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18 Sure Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2020

Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

The internet offers vast opportunities for making money online. While some people still find it difficult to accept these opportunities the internet offers, others leverage these opportunities to create a legitimate stream of income online. In this article, we will cover how to make money online in Nigeria. All the methods listed here are sure ways of making money online.

The truth about making money online

There are some things you need to know about making money online.

  1. Making Money Online is not as difficult as most people see it. People make money online daily without spending a dime.
  2. While you might be confident of the stability of your normal full-time job employment, it does not offer you the opportunity to look for new income-generation strategies unlike working online.
  3. Starting some online businesses or jobs will give you fast results, helping you pay for your basic monthly necessities such as rent, electricity bill, water bills and groceries others can change your financial life and accumulate wealth for you in long-run.
  4. If you are not ready to work online full-time, you can concentrate on making passive income

Who can make money online in Nigeria?

Anyone connected to the internet can make money online. Working online is all about what you can offer. What services can you render well? And what value you can impart on people in need of it. Most people do not care about your nationality, educational qualification, your religion or others, all they are after is what you can offer.

So, if you have skills such as language translation, graphic design, coding, tutoring, writing, SEO, and many more, you can leverage on this skill you have to earn a living online.

In as much as you can read and write, you are sure of earning income online. But if you are tech-savvy, chances are that you will build a big career online.


18 Sure Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

If you’re looking to start making money online, here are the sure ways to make money online in Nigeria;


  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a sure way to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime. All you need is a skill. You can be in Nigeria and work for companies in a different country in the world conveniently.

Freelancing is all about rending service to people at a convenient time. If you have skills like writing, programming, graphics, SEO and many others, you can work for people online and earn income. All you have to do is to search for people who will need your services and bargain with them to start working.

Getting clients for your freelancing job is simple. There are online platforms you can meet people who are in need of people that would help them to complete different tasks. All you have to do is register with these platforms and show your skills. On some of these platforms, you have to create a business profile so that people can find you easily.

The platforms you can register and get freelancing jobs to include:,,, and many more.

When you register on any of these platforms, do your best to complete any job you take up on time. This will help you earn a good reputation and a high rating. With this, you can grow high in your freelancing career.


  1. Blogging

Blogging is a good way to make money online in Nigeria. You can earn income online as a blogger. It is currently one of the best online business in Nigeria you can venture into.

Blogging is all about providing useful information to people on your website. The information could be news, new technologies in town, business, politics, any information at all that people will value.

Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Sahara reporters, naijagist are all blogs and they are making money online big time.

To starting blogging, you need to pick a niche, create a well-designed blog that is user-friendly

Once you have enough quality content on the blog and a large reader base, you can monetize the blog via Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, Product review, Sponsored posts, direct ads, selling your own products and many others to make money.

If post quality content daily with your large reader base, you can be sure of making nothing less than $500 monthly. You can find step by step guide in this article:


  1. Online Surveying

You can get paid completing online surveys in Nigeria. This means of making money online is easy. Online survey is all about giving your opinion on a product or services you know about very well.

Why will companies want to pay you to get your opinion? Companies carry out online surveys as a way of finding out new ways to improve their products and services and serve their customer better.

To earn income online from an online survey, you have to sign up with a legitimate online survey platform. When signing up, make sure you provide accurate information. After signing up, from time to time you will receive a survey you need to complete or you can check on the platform for survey. You get paid per survey you do, depending on their rates.

The most legitimate survey platform for Nigerians is MOBROG. This company pay up to $2 per survey. Sometimes, they pay higher or below that. But as you earn more reputation, you get more surveys and better pay per surveys. You can click here to sign up with MOBROG


  1. Video blogging on YouTube

Video blogging on YouTube is a good way to earn a living in Nigeria. Millions of People visit YouTube every day and spend hours watching videos.

You can launch a YouTube channel, pick a niche or topic to cover. It could be comedy, music, tutoring, politics, religion, lifestyle and so many others.

When you build a large subscriber base and viewers for your video, you call for adverts or partner with brands for sponsors.  You can also sell your own product to make money or monetize your YouTube channel via Google AdSense. To monetize your YouTube videos with Google AdSense ads you need to have up to 1000 subscribers or viewers.

For more on making money on video blogging on YouTube, this article discusses: How to start making money on video blogging.


  1. Podcasting

Making money through podcasting is gradually becoming popular in Nigeria. Podcasting is a sure way to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.

What is Podcasting? Podcasting is all about recording audios that could be historic, inspirational, music, educational and many more that people can download and listen to on their portable devices.

If you have a good voice, think of anything that people would want to listen to and start recording it with your smartphone.  You can also record your podcast using Parrot App or any other app of your choice. Edit with Audacity after recording if you like. Sign up with or to upload your podcast online. Share with friends on social media, blog or your website.

