How to Migrate to Etisalat Easy Cliq – Code & Benefits

Etisalat Easycliq is one of the newiest Etisalat innovations, this call package had been recently been updated and lots of benefits has been added to it. This call plan was actually designed for the youths.

For you to join Etisalat Easy Cliq, buy the Etisalat Easy Cliq 4-in-1 SIM pack. You can also buy Etisalat Easy Starter SIM card and then migrate to Easy Cliq with Easycliq migration code. To migrate to Easy Cliq from Easy Starter or from any other Etisalat call plan, simply dial *244*1#; this is Easy Cliq migration code.

You will be given 15MB on recharge of N200 every week for free internet browsing if you are on Easy Cliq. To check the amount of free internet browsing bandwidth remaining after your recharge of N200 airtime, dial *228#.

How long the 15MB will last for the week depends on how often you are browsing and downloading from the internet.

Other initial benefits on Easy cliq

  • free midnight calls from 12:30 – 4:30
  • unlimited SMS
  • bonus on incoming calls- For every 5minutes calls received outside the Easy Cliq community(off-net), you receive 1minute free call
  • 10 free MMS weekly for cliq to cliq only
  • Peak call at 10k/s

Easy Cliq Call plans

National calls

  • Within etisalat network – 0.40NGN/Second
  •                                               – 0.20NGN/Seconds (off-peak)
  • To users on all other network – 0.40NGN/S
  • Cliq 4 D day calls to all etisalat subscribers – 0.20NGN/S upon usage of N25 daily


  • To Etisalat and other network -4NGN/message
  • To user on international operator- 15NGN/message


Updated additional Easy Cliq Benefits

  • Talk and Share call plan
  • Facebook updates (SMS to Facebook wall/timeline) – 20NGN/message
  • Blog updates (SMS to blog) – 20NGN/message


If you want know about other etisalat browsing plan in order not to stay away from the internet, these are the Etisalat internet bundle plans.




BROWSING PLAN                                                   ACTIVATION CODE          PRICE

Etisalat Daily Internet Browsing Bundle (10MB/24 hours) –   *229*3*1#                   N100

Etisalat Weekly Internet Browsing Bundle (50MB/7 days) –   *229*3*4#                  N500

Etisalat 100MB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days)          –    *229*2*1#                    N1,000

Etisalat 500MB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days)          –    *229*2*2#                    N3,000

Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days)            –    *229*2*4#                    N5,000

Etisalat 3GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days)               –    *229*2*3#                     N6,000

Etisalat 6GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days)               –    *229*2*5#                     N8,000

Etisalat Night & Weekends Internet (30 days)                     –    *229*3*3#                    N5,000

10 GB                                                                                                       –   *229*4*1#                N10,000

15GB                                                                                                         –   *229*4*2#                N15,000

20GB                                                                                                          –   *229*4*3#                 N18,000

Check your Internet balance – *228#  

I have equal written on etisalat smart phone Data plans and even how to migrate to Etisalat Easy Starter and benefits.

If you need any other further information on these etisalat internet browsing plans, you can visit the official etisalat website or dial their customer care service 200 with an Etisalat phone, or call 08090000200.



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