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  1. i noticed my question as been answered through others comment,but pls my question is the Swiftcode,Do You i have to go my bank branch(skyebank)to get it or its thesame swiftcode all skyebank branches are using? thanks

  2. Pls,is it possible to receive money from abroad e.g india directly to a local bank account(current account) in Nigeria without moneygram/western Union e.t.c? If its possible i will like to know about it because am hearing its now possible

  3. Thanks for your useful writeup Mr Emma. please can you tell me the most convenient ways to receive money from Singapore. My sender informed me that western union in that country simply refused to perform the transfer transaction to Nigeria.
    Kindly advice me with the solution(s) on how to cross this huddle.

  4. Hello sir pls someone want to send money from Indian to my UBA saving account,and I don’t have any dollar account so I sent only my savings account details will I be able to get the money or is there any other thing I need to do

  5. Hello Emma, I write just to commend you for the good info you have been posting. I personally gained a lot and now have better idea of how to go about basically the means to transfer funds from abroad to Nigeria. I say thanks once again and remain blessed!

  6. hello happy Sunday plz a friend want to send money from japan to my diamond bank savings account,i have diamond bank swift code bank i dont have a dollar account plz can it work without a dollar account ?? just my savings account ????

  7. someone want to send me money from Australia and am ask to send my bank details, so I send my normal Account name and number with the bank I’m using which is zenith bank, I don’t know if its OK or their is any other details I need to include?

  8. I got a money coming to me in Nigeria and I provided the following information to the sender to send through Moneygram so i could withrawl
    Receiver’s Name…..Chris
    Receiver’s Country…….Nigeria
    Receiver’s State…….Lagos
    Receiver’s Zip Code, which is Lagos Zip Code……23401
    But to my suprise after send this a friend to me i need to register with Moneygram before i can receive, track and withrawl money in Moneygram. Please do i need to do any registration with Moneygram either online or in bank for real. I need a quick reply and example of what I need to do please, I want to receive the money myself….

  9. Nice write-up! But I got delivered from Western Union and MoneyGram stress every now and then. There is other stress free means of receiving money even at your hood!

  10. hello please can I help a friend of mine receive money via moneygram with my own way of identification? I mean my ID card and my other details.

  11. Hello sir,
    Someone needs to send me money from Germany to Nigeria but the person doesn’t have a western union money transfer in his city in Germany. How do i get the money into my first bank account when send via bank transfer. I am new here.
    I await your kind reply sir..

    1. Hello Francis,
      You can receive the money into savings account. Provide the sender with your account details-account name, account number, bank name and swift code.

  12. Hello Emma,
    A friend of mine sent me money through Money Gram but he said that he didn’t send it direct to my account. And he didn’t ask me for a Swift code. Is there anyway that i can get the money?

    Thanks for your good works.

      1. Okay thank you very much. And one other thing, what other ID Card except National ID and Drivers license etc.. which other one can i use?

  13. please Emma a friend of mine want to send me money from Brazil to Nigeria through western union or moneygram.he asked me to send him my details.what am I suppose to send, is it my name,account number? and what is SWIFT code for uba Ilesa osun state.tnks

  14. I have someone in India that want to send me money, i asked gtb for swift code so as to send to the person but gtb sent me a form which has citibank new york account and swift code then below it, it said for credit to gtb Nigeria with gtb swift code. My question is, is it not possible to send directly with gtb swift code? why first send to citibank new york? please kindly answer

  15. A friend used me as her foreign trustee so she asks me to contact her deceased father’s bank where he has $6000000 of which she is the next of kin to have it transferred to my account. …My question is how do I transfer such a huge amount from Senegal to Nigeria without getting into trouble

      1. Infact A Senegalese lawyer is needed to grant a Power of Attorney and Oath of Affidavit before it can be transferred.After going through these bureaucratic processes….will I still be suspected of crime.Also are the father’s deposit certificate and death certificate enough to prove my innocence? Also is there a chance to receive such huge amount in dollars?

          1. I can receive it in a domiciliary account regardless of f the limit of a one time deposit of $10000 ?

  16. thank u 4 boss. currently is paypal working in nigeria, in april have try activating my paypal account with my zenith bank atm detail, but it didn’ work

  17. Just quick question: Can a US Paypal Pay Into a Nigerian domiciliary account?
    Can a US Paypal account pay into a Nigerian Paypal Account?
    Can a Nigerian Paypal account pay in $ into a Nigerian domiciliary account?
    I will be glad is you can tell.

  18. hello
    can you tell me more about money gram and how to register or sign up online
    and which is more suitable between …. money gram, western union, paypal and Dom account?
    and is it possible to open ah south africa account in Nigeria?

  19. A friend in Zambia have a Dom account I also have a Dom account in Nigeria she went to her three banks in Zambia to send dollars to me but the banks said they can’t send dollars through that account I don’t want the money to be send through any other means but through this dollars account please advice me on how to go about it

  20. Hello, please which is more convenient and secure in receiving money from abroad, western union through quickteller or receiving directly into your savings account?

  21. Hello!
    Pls i have a frnd in Delhi, india who wants to send money into my fidelity bank acct.
    I have sent him my bank details, although i operate a savings acct.
    pls englighten me on how to go abt it.

  22. When receiving money from western union through quickteller, must the receivers name used by the sender and your bank account name be the same?

  23. Hello, please when receiving money from western union using quickteller, I was required to supply a phone number, must the phone number correspond with the one used in opening the bank account?

  24. Hello Emma, Top of the day to you. You are really doing a great Job. May God Increase your wisdom. Please I understand that Nigeria can not receive western union or money gram from India? If that is the case, Can I receive the money in my Account (Savings or Current) Immediately? Also, Can Nigeria receive western union or money gram from Sierra Leone? Please reply. Thanks and God Bless you.

  25. admin,you are doing a great job God bless you sir,
    please I want to ask a friend of mine want to send me money from mexico,but he said he can’t because sending money from mexico to Nigeria have been cancelled I mean through western union money transfer,he checked like five different banks but the all said no,please sir where can he get an agency in mexico so as to send this money to me in Nigeria through W.U, I don’t need sure transfer because I don’t have a domicile account and I need the money to pay my schools fees in imsu university in IMO state,please is there any way you can help me out or can I get you direct phone number so as to speak with you on phone..my email address is chibranzico@gmail.com or chidexmanuel@gmail.com and my number is 07036663115, please I will so glad if I get a swift response am just a student fighting to survive.
    GOD bless you sir

  26. Hello Emma, someone want to send money into my sky bank account from USA 🇺🇸 and she’s sending it through western union or money gram. Is it possible? My acc is savings and I’m not in Nigeria right now but I do receive alert in my email. Pls explain this better.

    1. Hello David,
      Yes, it is possible. You have to provide the sender these information;
      1. Your first and last name.
      2. Your Bank name.
      3. Account number.
      Money is normally deposited in the account within one to two business days.

      I am going to furnish a detail post on this in next two days.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me Emma, my last question is that will the naira be in normal rate of dollar or bank rate since dollar is over 400 now or will it be in bank rate?

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