successful blog, Linda Ikejis blog. these websites attractive thousands of daily visitors.

Therefore, companies and businesses use this media to reach thousands of people daily with their products and services by placing targeted adverts on the website or blog at a cost paid to the management of the website.

Several factors determine the amount charged for the advert. These include;  Ad size, the duration the ad will appear on the blog, the page on the blog where the Ad will be placed. Ads placed at a website’s home page usually attract a higher charge but, it reaches more people.

Read also: How to Make money online through Blogging

Make money Online Trading Stock

The world has advanced to online stock trading. Without seeing your broker physically, you can buy and sell stocks all by yourself on the floor of the stock exchange. You may doubt this.  But I have bought and sold stocks several times online directly from the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

There are several online stock trading companies you can use in Nigeria. Some of the most popular ones include: Morgan Capital Group, Meristem Securities and ARM Securities.

You open an online account with them, then you fund your account through bank or wired transfers to the company and the money is credited to your brokerage account with the company. During trading hours of the Nigerian Stock exchange (or any other stock exchange) you can log into your account and trade stocks real-time directly on the floor of the Nigerian stock exchange, all by yourself!

Trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange takes place between 9 am and 3.30 pm with 15 minutes each of pre-open and post-closing sessions. During this period, you can buy, sell and monitor the trend and volume of sales and purchases of any stock you want real-time.

Make money online on Google AdSense

This is a very popular mode of making money online by bloggers, but not limited to bloggers. You can use it for your several other online platforms, even on apps. This is how it works: AdSense is a paid per click program whereby advertisers pay Google to place adverts on the blogs that are registered with Google and pays Google based on the number of clicks on the ads by website visitors. Then, Google pays a part of the money it is paid by the advertisers to the owners of the blogs or websites.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, you have to meet Google’s criteria before Google will approve your website or blog for its AdSense program. Many requests for the program are being rejected because they fail to meet Google’s criteria. After being approved by Google for the program, Google gives you a code which you place on the back-end of your website, before Google adverts will become active on your website. You stand a chance of being suspended from the program if you violate Google’s policy for the program.

Getting approved for AdSense is not that easy for many bloggers. Many have applied many times and get rejected. There are several reasons why your application for AdSense is rejected. The amount of money that you can make from this program is determined by the amount of traffic that your website or blog has. If you have a daily website traffic of over 1000 visitors and above, you can make a decent income from this program. If you have a bog or website and you wish make money online through Google AdSense, Sign up for Google AdSense now!

Make money Online Consulting

If you are an expert in your field or you have a good knowledge on any subject, providing consultancy services could be a good way to earn income online. People need guidance and information on how to carry out several tasks easily and efficiently and most of them are willing to pay to have someone guide them through or provide expert information on how to solve several problems.

When you have an online audience, you can offer to meet with clients physically to help them solve their problems or you can offer one-on-one video or online chats to provide assistance to them at a fee.

Make money Sponsoring posts

If you have a blog or website or even a social media page, when businesses or experts in any field discover that you have a large number of visitors to your site or audience, they can approach you to publish their sponsored articles or posts on your blog. The blog posts they pay you to publish on your site should be relevant information about a particular topic, which the business is offering. At the end of the post, there would be a link(s) that readers can click which would take them to the contact or web pages of the businesses that are selling the products or offering the services.

Make money Online Tutoring

When you have an online audience and you are an expert in a field, people can pay and register to undergo your online courses. It’s all about properly packaging your knowledge and expertise into useful information or resource in form of quality courses and then selling the course modules.

Just like e-books, one good thing about online courses is that initially it might take some efforts to create them, however, once they are created, they continue to bring you passive income for many years. You don’t have to spend again; you just keep reaping from your upfront efforts. All you just do is market the courses to your audience.

The courses could be delivered to your client’s periodically through email, videos or through a one-on-one online chat. If you don’t have a website or a blog, one good medium for creating and marketing and earning money from your online courses is through Udemy.

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Make money creating Membership site

This is a website whereby access to premium information in the website is given to only registered members. To become a registered member, you need to pay a registration fee, after wish you will give access through which you can log in to the members section to access the information you desire. Some membership sites charge a one-time registration fee while others require members to renew their membership annually.

Make money online by Drop shipping

This is new model of online business. It simply involves showcasing several products online (on your website or social media platforms). The interesting thing is that you don’t need to have these products you are showcasing in any physical store or warehouse. Once a customer places an order from your online store, you’ll simply purchase the product from suppliers or manufacturers and ask them to ship the product directly to your customer’s doorstep. You can run your own drop shipping business from anywhere in the world.

Make money selling stuffs on e-commerce website

You can sell physical stuffs from your e-commerce website. Just like Jumia, Konga, Alibaba etc, you too can create your own e-commerce website whereby you showcase pictures of several products and visitors can place their order and you courier the items to them. This is different from drop shipping, because, unlike drop shipping you need to get the products ordered by the customers and ship them yourself to your customers.

It is not a must to have a website to do this. I have several friends that use Facebook to showcase and sell their products and services. You can use your Facebook account to market your products or create a separate Facebook page a separate Facebook page for it.

Read more about… Nigeria e-commerce; Buy and Sell Online in Nigeria

Make money Developing & sell software applications

If you have the expertise, you could build software apps and sell it on Apple or Google Play store and as people download the free version of the app or upgrade to a premium version, you make money. There are thousands, if not millions of apps on Apple and Google Play store. Many of these apps were created by individuals just like you.

Now, do you know that you don’t have to be a software guru to be able to develop an app? All you just need is an idea. If you have an idea of an app that will be useful to users and you are quite sure of its marketability, then you can hire developers to develop the app for you. If the app has the potential of being useful to people, Apple or Google Play store might accept the app and you start making money from each download or upgrade to a premium version.

Make money Selling photographs online

Most online users, bloggers, websites, etc use photographs for several things. Therefore, you can have a website where you display and sell photographs to people. Another option is to take pictures and sell the pictures to some websites that trade pictures.

Some websites where you can trade your pictures online include:,, etc

If you love taking good photographs, then you can convert this passion Into an avenue for money-making.

Make money Testing websites

You can make money online by testing a website or app. Once, you test website; you get paid. Sign up at or to work as a website and app tester. Don’t worry, no technical skills are needed.

Make money Designing logos

You will need to have some artistic taste, learn typography and color coordination and Photoshop (or alternative software).  But your investment will pay off quick as different businesses want nice logos. Students can make money online through this means very well; this the job designing logos can done at spare time.

In conclusion: There are limitless possibilities for making money through the internet. I have shared just some of ways to make money from the internet but there are still other ways. These are the most common and easiest ways. We will keep updating this post as I assess and verify more legal and viable means of marking money online.

You need to open your mind and position yourself to the endless possibilities and opportunities ahead. However, I must say that nothing good comes easy. Making money online is not a get-rich- quick scheme. It needs hard work, patience, creativity, commitment and dedication.

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