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  1. Pls sumone wants to send money to me from Egypt… Dunno how to go about and he to dunno wat to do… I need help

  2. Hello,money was sent to me from India into my friends account three days ago but all I was told was that I should go into the bank(gtbank) tell them that money was sent to me,state his name and I would be able to get the equivalent of the money in niara. Now, gtbank tells me they don’t deal with rupees or lakh, and I should send the information given to me by the sender to fx gtbank.com or something, it is very confusing. Can you please explain to me how I will be able to withdraw the money. Also, I haven’t gotten an alert. Thank you

  3. please can I receive money from Kuwait to Nigeria through money gram, coz the person sent through western union just once and she’s not allowed to send to Nigeria again . hope money gram will do it

    1. Is First Bank inside Ambrose Alli University and the one opposite Police Station Eguare uses the same Switf code and Sort code

      Also what is the requirements for opening Domizillary Account

  4. My friend wants to send money to me from the USA
    His bank is asking if my bank (union Bank, Nigeria) uses a correspondent bank on dollar transfers from the US or if there’s a routing number.
    And I found this somewhere, I don’t know if it’s right







    ACCOUNT NUMBER: insert my own
    ACCOUNT NAME: insert my own

    Ps: I have a Dom acc with union Bank. But it’s a savings Dom acc. If the above details are correct, how many days will it take for my account to be credited as it’s a savings Dom acc not current. And can I cash out in dollars?

    1. Which one is savings Dom account??? Domiciliary is Domiciliary account. There is nothing like savings Dom account, please.

      As per your friend sending you money from USA,simply send your Domiciliary account details (if you have one) to him or her.
      Your account details that you should send to him/her include;
      1. account name.
      2. account number.
      3. bank name
      4. bank swiftcode.
      5. bank branch(optional). If he/she is sending to your domiciliary account, within 72 working hours(2 -5 days) you should receive the money.

  5. A friend of mine in Philippines wants to send money to me through western union but he said western union do not allow money to Nigeria anymore. Please it is possible for him to send to my bank account directly here and how many days will it take to get here.

    Thanks I await your reply

  6. A friend want to receive money from usa but he don’t want it to be transferred to a bank account can i help someone to receive the money with his own details?

          1. I’m looking for agent that reside in California, if not available you can link me up with agent that can get the funds send to GTB account without delay after cash $$ is received.

  7. Please can I receive money from China direct to my saving account. Please what is the best option to chose. Am using first bank and diamond bank

  8. A friend sent some money to my account straight from qarta since Thursday till now I still haven’t seen any money on my account but when I went through some details I was told it will take 72hrs before the money reflect in my account….please is it 72hrs working days or normal 72hrs??

  9. some one wants to wire money from malaysia into my savings bank account. Please what would be the value to Nigeria if sent in dollars? can he sent up to N900, 000 in one wire? Thank you.

  10. Through account transfer. He asked his bank to transfer the money to my account. According to him the money left his account.

  11. A relative sent money to me through my Dom account from South Africa on December 1st and today is December 11th and it has not reflected in my account. Can you please tell me what may the the problem?

  12. can I receive money from abroad through my sky bank with wire transfer because I work online with some company and the way they paid is through bank wire transfer please I hope it would be very easy for me to receive the money here in naira after the wire transfer

  13. Hello sir , why is that some can’t be able to send money through western Union ,,money gram or any money transferred agency from Indian

  14. pls am in warri I want to receive money via money gram from Bahamas do I need to send the sender a zip code or postal code?

  15. Good day, please, is it possible to receive money via Quickteller (western union) in Nigeria when the initial destination of the money (as filled by the sender) is not Nigeria?

  16. Dear Emma,
    please let me know what is the best Bank right now in Lagos to manage the money transfer via MoneyGram from Europe ? EcoBank..? What is the daily limit in Naira or/and in EURO by MoneyGram to send to the beneficiary from Europe ? I appreciate your reply.
    thanks !