When you build a large online audience or social media followers and your podcast starts getting popular, you will have the opportunity to start earning from your podcast via affiliate marketing, direct ads, consulting services, selling of your products/services and many more

With Google reports of up to 10 million monthly searches for “podcast” in 2020, the popularity of podcasts will likely be greater in the coming years. Click here to learn step by step: how to start a successful Podcast in Nigeria


  1. eBooks creation

eBooks creation is a good way to earn income online in Nigeria. People are looking for ways to solve their daily problems such as health, family, spiritual, emotional and many more.  You can put down how to solve any of these problems in an eBook form.

Think of a problem you can solve. Put down the detailed solution in black and white. Your solution must be practical and achievable. Type the information in word format and export the document as a PDF. Go online and get a good design for your eBook cover. You must ensure your eBooks have the right content quality.

To make money from your eBook, sell it on your blog or website. If you don’t have a blog/website, you can sell it on Amazon Kindle. You can also sell also directly to your friends and followers on social media.

One good thing about eBooks creation is that it improves your writing skill and expose you to so many bigger opportunities.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online in Nigeria. It is all about referring people to a product or service. Take for instance you own a blog, Facebook or Instagram page with large audience or followers and your blog writes up or social page is about English attire and people take your word, you can influence the choice of English attire they buy.

Let’s assume, you strike a deal with some English attire distributors to pay you 10% commission for every one person you referred to their webpage that buys English attire. The companies will give you a link to the web page that contains their best English attire to share on your social media page or blog. The essence of the link is to track the number of people you referred that click on the link and buy English attire.

If 1 pair of English attire worth N60,000; you referred 1person to the English attire webpage and the person buys the attire, your commission is N6000. When you referred 1000 persons and out of the 1000 persons you referred, 500 buy English attire.  You have 500 X 6000 = 3,000,000. So, you have made 3 million naira without stress.

This is how affiliate marketing works. That’s simple! But before you write and give recommendation for any product or service, ensure the genuineness of that product or service.

We have written about some list of best affiliate marketing companies in Nigeria you can sign up with to start affiliate marketing. You can also register with Jumia Affiliate, Konga Affiliate program, Wakanow Affiliate, Skrill Affiliate program and many more. You can also learn how to make real cash online via JUMIA affiliate marketing.

  1. Product Reviewing

You can make money online in Nigeria reviewing products. Product review is all about analyzing products such as websites, movies, books, new gadgets, software and many more.

For instance, if you are into software development and production you can run a website to review the latest software. Build trust and high reputation.

When you earn peoples’ trust and reputation, you can find clients who will be ready to pay or offer you other forms of compensation to review their product.


  1. Social Media Manager

Social media manager is a lucrative online job and you can build a career as a social media manager.  It involves helping small businesses to manage their social media accounts.

Social media is becoming more and more dynamic. To become a social media manager, you need to learn the rules of social media engagement and then continuously lookout for new trends. As social media manager, you will help businesses in scheduling content, editing photos and writing engaging captions.

So, once you are equipped with social media management skills, you can work as a social media manager and get paid.

Almost everything these days is all about social media. You can take advantage of this and make money online.


  1. Tutor online

Online tutoring is one of the sure ways to make money online. It is all about packaging your knowledge and expertise into useful information or resource in the form of online courses and then selling the course modules.

If there is any subject or course you are knowledgeable of, why keep it to yourself? You can package this knowledge and share it online to make money.  You can deliver the online course to your clients via email, videos or a one-on-one online chat. A good package online course can continuously create passive income for you.

Online tutors make roughly $15,000 per single course. There are also many platforms that you can sign up to create your own course. One of such platforms is Udemy. You can click here to sign up on Udemy and start tutoring online. Read also: How to Start Tutorial center in Nigeria

  1. Read news/Post relevant topics

You can make money online in Nigeria reading news, and engaging in a forum discussion, posting relevant topics and sharing viral post on Facebook.

Most platforms would want you to register as a member before you can join their income program.

To make it easier, some of the news websites/forum you can register to read news, post relevant topics or comment to earn income include and many more. On these platforms, you get paid based on your online activities that are calculated on the number of points you earn.


You can earn money online each time you shorten a link, share it and people click on it. This is of the easiest way to earn passive income online.

Why do you have to shorten in a link?  Long URLs are shortened to save space, “beautify” the links or to hide the target URLs.