  17. Hi Emma, I found your article very resourceful. Thanks for that. Please I have a question, is there any financial rule or restrictions that prevents Indians from sending money abroad? I have a friend that claims India government doesn’t allow money out of the country. Now, I wish for you to tell me how he can send money from India to Nigeria and what I need to do to receive money in my bank account? Awaiting your quick response. Thank you and God bless.

    1. There are so many ways to send money from India to Nigeria. However, the best way is via direct wire transfer. Provide your bank details: bank swift code, bank name, account name and number, branch; let he/she wire the money.

  18. Hi Emma! I pray God rewards you for this great informative work you are doing. My question is: I did an online referral job and in the list of options for payment I chose visa. In the space provided for account number I typed the 16digits on my diamond bank visa debit card. I just want to know if payments from abroad can actually be done through that means; and if yes how long will it take for me to receive the money in my diamond savings account. Thanks!

    1. Yes, payment can be done through that means but you suppose to type your Diamond bank account number(10digit number) NOT the 16digits number on my diamond bank visa debit card. When you input your account number correctly, expect the money within five(5) working days or business days.

  19. can I possible receive money from money gram without be transferred to my bank account, a money was sent to me through money gram, but I deactivated my bank account few month ago.

  20. Mr Emma thank you so so much this piece has been very very helpful…I have learnt a lot going through the write up and the questions and answers.

    I told someone in the US to send me 20 US dollar in my GTB (Dollar) Dom Acct…because I wanted to test my newly opened Dom account….The person told me She doesnt know how to go about it …I had to search and I across this platform…And i have learnt that Bank wire transfer is what applies to my case….

    But I want to ask (1)…is the $20 not to small to send becos l am considering the transfer charge that may be incured?

    (2)…I have all my GTB Dom Acct detail to give to her…would she just to any bank there in the US to do the Bank wire transfer?

    Thank you 1ce again for this platfom and also in anticipation of your response!!!

    1. Hello Prince,
      1. If she has more than $20 to send to you, let her send it. But you said… “I wanted to test my newly opened Dom account…” then let her send the $20. Remember, you can withdraw such low denomination in Nigeria.
      2. She suppose to her account over there in US.

  21. Please I have been trying to get money from south india even though I have a PayPal account. It says my country isn’t allowed to receive money. Am in Nigeria . please can you help me?

      1. Boss if PayPal does not allow Nigerians receiving money into there Nigerian PayPal acc, so how then can i receive money into my PayPal.

  22. I want to receive money from Mexico… to my access bank account.. what will i do and hope there wont be any problem when i want to receive it

  23. please I want a swift response…what should I do to receive money to my access bank account.. from Mexico….

    and won’t I get any problem when I want to withdraw it…

  24. Good day sir. please i would like to know what you actually meant when you said in NB that one can only receive funds only where the sender specify you’re to receive it when you talked about how to receive money from abroad via western union through quick teller. Is it the receiver’s location(country or city) or what did you mean? Thanks

  25. I have a friend who wants to send me money from Usa to Nigeria and he is sending $5000. Am I able to receive such amount of money without being questioned

  26. Good day.
    I did online ad referrer job I want to get withdraw the money, the method of payment are
    1. Credit card
    4.To a Bank account
    5.Western Union
    I only have first bank saving account , I want to know if I can receive the money through my saving account, I don’t have voter or national I’d card to open domiciliary account. I need ur advice on d option above to get the money into my saving account and if I can get paid on my saving account what will u advise me to do.

  27. Okay thanks sir but am account is not domicillary account,and I only sent him a swift code not with routing number and lastly the money was sent in dollar he didn’t exchange it.. Please explain to me more better for better understanding sir… Thanks

  28. Please a friend of mine send a money through bank of America wire transfer to my uba account but before sending he only demanded for my bank swift code which I check online and passed him but the main points is that my account is normal savings account and the money was sent in dollar no exchange rate and I never he never requested for my routing number. Pls the money as been sent over 3days now and I need a some help for me to know what to do

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