How does paid link shortening work? An advertising layer is added to a classical URL shortener to get a Paid Link Shortener.  A paid link shortener could be a website or an App. Copy and paste a long URL of a post, sales page, or any link at all you want to shorten into a paid link shortener to shorten it. Then, copy out the shortened link and share on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp depending on your target audience. When someone clicks on the shortened link, an ad is displayed on an intermediate page – you earn money and then, the person is redirected to the destination page (long URL).

There are many paid link shortener platforms that you can sign up with to start paid link shortening. One of them is is the biggest players on the market with a good reputation, decent payout and long time in business. You can click here to sign up with

  1. Trade Domain Names

A domain name is a name used to identify a website or a blog. You can buy and sell domain names to make money online. Trading of domain names is all about buying of domain names at a cheaper price and reselling them at a high price.

A single word and some choice double words domain names are scarce.  Target those single or choice double words domain names and buy. Resell them at a high price later.  The worth of the domain name depends on how desperately the buyer needs it.

There are several websites where you can trade domain names to earn money. One of them is ResellerClub. You can click here to sign up with ResellerClub to start trading domain names. You can also learn: how to Start Profitable Domain Name & Webhosting Reseller Business in Nigeria.


  1. Stock trading

You make money online real-time trading stock. A Stock is share or equity of a company held by an individual. Then, stock trading involves buying and selling shares of publicly traded companies or corporations.

Without seeing your broker physically, you can buy and sell stocks online all by yourself on the floor of stock exchange and earn a return. But before you go into stock trading, you need skills. So, I advise you to read a lot of books on stock trading. You can visit YouTube to watch and listen to stock trading training videos. You can also hire an experienced stockbroker to train you on stock trading. Once you are equipped with necessary stock trading skills, you can start trading stock.

There are some popular online stock trading companies (stockbrokers) you can sign up with to start trading stock in Nigeria. They include Morgan Capital Group, Meristem Securities and many more.

After you sign up with any of these companies, they will create an online brokerage account for you. You can fund your account through bank or wired transfer. Trading time of Nigerian Stock Exchange is between 9 am and 3.30 pm with 15 minutes each of pre-open and post-closing sessions. During this period, you can buy, sell and monitor the trend and volume of sales. During trading hours, log into your account once you know what you are doing and start trading stocks real-time directly on the floor of the Nigerian stock exchange all by yourself.


  1. Online Consultancy

If you are an expert in your field or you have a good knowledge of a subject, you can provide online consultancy services and earn a living from it.

People need expert advice on how to carry out several tasks easily and efficiently. Most of the people are willing to pay to have someone guide them through or provide expert information on how to solve several problems.

To run an online consultancy firm, you need to build a website and add live lines and chat box for reaching you easily. If you are an experienced and expert dietician, you can start by filling your website with diet solutions to some health-related issues. You can also hire other health-related professionals to assist you.

When you have an online audience, you can offer to meet with your clients physically to help them solve their problems or you can offer one-on-one video or online chats to assist them at a fee.


  1. Create an Ecommerce store

Ecommerce business is a lucrative business and one of the ways to make big money online in Nigeria

There are some big guys already in this business, the likes of Jumia, Konga, Alibaba, eBay and others. If you have products and the capital, you can join big guys by creating your own E-commerce store and sell your products/service.

If you do not have products, you can create an eCommerce store, look for distributors and copy their products into your eCommerce store. Whenever a customer orders for a product, you forward it to the distributors, they supply the product to the customer and you get paid

There are some plugins you can use to create an eCommerce store. One of them is WordPress WooCommerce plugin. With WordPress WooCommerce plugin, you can create an eCommerce store and start making money online selling different products.

Related to creating eCommerce is the Nigeria e-commerce; Buy and Sell Online in Nigeria


  1. Build a Mobile App

Building a mobile app is a good way to earn a living online. The global percentage of mobile traffic out of the total internet web traffic as of February 2019 is 47.96% according to hotingtribunal,  this excludes tablets. The figure is 60% for Asia and 54% for Africa. What this suggests is that the world is going mobile.

So, if you are innovative and good at software development, you can take advantage of this growing opportunity. Build mobile apps and sell on Apple or Google Play store. People download the free version of the app and when they upgrade to the premium version, you make money.

Even if you are not a software developer guru, if you have an idea of an app that will be useful to users, then you can hire mobile app developers to develop the app for you.


  1. Sell photographs online

If you love taking good photographs, then you can convert this passion into making money online.

Most online users, bloggers or website owners use photographs for several things. Therefore, you can have a website where you display and sell photographs to people.

Some websites where you can trade your pictures online include shutterstock, alamy and fotomoto.


We have written the above 18 sure ways to make money online in Nigeria and we believe you will find it very helpful. You need to open your mind and position yourself to the endless possibilities and opportunities ahead.

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We will keep updating this post as we assess and verify more legal and ways to make money online.

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